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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, July 22nd

Photo Courtesy of Sammy Crawford

Generosity, childlike play, drama, authenticity, and heart energy are a few of the qualities represented by the expression of Leo.  The Sun joins Mercury in Leo on the 22nd.  Mercury in Leo shows power on the mental plane, dramatic flair and bright minded inquisitiveness.  Natal Mercury in Leo can also believe that their version of things is the "only" version.

Venus joins in on the Lion's energy on the 29th displaying her grand dame tendencies and enthusiasm for the theatrical. 

The collective planets Uranus, Pluto, Chiron and Neptune are all traveling in retrograde, reviewing, and deepening the lessons and the learning.  The Uranus/Pluto square has been in effect for some time and will reach its exact square in the summer of 2012.  We are all in a preparatory period.  For some, this has been a jarring time filled with upheaval and enforced growth.  Our perception of security and continuity is challenged which opens us up to step into the present to review our beliefs and assumptions.  Continuing to stay awake, and standing in the present awareness of the bridge between what was and what is in the "process" of becoming may feel challenging.  This can be a highly creative and validating experience for those willing to stay present.

Mercury follows suit shortly as he readies himself for a review period beginning on August 2nd.  He takes a few short steps into Virgo on the 29th but immediately slows down in his tracks and re-enters Leo on August 9th.  As always, Mercury Retrograde is not an advantageous time for initiating big new projects or purchases.  Stick to the projects that were already undertaken this year.

ANOTHER New Moon, this time in Leo on July 30th.

ARIES:  Creative energy is heightened with the Sun and then Venus's entry into your 5th house.  You will have time to refine and perfect throughout the month of August.  Children aid and help you step into the creative child within.  You are in the process of reinventing your concept of self.  Mars continues to supply the needed detachment and intellectual prowess to articulate effectively.  You continue to be powerful on the mental plane and can channel your insights into your labors of love and creative projects.  Mercury provides the time for thoroughness in what you desire to manifest.

TAURUS:  Jupiter is intent upon bringing you fresh concepts and possibilities within your concept of self, suggesting a time of solid and focused aspiration.  If you feel the urge for deeper exploration and information gathering see it as your Soul's yearning to emancipate yourself from old habits of limiting beliefs.  Venus moves into the area of your world dealing with security as well as deep emotional comfort.     

GEMINI:   Accepting that there are gestation periods in place to prepare you for the wisdom and opportunities coming your way in 2012 should be comforting.  Yet, a pull and force can be felt as you shift from confidence to fear and back again.  But, this is a time to make conscious choices powered by the fuel of desire.  Being clear about what you desire and why, helps you understand that the world and your options in it are not as nearly limited as you had once thought.

CANCER:  Eclipses are useful leverage points as they shift the status quo and help us to make the changes we need to make.  Venus smooth's the path for as you adjust to shifting circumstances making this transition less jolting then your previous experiences hosting Eclipses in your sign.  The energy starts shifting from the remaking of "you" into the furthering development of your talents and unique gifts you have to offer to those who populate your world.

LEO:  The energy that is being poured into your inner most being surfaces as the Sun moves into your 1st house of personal experience.  The world is a slippery slope and you know this more than most.  You gain a sense of footing as planets join together in your sign.  The New Moon on the 30th in Leo sees you rising from beneath the waves to bathe fully in the sunshine.  Happy Birthday.

VIRGO:  Mercury tentatively dips his toe in his home sign of Virgo but firmly decides there is unfinished business as he slides back into your 12th house of the soul and inner landscapes.  Your desire to work alone and in solitude is well spent through the month of August.  You are engaged in a soul searching and clarification process.  See this as your annual clearing out cycle.  Nature will help as will a lightening of your work schedule.  You'll be ready to refill your cup at your birthday.

