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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Visit an Astrologer?

I find people reach out and schedule appointments when they are feeling uncomfortable while undergoing change.  Often, their experience of life has reached a level of unease and in some cases extreme discomfort.  Frequently, at the root of the discomfort is the feeling that they can't be or express who they really are or give confident voice to what they are feeling and if it is ok to feel what they are feeling!  Astrologers provide a template to what the client is most often "already" experiencing.  Rarely has an appointment unfolded in a surprising manner for the person seeking the session.  People know they are going through something - a shift, an awakening or transition that is often accompanied by feelings of insecurity.   

Photo Courtesy of Skeeter Sawyer
Energy is everywhere and running all the time.  We live in a world of cycles and being aware of your energy cycles provides validation, understanding, awareness and a level of comfort.  When tension is present you can often affirm that growth is lying in wait.  To go deeper into the purpose of the current challenge or crises helps people to empower themselves and know that they will be ok, that they'll get through it and often even thrive.  Astrology provides context and time frames.

When too much dogma and shoulds are present people struggle against change even more ferverently.  "I can't do THAT, what would my father think?"  Many beliefs people hold about themselves are beliefs they never even really chose.  Through societal conditioning, family expectations and imprints, many an authetic desire, need and expression has been thwarted.   The ability to look at the influences with a clearer lens can be the key to emancipation :).  Often, the direct result is a stronger sense of self and well being.  "I've always loved writing and used to write short stories and poems but I can't make a living doing that...." 

When I was a kid my Mom often told me, "You are so sensitive." :) I wasn't touchy sensitive but sensitive to people and things. I would see things, dream things and feel things about the emotional situations of other people.  I doubt this comes as a surprise as so many people experience it too. In essence, I was being told that "who I am" is not right, or workable or functional. Thankfully, my Grandma Grace was "too sensitive too." She gave me a four volume book on Edgar Cayce when I was 11 yrs. old and it resonated for me as truth.   Gram threw me a much needed life line and I'm guessing many others could use a similiar gesture in acknowledging and affirming who they are and what they need.

Mom and I December 2010
I'm very strong with organization, processes and grasp fairly easily technically oriented "stuff."  As a result, I used to do that full time for a living.  I was good at it.  Yet, the very things I was good at did not "give" me energy.  I would feel drained at the end of the day.  Ever have that feeling?  Sometimes there is a difference between doing what you are good at and doing what you love. 

Doing what you love gives energy and if you love it you're usually going to get good doing it. 

Steve Jobs, in a commencement speech made at Stanford asserted, "If you wake up too many mornings in a row not loving what you do, it's time to do something different."  Jobs hasn't revolutionized the way we interact with our world because he is simply good at what he does. 

This is probably true for the people in our lives too - the school of relationships.  If we are involved with people that for too long continue to drain energy it is probably a good idea to ponder why we continue to participate.  Now, I know there are some relationships that seemingly carry life committments but even then if toxicity is consistently present it may be time to cut bait.  You have the inherent right to define your boundaries of what you are emotionally available for and what you are not. 

Perhaps our increasing need to self-medicate would dissipate if we felt comfortable being who we are, voicing what we think, and loving the people and vocations that juice us. 


Well, like so many collective beliefs we can harken back to the days of old and noodle around in the archives.  Back in the 1500's a fellow by the name of Copernicus discovered that the planets did not rotate around the earth but rather the sun.  The Catholic Church asserted that everything rotated around the earth, that we are the spiritual center of the cosmos and any other assertion was an act of heresy.    Actually, Copernicus made passage through the Christian power brokers unscathed.  But, in the 1600's a gentleman by the name of Galileo picked up on Capernicus's findings and continued to refine and polish the scientific model.  Galileo invented the telescope and also developed scientic theories around the Laws of Motion.  He was a pretty gifted engineer in his day and admired by fellow scholars and aristocracy alike. 

Pope Urban was head of the Catholic Church in Rome and was a great friend and admirer of Galileo.  But, the Pope was getting involved in expensive wars and was enmeshed in political intrigues.  What was once fine as theory metamorphised into irritation. After a series of visits to Rome to testifying in front of the governing body, Galileo was found to be a heretic and sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of his life.  The propoganda machine was in play and reverberates through the centuries like so many inherited beliefs.  Many people do not know "why" they believe what they do and the clues are often embedded in the past.

Much Love and Peace,