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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, July 15th

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Uranus turned retrograde at 4 degrees of Aries last Saturday suggesting a period of review surrounding the amazing changes that have unfolded both in the personal and collective.  South Sudan was declared a "new" country on the day Uranus stationed.  "A new transitional Constitution was signed and the South Sudanese flag was hoisted as the Sudanese flag was lowered. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir addressed his former countrymen/adversaries one last time, and South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, took the oath of office." ~Laura Heaton

Uranus represents the voice of the individual and after years, decades, and centuries of "hiding" and spinning truth; individuals, groups, factions and movements have been bravely embarking upon the journey of seeking and "speaking" truth. 

Sir Thomas More the English lawyer, social philosopher, author, statesman and noted Renaissance Humanist was rumored to comment to Henry the VIII, "Perhaps there will come a time when the welfare of your people will overide the need for conquest and waging war."

The Full Moon is in Capricorn on Friday the 15th at 22 degrees.  Capricorn is not a warm and fuzzy kind of sign for the Moon whose straightforward approach asks the question "what is the bottom line?"  Full Moons brings a level of culmination and a sense of reaching conclusions regarding the natal area in which it falls in your chart.  What is your bottom line?

ARIES:  The awakener moves retrograde retracing his steps since March 2011 when he re-entered your sign suggesting a personal need for review and psychological inclusion.  The experiences, events and insights you've received during this time period have been fast and sometimes furious.  You now have the opportunity to "evaluate" what the Uranus's energy cycle has brought in terms of what change has occured?  Was it of value?  How can it be incorporated?  What needs to be discarded due to a changing environment that renders it obsolete?  The Full Moon asks you to find balance between your career and social growth with the personal needs of family and personal time.

TAURUS:    Venus continues her transit of Cancer as a committed help mate alongside the July 1st Eclipse that took place in your 3rd house of the lower mind.  These energies are urging you to stay with your commitment and desire for fresher mental perspectives as well as your engagement with the healthy upkeep of your day to day attitudes and communications with others in your environment.  Writing, teaching, and contractual projects are favored.  Uranus retrograde somewhat slows the internal spiritual rumblings and allows for some space for rumination, energetic dream activity and the rewarding eureka moments of self-revelation.  Consider how these awakenings can transform and bring you to a stronger level of understanding regarding the possible limitations that were imprinted within your family uprbringing.

GEMINI:  Turbulence and surprising events surrounding the folks you align with through friendship and group endeavors slows down and offers you the opportunity and space to evaluate both your contributions to the disruptions as well as other peoples roles.  Uranus brings growth through fresh, and from our personal perspective, "unusual" experiences.  If others are the mirrors of ourselves how does this understanding contribute to your own self-understanding?  Mars continues to "fire you up" providing bravado and confidence in spades.  The Full Moon highlights the need for balance between what you need to feel supported and emotional/financial independence.

CANCER:  Venus continues to soften some of the Eclipse driven edges that you experienced at the 1st of the month.  Next month Mars will arrive to provide you with extra confidence and the impetus to make change happen.  Uranus also slows down the energetic input of others who either formally or informally hold some level of authority over you.  The Full Moon occuring in a fairly unfettered environment, asks you to once again, endeavor to master the ability to balance between what others want from you and what you are willing to give.

LEO:  Please know that the sun will shine fully once August commences.  This has not been an "easy" month for you.  Inner drives, subconscious fears/yearnings, health issues either yours or others, and fatigue have slowed you down, given you much pause for thought and contributed to at times a fearful feeling of insecurity and doubt.  Your ability to examine the value of some of your recent experiences will serve you well into the future.  The Full Moon brings some closure to health and work issues but what are your needs at the personal and emotional levels?  Valid questions of self-inquiry.

VIRGO:  Uranus lessons the intensity of surprise surrounding your intimate life, the letting go and beginning anew circumstances you've been experiencing, and the resources you share with another.  Now the question is how to integrate these events into your field of experience?  Space and time enlarge and widen as you integrate the events and lessons.  Mercury continues his movement through your communication sector with friends BUT will be slowing down as the month unfolds.  He turns retrograde on August 2nd but many a sensitive Virgo is feeling it even earlier.  Get new initiatives wrapped up by the end of the 3rd week this month and prepare for a review period in August.  What is your bottom line regarding your need for authentic self-expression and the implied desires of your teams and groups?

LIBRA:  With Saturn traveling through your sign you are learning about your inner authority, creating a sense of security that lies directly within self, and how to handle what you feel are erratic behavior from the others in your world.  A whole new set of archetypes are unfolding and the learning curve has felt "continous" for the past few months.  A sense of reprieve is delivered with Uranus's station.  Venus continues through your career house helping you to forge a life and career path that accentuates the development of leadership skills.  Some opportunities will unfold aligning with the emotional maturity you've gained during the Saturn transit. The Full Moon finds you needing more rest while balancing the demands of career and family life.

SCORPIO:  Your work schedule has been demanding, uneven, inconsistent, exciting and exasperating.  You are learning new methods and ways of working in your world.  The need for more autonomy and flexibility within your daily schedule has and will continue to be a driving personal force.  The surprises and unevenness slow down a bit while Uranus is in retrograde.  Take this time to streamline your work environment, office equipment and proceeses while you have a little breathing space.  Mars continues to bring some enforced endings in your life while Venus enhances your universal communications and writings.  The Full Moon highlights important communications and contracts.  Get while the getting is good.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your children, love life and creative expression has been under the influence of Uranus since March of 2011.  Unusual, exciting and disrupting events have changed the ball game and stretched your consciousness regarding what is acceptable and what is not.  The next few months encourage a stretch of time to ponder where the line of conventionalism has been breached, how you feel about it and what are the changes you are willing to accept and want to embrace?  The Full Moon brings your income, talents and abilities to the fore in some form of chapter closing.  What have you learned and how does that affect your bottom line?

CAPRICORN:  Venus softens your relating experience helping to mend through acceptence the changes that have unfolded within your relationships.  Uranus also steps back from the rable rousing he has incurred within your experience of emotional security, family dynamics and living conditions.  Saturn in your 10th house of career and life direction continues to hold your shoulder to the wheel; trust that this transit is strengthening your resolve and sharpening your instincts.  The Full Moon is all about you Cappy as something personally important reaches a peak. 

AQUARIUS:  The Uranus retrograde creates some "room" in your view :).  Your attitudes and communication style have been the recipient of the awakeners energies.  What has changed in your perceptual lens?  Volitality with communication equipment, car operations and unusual exchanges receive a review period in which to ponder the implications as well as your belief systems.  Work is still front and center with Venus and the Sun traveling thorugh the area of day to day tasks and co-workers.  Health should be well supported now too.  The Full Moon shines brightly on your inner most self bringing the self-conscious to the fore.  Pay attention to your dreams and their meaning.  Self-sacrifice may be required if someone needs your extra time and attention.

PISCES:  Your income, self-esteem, and what you "value" has been shaken and stirred with the Uranus influence.  Perhaps you have changed jobs and are now working in an area that more closely aligns with your value system or you may be one of the un or "under" employed.  With the retrograde you can bring some "space" and objectivity surrounding your understanding of recent changes.  Venus and the Sun continue to bring pleasure to your play time but the Full Moon asks you seek balance between play, your children and your lover and social responsibility.