LIBRA:  Leadership is an interesting word isn't it?  It means different things to different people just as it does to you Libra. The emergence and honing of your leadership qualities have been an ongoing developmental process for some time.  A suggested definition?  "To act and base decisions on behalf of the greater good."  Not only does leadership often entail strong decision making skills but also guides you to responsibly model a "way" of being in this world that helps others to find their way.  The desire to connect with others grows stronger.

SCORPIO:  The Mars transit to the 8th house in which your sign holds rulership continues to reshape and remold.  Some situational endings are emerging and seeing them as chapter closings will psychologically help you to feel some releasing of tensions.  It's difficult to have creative energy in reserve when a majority is being used in the experience of struggle.  You will feel refreshed by the space that is being created and this will soon free you up to consciously direct into your work and productivity. 

SAGITTARIUS:  Your ruler is bringing you into firm contact with the principal of practical application.  Loving what you do and seeking knowledge to hone your tools and services is a motivating force.  Your partnerships and even your perceived enemies and competitors, continue to energize and challenge your commitment to personal growth and evolution.  Trust that this mirroring can further your resolve in knowing what is true for you.  The cycle of travel, mind expansion and the love of learning continue.

CAPRICORN:  Flexibility has been an on going need as you move through the dynamic of relationship.  The school of relationship can be fertile ground for growth and learning.  But, if you are committed to a certain way of relating this Eclipse cycle has probably left you feeling that the ground is continually shifting and your footing shaky.  Conversely, changes are bringing you the opportunity to remain fluid in what has at times felt burdensome.  Jupiter's transit continues to encourage practical learning and application in matters of the heart.

AQUARIUS:  Your partnership dynamics are going to heat up as the Sun joins Mercury this Saturday.  Venus will follow suit on the 28th and then the Moon begins anew in your relationship zone to shift the focus from your work and day to day schedule.  Give all of this some time as Mercury moving into retrograde asks you to be thorough, objective and rational.  New found relationship understanding will reach some sort of pleasing conclusions by mid-September.

PISCES:  Putting your heart into your play has brought twists and turns along the way.  Connecting with the inner, protective and childlike self may at times feel risky.  Yet, deep down it is necessary for your survival, not your literal survival but for your heart and for security within your authentic needs of expression.  Your emotional nature is such that it fairs pretty well with the changing current and bending waterways.  Trusting your instincts fully is your ultimate goal.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, July 15th

Photo Courtesy of Xandy Smith

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Uranus turned retrograde at 4 degrees of Aries last Saturday suggesting a period of review surrounding the amazing changes that have unfolded both in the personal and collective.  South Sudan was declared a "new" country on the day Uranus stationed.  "A new transitional Constitution was signed and the South Sudanese flag was hoisted as the Sudanese flag was lowered. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir addressed his former countrymen/adversaries one last time, and South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, took the oath of office." ~Laura Heaton

Uranus represents the voice of the individual and after years, decades, and centuries of "hiding" and spinning truth; individuals, groups, factions and movements have been bravely embarking upon the journey of seeking and "speaking" truth. 

Sir Thomas More the English lawyer, social philosopher, author, statesman and noted Renaissance Humanist was rumored to comment to Henry the VIII, "Perhaps there will come a time when the welfare of your people will overide the need for conquest and waging war."

The Full Moon is in Capricorn on Friday the 15th at 22 degrees.  Capricorn is not a warm and fuzzy kind of sign for the Moon whose straightforward approach asks the question "what is the bottom line?"  Full Moons brings a level of culmination and a sense of reaching conclusions regarding the natal area in which it falls in your chart.  What is your bottom line?

ARIES:  The awakener moves retrograde retracing his steps since March 2011 when he re-entered your sign suggesting a personal need for review and psychological inclusion.  The experiences, events and insights you've received during this time period have been fast and sometimes furious.  You now have the opportunity to "evaluate" what the Uranus's energy cycle has brought in terms of what change has occured?  Was it of value?  How can it be incorporated?  What needs to be discarded due to a changing environment that renders it obsolete?  The Full Moon asks you to find balance between your career and social growth with the personal needs of family and personal time.

