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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, July 8th

Photo Courtesy of Sammy Crawford


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The past week has been one chock full of Moon VOIDS (when the moon is not making any aspects to other planets prior to changing signs).  Voids give us time to process and to emotionally catch our breath, think of it as a free "zone out" period.  As we mere mortals are not machines but rather a delicate balance of instincts, emotions and psychological drives I see Moon Void periods as a highly civilized time in which to engage with our human "beingness." 

Jupiter trines Pluto this week, an energy combination that brings a feeling of rejuvination and recovery providing an influx and expansion of our psychological well being, spiritual connectedness and empowerment.  Growth may occur through financial expansion, working with influential people, new projects/goals, and the possibility of success - monetary and otherwise.

The Moon grows full in Capricorn on July 15th.

ARIES:  Jupiter's growth aspect to Pluto can bring career and financial success your way.  Home continues to be a focus but you are now able to optimistically shift some of that attention to getting ahead, influencing those of influence, and heightening your public profile and status.  Your talents and abilities are well received by the public now and new business alliances can be affectively forged.  Mars continues to provide the mojo to articulate and communicate your dreams and visions.

TAURUS:  Are your creative juices flowing Bull?  An inspired energy connection between Jupiter in your sign and Pluto in the house of your higher mind are beckoning to you.  Travel can be a mind bendingly positive experience as can getting your message out to a broader audience (think international).  Any thing, activity and person that helps you to articulate, express, and "feel" the empowering vibe within your personhood should be embraced and built upon.

GEMINI:  Badabing badaboom.  Are you aware of the higher wisdom and benevolent energy whispering in your ear, knocking at your door and seeking your undivided attention? Trust it, believe it and feel it.  Psychological healing is available for you, as is a deepening of your trust in the wisdom of life.  Financial and sexual bonds can be forged intent upon expanding your experience within intimacy and fianncial security.  Venus adds her graceful attraction forces to strengthening your identification with earning power and the acknowledgement of your talents and abilities.

CANCER:  Forces are strengthening around you outwardly taking the form of benevolent friends, partners, co-conspirators and social contacts.  They bring you messages of your inherent importance in their lives.  They want to help you achieve goals, bring you comfort and show to you their appreciation.  Are you ready to receive?  No man is an island and joining alliances with wise and trustworthy folks can bring to you a higher level of well-being, enhanced self-esteem and fuel you with the confidence to take some much needed steps towards your long held goals and desires. 

LEO:  Benevolent authority figures, career direction, LIFE direction, health, being of service, and your community are uniting on behalf of your well being and to increase your confidence.  Yes, others have taken notice and appreciate your good works.  Take the next step, take the chance and be confident in knowing that you are held in high-esteem.  Healthy mirroring from others solidifies and strengthens what you know to be true about yourself.  Step fully into the divine and creative energy that you are and exemplify to others.  Promotions, career opportunities and steps up the social ladders easily appear for you this week.

VIRGO:  Creative yearnings can be compared to the gestation period and then to giving birth.  Birthing a project means delivering it out into the world to be viewed, nurtured and fed.  The Jupiter/Pluto trine encourages you to give birth to creative projects, work with children, the announcement of a new love affair, marketing your creative offerings and travel in the name of divine inspiration.  Know that you are supported, valued and encouraged in the continued development of your authentic and divine self.

LIBRA:  Emotional well being, and a heightened awareness of security and comfort are the offerings of the Jupiter/Pluto trine.  Believe it and trust it.  Psychological understandings that bring deeper levels of acknowledgement about what you "need" to feel more whole and empowered are illuminated this week.  Financial backing, living arrangements, family relationships, intimacy within partnership and a sense of fresh beginnings are all possibilities for you.  If help is needed, it will be offerred, if understanding has eluded you it will reveal itself and if you've questioned your life path, you will feel confirmed.

Is Buster taking stock or spoilt for choice?  Photo courtesy of Carrie Cantrell Browning

SCORPIO:  Communications within your partneships (both personal and professional) are divine this week.  Expect to hear some well deserved praise and expressions of appreciation.  If you've been waiting on confirmation about their feelings for you, this could be the week that your desires are confirmed.  Additionally, this is an excellent week for signing financially beneficial contracts, forming formal alliances and the release of a writing, teaching or communication project.  This is a very positive time for inspired writing and communicaitons of all kinds, trust that the time is right.

SAGITTARIUS:  Work and income goals may fall beautifully into place this week.  Your ruler is positively aligned with your instincts, spiritual goals and inner knowing.  Benevolent working conditions, co-workers and daily environment supports your financial offerings.  Capitalize on this time period to take confident steps forward knowing that your talents and abilities are well received and appreciated.  The deeper and clearer your intentions the stronger outcome. 

CAPRICORN:  Your creative juices are flowing, direct them into the most positive and enhancing direction possible.  Divine inspiration is your current modus operandi and is easily flowing into all areas that empower your authentic self-expression, involve your heart energy (children, love), and provide you the confidence to step fully into "you" devoid of "shoulds," dogma or any previously held self-limiting beliefs.  You are enough, and you are a divine and creative being so please do confidently share your "you" with the world. 

AQUARIUS:  A very supportive breakthrough occurs within this current energy cyle dealing with your past, limiting beliefs surrounding power, and your emotional well-being.  A clearing out stage has been well underway with Pluto transiting your 12th house of family inheritance, emotional patternings and the past.  Healing understanding comes to you through dreams, supportive family members and/or emotional awakenings that aid you in your healing.  A time of emotional comfort and support is unfolding and your sense of self is gaining strength.  A time of blessings, release and stronger foundation building.

PISCES:  A growing sense of optimistic thought is more consistently peppering your days.  Forging and strengthening alliances within frienships and social contacts empowers your beliefs and attitudinal well being.  Your compadres are front and center in their support of you and you can safely expect more encouragement and helpful suggestions from those you call your personal posse.  Embrace this positive energy and share your creative communication and writing projects with others.  A peek into what will become your future goals arrives this week unleashing a turrent of positive thinking and deep seated faith.