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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, July 22nd

Photo Courtesy of Sammy Crawford

Generosity, childlike play, drama, authenticity, and heart energy are a few of the qualities represented by the expression of Leo.  The Sun joins Mercury in Leo on the 22nd.  Mercury in Leo shows power on the mental plane, dramatic flair and bright minded inquisitiveness.  Natal Mercury in Leo can also believe that their version of things is the "only" version.

Venus joins in on the Lion's energy on the 29th displaying her grand dame tendencies and enthusiasm for the theatrical. 

The collective planets Uranus, Pluto, Chiron and Neptune are all traveling in retrograde, reviewing, and deepening the lessons and the learning.  The Uranus/Pluto square has been in effect for some time and will reach its exact square in the summer of 2012.  We are all in a preparatory period.  For some, this has been a jarring time filled with upheaval and enforced growth.  Our perception of security and continuity is challenged which opens us up to step into the present to review our beliefs and assumptions.  Continuing to stay awake, and standing in the present awareness of the bridge between what was and what is in the "process" of becoming may feel challenging.  This can be a highly creative and validating experience for those willing to stay present.

Mercury follows suit shortly as he readies himself for a review period beginning on August 2nd.  He takes a few short steps into Virgo on the 29th but immediately slows down in his tracks and re-enters Leo on August 9th.  As always, Mercury Retrograde is not an advantageous time for initiating big new projects or purchases.  Stick to the projects that were already undertaken this year.

ANOTHER New Moon, this time in Leo on July 30th.

ARIES:  Creative energy is heightened with the Sun and then Venus's entry into your 5th house.  You will have time to refine and perfect throughout the month of August.  Children aid and help you step into the creative child within.  You are in the process of reinventing your concept of self.  Mars continues to supply the needed detachment and intellectual prowess to articulate effectively.  You continue to be powerful on the mental plane and can channel your insights into your labors of love and creative projects.  Mercury provides the time for thoroughness in what you desire to manifest.

TAURUS:  Jupiter is intent upon bringing you fresh concepts and possibilities within your concept of self, suggesting a time of solid and focused aspiration.  If you feel the urge for deeper exploration and information gathering see it as your Soul's yearning to emancipate yourself from old habits of limiting beliefs.  Venus moves into the area of your world dealing with security as well as deep emotional comfort.     

GEMINI:   Accepting that there are gestation periods in place to prepare you for the wisdom and opportunities coming your way in 2012 should be comforting.  Yet, a pull and force can be felt as you shift from confidence to fear and back again.  But, this is a time to make conscious choices powered by the fuel of desire.  Being clear about what you desire and why, helps you understand that the world and your options in it are not as nearly limited as you had once thought.

CANCER:  Eclipses are useful leverage points as they shift the status quo and help us to make the changes we need to make.  Venus smooth's the path for as you adjust to shifting circumstances making this transition less jolting then your previous experiences hosting Eclipses in your sign.  The energy starts shifting from the remaking of "you" into the furthering development of your talents and unique gifts you have to offer to those who populate your world.

LEO:  The energy that is being poured into your inner most being surfaces as the Sun moves into your 1st house of personal experience.  The world is a slippery slope and you know this more than most.  You gain a sense of footing as planets join together in your sign.  The New Moon on the 30th in Leo sees you rising from beneath the waves to bathe fully in the sunshine.  Happy Birthday.

VIRGO:  Mercury tentatively dips his toe in his home sign of Virgo but firmly decides there is unfinished business as he slides back into your 12th house of the soul and inner landscapes.  Your desire to work alone and in solitude is well spent through the month of August.  You are engaged in a soul searching and clarification process.  See this as your annual clearing out cycle.  Nature will help as will a lightening of your work schedule.  You'll be ready to refill your cup at your birthday.

LIBRA:  Leadership is an interesting word isn't it?  It means different things to different people just as it does to you Libra. The emergence and honing of your leadership qualities have been an ongoing developmental process for some time.  A suggested definition?  "To act and base decisions on behalf of the greater good."  Not only does leadership often entail strong decision making skills but also guides you to responsibly model a "way" of being in this world that helps others to find their way.  The desire to connect with others grows stronger.

SCORPIO:  The Mars transit to the 8th house in which your sign holds rulership continues to reshape and remold.  Some situational endings are emerging and seeing them as chapter closings will psychologically help you to feel some releasing of tensions.  It's difficult to have creative energy in reserve when a majority is being used in the experience of struggle.  You will feel refreshed by the space that is being created and this will soon free you up to consciously direct into your work and productivity. 

SAGITTARIUS:  Your ruler is bringing you into firm contact with the principal of practical application.  Loving what you do and seeking knowledge to hone your tools and services is a motivating force.  Your partnerships and even your perceived enemies and competitors, continue to energize and challenge your commitment to personal growth and evolution.  Trust that this mirroring can further your resolve in knowing what is true for you.  The cycle of travel, mind expansion and the love of learning continue.

CAPRICORN:  Flexibility has been an on going need as you move through the dynamic of relationship.  The school of relationship can be fertile ground for growth and learning.  But, if you are committed to a certain way of relating this Eclipse cycle has probably left you feeling that the ground is continually shifting and your footing shaky.  Conversely, changes are bringing you the opportunity to remain fluid in what has at times felt burdensome.  Jupiter's transit continues to encourage practical learning and application in matters of the heart.

AQUARIUS:  Your partnership dynamics are going to heat up as the Sun joins Mercury this Saturday.  Venus will follow suit on the 28th and then the Moon begins anew in your relationship zone to shift the focus from your work and day to day schedule.  Give all of this some time as Mercury moving into retrograde asks you to be thorough, objective and rational.  New found relationship understanding will reach some sort of pleasing conclusions by mid-September.

PISCES:  Putting your heart into your play has brought twists and turns along the way.  Connecting with the inner, protective and childlike self may at times feel risky.  Yet, deep down it is necessary for your survival, not your literal survival but for your heart and for security within your authentic needs of expression.  Your emotional nature is such that it fairs pretty well with the changing current and bending waterways.  Trusting your instincts fully is your ultimate goal.