TAURUS:    Venus continues her transit of Cancer as a committed help mate alongside the July 1st Eclipse that took place in your 3rd house of the lower mind.  These energies are urging you to stay with your commitment and desire for fresher mental perspectives as well as your engagement with the healthy upkeep of your day to day attitudes and communications with others in your environment.  Writing, teaching, and contractual projects are favored.  Uranus retrograde somewhat slows the internal spiritual rumblings and allows for some space for rumination, energetic dream activity and the rewarding eureka moments of self-revelation.  Consider how these awakenings can transform and bring you to a stronger level of understanding regarding the possible limitations that were imprinted within your family uprbringing.

GEMINI:  Turbulence and surprising events surrounding the folks you align with through friendship and group endeavors slows down and offers you the opportunity and space to evaluate both your contributions to the disruptions as well as other peoples roles.  Uranus brings growth through fresh, and from our personal perspective, "unusual" experiences.  If others are the mirrors of ourselves how does this understanding contribute to your own self-understanding?  Mars continues to "fire you up" providing bravado and confidence in spades.  The Full Moon highlights the need for balance between what you need to feel supported and emotional/financial independence.

CANCER:  Venus continues to soften some of the Eclipse driven edges that you experienced at the 1st of the month.  Next month Mars will arrive to provide you with extra confidence and the impetus to make change happen.  Uranus also slows down the energetic input of others who either formally or informally hold some level of authority over you.  The Full Moon occuring in a fairly unfettered environment, asks you to once again, endeavor to master the ability to balance between what others want from you and what you are willing to give.

LEO:  Please know that the sun will shine fully once August commences.  This has not been an "easy" month for you.  Inner drives, subconscious fears/yearnings, health issues either yours or others, and fatigue have slowed you down, given you much pause for thought and contributed to at times a fearful feeling of insecurity and doubt.  Your ability to examine the value of some of your recent experiences will serve you well into the future.  The Full Moon brings some closure to health and work issues but what are your needs at the personal and emotional levels?  Valid questions of self-inquiry.

VIRGO:  Uranus lessons the intensity of surprise surrounding your intimate life, the letting go and beginning anew circumstances you've been experiencing, and the resources you share with another.  Now the question is how to integrate these events into your field of experience?  Space and time enlarge and widen as you integrate the events and lessons.  Mercury continues his movement through your communication sector with friends BUT will be slowing down as the month unfolds.  He turns retrograde on August 2nd but many a sensitive Virgo is feeling it even earlier.  Get new initiatives wrapped up by the end of the 3rd week this month and prepare for a review period in August.  What is your bottom line regarding your need for authentic self-expression and the implied desires of your teams and groups?

LIBRA:  With Saturn traveling through your sign you are learning about your inner authority, creating a sense of security that lies directly within self, and how to handle what you feel are erratic behavior from the others in your world.  A whole new set of archetypes are unfolding and the learning curve has felt "continous" for the past few months.  A sense of reprieve is delivered with Uranus's station.  Venus continues through your career house helping you to forge a life and career path that accentuates the development of leadership skills.  Some opportunities will unfold aligning with the emotional maturity you've gained during the Saturn transit. The Full Moon finds you needing more rest while balancing the demands of career and family life.

SCORPIO:  Your work schedule has been demanding, uneven, inconsistent, exciting and exasperating.  You are learning new methods and ways of working in your world.  The need for more autonomy and flexibility within your daily schedule has and will continue to be a driving personal force.  The surprises and unevenness slow down a bit while Uranus is in retrograde.  Take this time to streamline your work environment, office equipment and proceeses while you have a little breathing space.  Mars continues to bring some enforced endings in your life while Venus enhances your universal communications and writings.  The Full Moon highlights important communications and contracts.  Get while the getting is good.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your children, love life and creative expression has been under the influence of Uranus since March of 2011.  Unusual, exciting and disrupting events have changed the ball game and stretched your consciousness regarding what is acceptable and what is not.  The next few months encourage a stretch of time to ponder where the line of conventionalism has been breached, how you feel about it and what are the changes you are willing to accept and want to embrace?  The Full Moon brings your income, talents and abilities to the fore in some form of chapter closing.  What have you learned and how does that affect your bottom line?

