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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, June 3rd

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A new pattern commences on June 4th with the planet representing largess, expansion, opportunities and over-indulgence moving into Taurus for the next year.  Jupiter steps out of entreprenurial Aries (it would be interesting to see how many new businesses were born during this Jupiter period) where risk, action and daring were both encouraged and applauded.  Now Jupiter graces the sign symbolizing comfort, slow growth, groundedness, stubbornness, sensuality, money and values. 

We are fresh on the heels of a partial Solar Eclipse that occurred on June 1st in Gemini.  Gemini represents duality and the energy of "two" minds.  Twins are ruled by Gemini as is learning, writing, speaking, education, information gathering and dissemination, wit, curiosity and youth.  A month of quick movement and change.  Venus enters the twins domain on the 9th heightening the value of discussion and communication.  

Mercury makes a series of aspects (as did the Sun last week) as he moves into Gemini on the 2nd.   Our thought process is receiving an influx of stimulation from the awakener Uranus, the wounding/compassionate planet Chiron, plummet to the depths of the soul Pluto and stabilizing Saturn...whew!  Expect some of your beliefs and attitudes to be questioned and perhaps even challenged this week as we are asked to get "clear" on our assumptions and planning.

ARIES:   The questions Jupiter poses over the coming year are what talents and abilities are you to bring to the fore, either in the way of expression with others in your world, as value to your clients and business interactions and are you awake and aware of your own inherent value?  Your assumptions may be questioned or challenged this week but see this process as one that is meant to bring you to an equalized state of your own reality. 
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TAURUS:  As other personal planets begin departing your neck of the woods the big gasey mama Jupiter is entering to fill the space.  Jupiter visits each sign typically, for one year.  So, this is a once every 12 year event for you Bull.  Possibilities?  A renewed faith in self and life, situations and meeting people that bring opportunity your way.  The biggest influence is that you are feeling more confident and hence, the opportunities, make sense?  Sometimes folks gain a little weight during this transit due to Jupiter's "expanding" influence.  You may experience some challenges in what you perceive as your value this week.  Look your income and assumptions straight in the eye as stabilizing influences will prevail.
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GEMINI:  Venus heads into your sign this week brining with her social graces, attraction and goodwill from others.  At some level your mental processes and way of thinking needs some adjustment.  This may take the form of conflict or challenge but the higher perspective suggests that your innate flexibility will serve you well and incorporating others input is actually a benefit.  You are heading into a year of increased wisdom, a deeper connection with self and good luck at a subtle yet powerful level.
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CANCER:  Heading full sail into a six week period of back to back eclipses may feel unnerving for you but rest assurred you'll be better for the wear.  The June 1st eclipse takes place in Gemini in your instinctive and behind the scenes 12th house.  This event suggests a time to listen to your gut instincts as they are very energized over the coming few months.  It's also a time to rid yourself of worn out patterns of guilt and feelings of low self-esteem.  Worry gives you something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere right?  Engaging in spiritual development practices such as gratitude prayers, visualization mediations and yoga can be extremely beneficial for you now.

LEO:  Letting go of drama surrounding love affairs and children can be of great benefit to you Lion.  Opening your heart space to friendship and supportive group endeavors is highlighted over the coming months.  You are either part of the problem or part of the solution...your choice.  Expect some challenges from friendships regarding your way of thinking and relating, consider that this is a good thing that can get you out of your attitudinal ruts. 

VIRGO:  The June 1st eclipse is challenging you to pay more attention to your public and career life during this 3-6 month influence.  And how to balance career with home life?  Some decisions will more than likely need to be made in the near future.  You may also have some new (and perhaps unexpected) career opportunites coming your way.  Jupiter's arrival in your 9th house suggests that your avenues of expansion may be related to higher learning, people at a distance, foreign affairs, travel or the legal profession.
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LIBRA:  The eclipse is shining the light on your higher belief systems, people at a distance, and learning.  New avenues for marketing your goods and services may appear over the next few months too.  Walking your talk is important now.  Shared resources, intimacy, investments, psychological awareness, and letting go of defeating lifestyle habits are your personal slice of growth and luck over the next year.  If you are questioning your communication style over the next week perhaps it is really time to stand up for what you believe in.
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SCORPIO:  The eclipse in Gemini is bringing you lessons and awareness around other people's comfort levels and psychological orientation over the next few months.  Maintaining your sense of self is important too.  Taurus opens wide the door to partnership and lends a helpful and benevolent hand to all one to one partnerships.  Misunderstandings around loans, debt or commissions will straighten out as the week progresses.
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SAGITTARIUS:  Jupiter expands your world of work, health and personal daily rituals.  Developing and maintaining consistent and supportive habits is strongly encouraged over the next 12 months.  The eclipses brings lessons surrounding you versus partnership and how much does one lose one's self to the idea of partnership?  For some, endings of some sort are in your personal forecast.  Essentially, what you long so desperately for in another is an unintegrated aspect within yourself.  Bringing a fully evolved person into partnership is your directed mandate over the next few months. 
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CAPRICORN:   Your ruling planet Saturn will be turning direct next week and in preperation the Eclipse is suggesting that you set into your daily schedule firm and supportive habits that support your larger plan in a grounded and enhancing manner.  If health is an issue for you please take a look at your emotional health and how you can implement some stress reduction.  Jupiter promises some lightening of your load over the coming year and encourages that your inner child be emancipated for some much needed play time.

AQUARIUS:  The Eclipse will be encouraging you to take risks over the next few months.  Broadening your emotional sense of possibilities is a real plus.  This can be the start of a highly social time when engaging with others takes you out of your detached thinking self and into the realm of emotional uplifting exchange.  Make your home your haven, safe place and castle.

PISCES:  Your ruling planet turns retrograde this week signaling a time when any confusing exchanges or occurances can begin to be sorted out.  Neptune is a highly creative influence but can also instill a feeling of uncertainty and baseless fear.  Jupiter moves into the area of your chart seeking to enhance and uplift your thought patterns and attitudes.  Taking classes, increased writing activity and exchanging information with siblings and neighbors can lend to additional insights and positive thinking. 
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