CAPRICORN:  Venus softens your relating experience helping to mend through acceptence the changes that have unfolded within your relationships.  Uranus also steps back from the rable rousing he has incurred within your experience of emotional security, family dynamics and living conditions.  Saturn in your 10th house of career and life direction continues to hold your shoulder to the wheel; trust that this transit is strengthening your resolve and sharpening your instincts.  The Full Moon is all about you Cappy as something personally important reaches a peak. 

AQUARIUS:  The Uranus retrograde creates some "room" in your view :).  Your attitudes and communication style have been the recipient of the awakeners energies.  What has changed in your perceptual lens?  Volitality with communication equipment, car operations and unusual exchanges receive a review period in which to ponder the implications as well as your belief systems.  Work is still front and center with Venus and the Sun traveling thorugh the area of day to day tasks and co-workers.  Health should be well supported now too.  The Full Moon shines brightly on your inner most self bringing the self-conscious to the fore.  Pay attention to your dreams and their meaning.  Self-sacrifice may be required if someone needs your extra time and attention.

PISCES:  Your income, self-esteem, and what you "value" has been shaken and stirred with the Uranus influence.  Perhaps you have changed jobs and are now working in an area that more closely aligns with your value system or you may be one of the un or "under" employed.  With the retrograde you can bring some "space" and objectivity surrounding your understanding of recent changes.  Venus and the Sun continue to bring pleasure to your play time but the Full Moon asks you seek balance between play, your children and your lover and social responsibility.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Adult Face of Childhood

Many of the clients that schedule a session with me come in with a very specific area of concern seeking external answers for what are often very sensitive internal conditions. Frequently, the areas of challenge are in their relationships, both personal and business. But, aren't most relationships of a personal nature? People do not leave their imprints, views, belief systems and personal lens at the office door.

Most of our views are formed at a very early age. Often, before we can even consciously identify when we began to believe something to be true.

In the astrological chart early upbringing shows up in the 4th house of home and family and the 12th house of the family inheritance. The 12th house symbolizes that which went on before we were even born. Planets positioned in these houses and the relationships they make to other planets in the chart give strong clues as to the emotional inheritance passed on from the family to the client.

Saturn in the 4th house, 12th house and difficult aspects to the personal planets, shows some level of restriction in the developmental process and is often associated with the father's emotional limitations. Ideally, childhood is about the formulation of ego, safety, self-expression through creative play and testing boundaries. But many people experience less than the ideal. Alcoholism, abuse and psychological illness within the family greatly alters the childs development and enmeshment is often the result.

Enmeshment occurs when the child is not allowed to emerge and express herself as a unique individual. When emotions arise that are not pleasing to the parent such as anger, dependency, or fear and they are met with punishment, rejeciton or shame, then the child learns that they can only have feelings which correspond to her parent's wishes or feeling states. She is not allowed to develop a separate identity grounded in her own emotional experiences.

The enmeshed child grows up taking her cues from outside of herself living a false sense of self. She believes that her well being is dependent upon others reactions and support as she is "highly" aware of everyone's else's feelings. This is a pattern that was learned very early and that she carries unconsciously into her adult world. This constant dependence on other's positive opinions of her often leaves her anxious, disappointed and frequently depressed.

Often, the parent who is herself disassociated from her own feelings of special and unique expression passes this down to her child and hence, the "family inheritance."

The good news is that people can revisit these earlier times and pick up where healthy modeling left off. Imprints can be cleared and new emotional skills developed.

Pluto in the 4th, 12th houses, or difficultly configured with the personal planets point to an early upbringing that did not model a healthy use of power and where the child felt they didn't have the "right" to say no. Boundaries are usually unhealthy or non-existent in the case of emotional and sexual abuse. The child never "learns" the development of boundaries as they were constantly invaded by people abusing their use of power.

In the case of sexual abuse it affects one's sense of trust, the experience of power (or lack thereof), future relationships and often, because of the secrecy involved, the ability to communicate. Frequently, these survivors go on to perpetrate this misuse of power and live with a "get them before they get me" orientation that keeps them in a constant survival mode.

Again, a family inheritance that was unasked for and not the person's fault although the deep feelings of shame and guilt continue to permeate one's orientation to life, love and conflict.

For me, I see a world of people walking around with the unhealed imprints of the past and the beautiful potential of the creative and authentic child within.

The child is always there underneath the veils of family and social conditioning. The authentic child is creative, loving, honest, playful, trusting and interested in feeling good..

It's not about being a "better person" it's about clearing the imprints and stepping back into the beautiful you that you already are.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, July 8th

Photo Courtesy of Sammy Crawford


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The past week has been one chock full of Moon VOIDS (when the moon is not making any aspects to other planets prior to changing signs).  Voids give us time to process and to emotionally catch our breath, think of it as a free "zone out" period.  As we mere mortals are not machines but rather a delicate balance of instincts, emotions and psychological drives I see Moon Void periods as a highly civilized time in which to engage with our human "beingness." 

Jupiter trines Pluto this week, an energy combination that brings a feeling of rejuvination and recovery providing an influx and expansion of our psychological well being, spiritual connectedness and empowerment.  Growth may occur through financial expansion, working with influential people, new projects/goals, and the possibility of success - monetary and otherwise.

The Moon grows full in Capricorn on July 15th.

ARIES:  Jupiter's growth aspect to Pluto can bring career and financial success your way.  Home continues to be a focus but you are now able to optimistically shift some of that attention to getting ahead, influencing those of influence, and heightening your public profile and status.  Your talents and abilities are well received by the public now and new business alliances can be affectively forged.  Mars continues to provide the mojo to articulate and communicate your dreams and visions.

TAURUS:  Are your creative juices flowing Bull?  An inspired energy connection between Jupiter in your sign and Pluto in the house of your higher mind are beckoning to you.  Travel can be a mind bendingly positive experience as can getting your message out to a broader audience (think international).  Any thing, activity and person that helps you to articulate, express, and "feel" the empowering vibe within your personhood should be embraced and built upon.

GEMINI:  Badabing badaboom.  Are you aware of the higher wisdom and benevolent energy whispering in your ear, knocking at your door and seeking your undivided attention? Trust it, believe it and feel it.  Psychological healing is available for you, as is a deepening of your trust in the wisdom of life.  Financial and sexual bonds can be forged intent upon expanding your experience within intimacy and fianncial security.  Venus adds her graceful attraction forces to strengthening your identification with earning power and the acknowledgement of your talents and abilities.

CANCER:  Forces are strengthening around you outwardly taking the form of benevolent friends, partners, co-conspirators and social contacts.  They bring you messages of your inherent importance in their lives.  They want to help you achieve goals, bring you comfort and show to you their appreciation.  Are you ready to receive?  No man is an island and joining alliances with wise and trustworthy folks can bring to you a higher level of well-being, enhanced self-esteem and fuel you with the confidence to take some much needed steps towards your long held goals and desires. 

LEO:  Benevolent authority figures, career direction, LIFE direction, health, being of service, and your community are uniting on behalf of your well being and to increase your confidence.  Yes, others have taken notice and appreciate your good works.  Take the next step, take the chance and be confident in knowing that you are held in high-esteem.  Healthy mirroring from others solidifies and strengthens what you know to be true about yourself.  Step fully into the divine and creative energy that you are and exemplify to others.  Promotions, career opportunities and steps up the social ladders easily appear for you this week.

VIRGO:  Creative yearnings can be compared to the gestation period and then to giving birth.  Birthing a project means delivering it out into the world to be viewed, nurtured and fed.  The Jupiter/Pluto trine encourages you to give birth to creative projects, work with children, the announcement of a new love affair, marketing your creative offerings and travel in the name of divine inspiration.  Know that you are supported, valued and encouraged in the continued development of your authentic and divine self.

LIBRA:  Emotional well being, and a heightened awareness of security and comfort are the offerings of the Jupiter/Pluto trine.  Believe it and trust it.  Psychological understandings that bring deeper levels of acknowledgement about what you "need" to feel more whole and empowered are illuminated this week.  Financial backing, living arrangements, family relationships, intimacy within partnership and a sense of fresh beginnings are all possibilities for you.  If help is needed, it will be offerred, if understanding has eluded you it will reveal itself and if you've questioned your life path, you will feel confirmed.

Is Buster taking stock or spoilt for choice?  Photo courtesy of Carrie Cantrell Browning

SCORPIO:  Communications within your partneships (both personal and professional) are divine this week.  Expect to hear some well deserved praise and expressions of appreciation.  If you've been waiting on confirmation about their feelings for you, this could be the week that your desires are confirmed.  Additionally, this is an excellent week for signing financially beneficial contracts, forming formal alliances and the release of a writing, teaching or communication project.  This is a very positive time for inspired writing and communicaitons of all kinds, trust that the time is right.

SAGITTARIUS:  Work and income goals may fall beautifully into place this week.  Your ruler is positively aligned with your instincts, spiritual goals and inner knowing.  Benevolent working conditions, co-workers and daily environment supports your financial offerings.  Capitalize on this time period to take confident steps forward knowing that your talents and abilities are well received and appreciated.  The deeper and clearer your intentions the stronger outcome. 

CAPRICORN:  Your creative juices are flowing, direct them into the most positive and enhancing direction possible.  Divine inspiration is your current modus operandi and is easily flowing into all areas that empower your authentic self-expression, involve your heart energy (children, love), and provide you the confidence to step fully into "you" devoid of "shoulds," dogma or any previously held self-limiting beliefs.  You are enough, and you are a divine and creative being so please do confidently share your "you" with the world. 

AQUARIUS:  A very supportive breakthrough occurs within this current energy cyle dealing with your past, limiting beliefs surrounding power, and your emotional well-being.  A clearing out stage has been well underway with Pluto transiting your 12th house of family inheritance, emotional patternings and the past.  Healing understanding comes to you through dreams, supportive family members and/or emotional awakenings that aid you in your healing.  A time of emotional comfort and support is unfolding and your sense of self is gaining strength.  A time of blessings, release and stronger foundation building.

PISCES:  A growing sense of optimistic thought is more consistently peppering your days.  Forging and strengthening alliances within frienships and social contacts empowers your beliefs and attitudinal well being.  Your compadres are front and center in their support of you and you can safely expect more encouragement and helpful suggestions from those you call your personal posse.  Embrace this positive energy and share your creative communication and writing projects with others.  A peek into what will become your future goals arrives this week unleashing a turrent of positive thinking and deep seated faith.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Outer Banks, NC by Jean Wiley

Indepth "ALL ABOUT YOU" Session


Eclipse, 3 Lunations and Uranus Retrograde

Week Beginning Friday, July 1st

Photo Courtesy of Berta Campbell

The final Eclipse of the Summer Season stretches our awareness curve and prods us into action.  If you have planets in the early degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra) you will feel this energy more strongly.  The Sun and Moon are in the heart filled feminine sign of Cancer in a Cardinal Cross with Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries. 

Perceptions are stretched in the spirit of growth and tension, and the need to "do something" is in play.  Frustration and conflict may bring about dramatic shifts within your world.  Conflict can be creative and empowering especially if we've been "going along to get along" for far too long.  Stay in touch with your heart center and see where it leads you as chances are you are overdue for a major overhaul in some area of your life.

The Moon is VOID all day and the following day (Saturday) to give us the "space" to process this growth and new awareness.  What do you want to do?  Think it over through the weekend as Jupiter sextiles Chiron lending a subtle expansive and healing hand to our next level of development.

Venus slips into Cancer on the 4th lending her soothing influcence to the US Fourth of July celebration.  The United States is a Cancer ruled country.   Venus further supports the Eclipse message supplying plenty of graciousness and artistry.  A time for chefs and the culinary arts to receive plenty of appreciation and gravitas.  Venus trines spacey and imaginative Neptune while Mercury trines electric Uranus.  Fog, fodder and fireworks?  Perfect.

Jupiter reaches out to Pluto on the 7th combining sensual comfort with the flowing energy of control and advancement.  Mercury leaves emotional Cancer for the dramatic communication style of Leo.

ARIES:  Changes are afoot at the most personal nadir of your chart asking what needs to change in your living arrangments on behalf of your emotional well-being. Your income and career direction are well supported in your next "move."  Venus enters the home scene to soften the edges surrounding these changes and to help you attract much needed support.  When Mars trines Saturn on the 6th you're steady, sure and in a strong planning mode.  A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September.  $8.99

TAURUS:  The eclipse has been revolutionizing how you communicate and express yourself.  What do you need to communicate and where are the areas of your human belief systems that need expressive outlets?  Jupiter in your sign provides support that strengthens relationships with friends and then broadens and supports your evolving higher mind's views.  Venus shifts into this very 3rd house sector helping you to gracefully and eloquently connect with your environment. A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September. $8.99

GEMINI:  Mercury moves out of your sign and into Leo the area ruling communications, your style of expression, writing, teaching and sales.  Dramatic exchanges are on tap this month as people feel the need to express themselves with flare.  The Eclipse creates tension and then release surrounding your talents, abilities and earning ability.  New frontiers need to be forged, what needs to change in how you earn a living and your self esteem?  Fears have been dogging you around self-worth, earning potential, and your value systems.  Trust the conflict that arises in the spirit of the much needed change and transitions you are embarking upon.  Trust life's wisdom.  A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September. $8.99

CANCER:  I assert that tension and yes, even conflict can be a highly creative force.  When people reach their "boiling point" and become too fed up to continue doing the same thing in the same way is when breakthroughs occur that will ultimately leave you feeling much more comfortable with yourself and your world.  That kind of relief is coming.  Venus enters your sign making you the favored crabby sign of the zodiac and putting you squarely in the magical seat of attracting what you need and want most.  Do you know what that is?  Figure it out, be clear in your intentions and make it happen.  A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September. $8.99

LEO:  The worries, fears, private concerns and self-criticism is taking it's toll.  Imagine that you live in a world where thoughts carry energy and what you think about most actually manifests.  If your beliefs about self are primarily negative and lacking it's time to release the patterns, dissolve them and visualize the goopey globs as floating down the river of "been there, done that."  Try it because this world really DOES manifest from your thoughts and belief systems.  Time to change em Lion into a world of honesty, creativity, self-love, self-acceptance, forgiveness, happiness and joy.  You're ready to "talk about things" when Mercury enters your sign this week.  Share the load with a close confident.  A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September. $8.99

VIRGO:  Tensions build surrounding your goals and career money.  Perhaps the groups you align yourself with are no longer reflecting the evolving aspects of your creative self.  Perhaps your goals no longer support the internal change and shifts that are uniquely yours.  What needs to change Virgo?  How can you more closely align your life's mission to your inner intentions and belief systems?  Any conflicts or transitions you experience at the Eclipse is to lighten your load of past accomodations and to free you up to passionately pursue your heart and soul's desires.  Mercury gives you an added dose of insight into your personal journey as he slips into your 12th house this month.  Identify the fears, shine the light, acknowledge, integrate and continue to feel the assuredness of your life's journey moving forward.  A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September. $8.99

LIBRA:  Perhaps you've been accomodating others a bit too much and your career goals don't really feel like yours anymore.  There have been seismic shifts at the core of your being over the past couple of years, some of which have really not been given a voice "out there" in the world.  What needs to change Libra?  What are the unrealized contributions you have yet to offer this world?  Please do figure it out and make it happen as the world needs your gifts, insights and offerings.  Your ruling planet Venus joins in the cause when she enters the Solar Eclipse's sign of Cancer this week.  She wants to smooth your way and attract what you need for your next steps.  A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September. $8.99

SCORPIO:   Pluto, your ruling planet does not move into full strength until mid-September.  The past few months you've experienced somewhat of a respite from the intense and internal thought processes that have peppered your days for the past 4 years.  Yet, this Friday at the Eclipse, Pluto is a major player exposing areas where your attitudes and thoughts have conspired against you.  Something feels "too small" regarding your mental orientations.  There is a bigger picture, one that will free you from some self-imposed limited thinking.  Pay attention even through the uncomfortable information that arises as it will be part of your liberation into your future.  Think "largess" and inclusive rather than exclusive.  A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September. $8.99

SAGITTARIUS:  Your earnings, self-esteem as well as your view of your talents and abilities have been at times harshly torn down and rearranged.  You are in the final cycle of what has been a two year intense study into "what are my values and what are the unique qualities that I have to offer the world?"  If you've been a worshiper of the almighty dollar and status you may have found your house of cards falling down.  Pluto wants to deepen your value system.  Greed, status and hubris are ubiquitous in this society but your life path is asking you for more accountability in both your heart and your actions.  At the Eclipse you may need anothers help, ask for it!  A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September. $8.99

CAPRICORN:  Another round of fresh starts within partnership is heralded at the Eclipse.  Now, don't expect this to be all comfort and compromise.  As the final hurrah of a two year cycle deepening your understanding of both "your" needs within partnership and the "others" needs within partnership is coming to culmination this year please do seek conscious awareness in the role you have played.  In some cases you are learning what power means.  Authentic "power" is not about manipulating the world out there, (although we have many power brokers in the world that who model exactly that) but rather engaging with your internal energy and continuing your stewardship of empowering your intentions, desires and manifestation abilities.  Deep?  You bet!  A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September. $8.99

AQUARIUS:  Sensitive areas of your awareness and development have been the focus of this two year Eclipse cycle.  How do you use power?  What influence did your family play in the your belief systems surrounding your personal power and your inherent value?  Your physical as well as psychological health are intertwined with your family's emotional inheritance and not all of your beliefs are empowered beliefs as a result.  Take a look at their emotional limitations and decide to stop perpetuating the self-limiting beliefs.  You are strongly encouraged to drop release the cloak of family dogma and liberate your past experience of what you can and cannot do.  A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September. $8.99

PISCES:  The New Moon Solar Eclipses influences your authentic self-expression, heart yearnings, love at the purest levels and all areas of creativity.  The past two years have been a learning cycle supporting you in actually "being" you!  Sounds so simple doesn't it?  Yet, it holds shadows of fear.  This fear is buried in the early childhood past and is seeking emancipation.  Take things step by step testing your comfort levels along the way.  With each step you will see that yes, you are alive and yes, you are ok.  Anyone in your social world that does not support your growth and expression needs to be released in order for you to fully live the life your heart and soul urgings require.  Developing faith in self.  A 3 month planning report covering this months Eclipse, Mercury retro in August and Pluto's forward movement in September. $8.99