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Monday, June 13, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, June 17th

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Once again, we are sandwiched between two Eclipses indicating a period of change, excitement and surprises.  Time seems to speed up on and around eclipses.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius occurred on June 15th and we are now in a Moon waning period.  This was an exceptionally long Eclipse over 100 minutes symbolizing a long term effect of a year or more.  The two weeks following a full moon is a time for adjustment and handling what is already on our plate until the next New Moon. 

Lunar Eclipses are typically about our emotions and often involve important females in our lives and they are always full moons indicating a chapter end or a culmination.  Eclipses often mark major life events.

The NEXT Eclipse is a Partial Solar Eclipse in the emotional and initiating sign of Cancer on July 1st (there will be more in my monthly videos).  Solar Eclipses are exciting because they herald "new starts" and are more often outward events that unfold in surprising ways.  We are finishing up a 24 month cycle that has been occuring every six months or so in the signs Cancer and Capricorn.  These are both cardinal signs that like to make things happen  There will be some challenge with this lunation as it is forming a T-Square with the outer planets creating the feeling of being pulled to and fro.  We may be forced to act and respond quickly which can create a sense of tension as time seems to speed up.

This week, the Sun transitions out of mutuable and "let's communicate" Gemini, into the feeling and emotionally protective sign of Cancer.  Mars picks up where the Sun left off and moves into Gemini for the next 6 weeks.  Mars is the henchman of the Sun, he helps the Sun "get what he wants."  So, whatever we began, thought of and pondered while the Sun was transiting Gemini now has the assertive energy of Mars to make it happen! 

ARIES:  Your spending should slow as Mars transitions out of your 2nd house of money and into your 3rd house of communications.  Connections, contracts, increased conversations, presentations, writing, and short distance trips (as opposed to hoping on an airplane) will increase.  You are forceful on the verbal front and feel the need to share your insights, opinions and views.  Please do remember that you are not your beliefs Aries and your life does not depend on winning the debate.  The Sun's movement into your 4th house of home and family increases the activity levels in your home and with your parents.  The next few weeks benefit from placing attention on your home, relocation, your inner world and emotional wellbeing.

TAURUS:  I imagine that you have been really fired up the past few weeks Bull.  Much energy has been at your disposal while Mars transited your sign.  The conceptual insights you received while the Sun was transiting your 2nd house of earned income is now given application power as Mars picks up in the 2nd house where the Sun left off.  You may be spending more during this 6 week transit on honing your skills and highlighting your abilities, or you may be assertively going after additional sources of revenue and income.  The Sun shifts into your 3rd house of communications, contracts, writing, connecting with others and traveling from point A to point B.  A good period for proposals, signing on the dotted line, writing and speaking

GEMINI:  Mercury is very active this week operating in your 2nd house of earned income, self-esteem and your talents and abilities.  Exciting and opportunistic information comes your way early in the week if you want to build upon it.  On Sunday your compassion is evoked due to a dawning awareness of your partner's sensitiviy and vulnerability.  As the Sun moves out of your sign and into Cancer, Mars comes barreling along to pick up the pace.  The next six weeks opens up portals of increased self-confidence, daring and assertiveness.  "Do" that which you were merely "thinking" about earlier in the month.  Carpe Diem.

CANCER:  Happy Birthday Crab.  As the Sun sashays into your sign just in time to celebrate your birthday, Mars shifts into a quiet and behind the scenes sector of your 12th house.  As your personality shines bright, your desire nature slows down.  The next 6 weeks suggests you keep a lighter schedule and to allow for a two year cycle to naturally come to closure.  It takes Mars two years to transit the entire zodiac and you're "go out and get it" needs a "stay in and let it be" rest.  Many folks feel a bit fatigued under this influence.  A preference for working alone and in private may be your need now too.  We are in between eclipses and the next one on July 1st has her sights specifically set on you.  Rest up while you can!

LEO:  You are finishing up your solar cycle and your energy levels tend to dip the month before your birthday so allow for more down and floating time.  It's called rejuvination and emptying your cup before it starts filling up again next month.  There is plenty of activity with your friends this month as Mars enters your 11th house of groups, friends and future goals.  You will be acting on some things now that were merely thoughts being bandied about before.  Some of your exchanges with friends may be rather "heated" so stay centered and try to evaluate the situation from a conscious viewpoint. 

VIRGO:  Mercury is very active this week operating in your 11th house of groups, goals and friendships.  Exciting and opportunistic information comes your early in the week so build upon it.  On Sunday understanding and compassion grows regarding a goal, friend and a partnership.  Monday is not a very favorable time for money and assumptions as Mercury squares Saturn.  The Sun also moves into the sector of your horoscope ruling friendships and goals.  Mars enters your career and life direction providing plenty of impetus and juice to go after what you want to have happen in your avocation.

LIBRA:  Your partnership planet Mars glides out of your 8th house and into your 9th house.  Mars rules your opposite sign (7th house) Aries and gives you a 'hint" as to how that energy is expressing itself.  When moving through the 8th house of psychology, endings/beginnings and shared resources, it's a private and sensitive experience we often have with the "others" in our world.  He shifts into a much more outward, adventures and expansive area in your chart when tranisiting the 9th house.  Your partner may be traveling more over the next 6 weeks, involved in a media project or just feeling more adventurous.  You can expect more interaction with the world at large through media, marketing and publishing avenues.  If single, you furture mate may be met on a plane, train or at an educational event. Career matters heat up as the Sun shifts into your 10th house, laying the groundwork for the Eclipse on July 1st.

SCORPIO:  This has been a hyperfocused time period for relationships and finances.  Mars is scheduled to shift out of your relationship sector, where you have experienced a few trials and tribulations, and into the 8th house of shared resources, sex, money, psychological healing and endings/beginnings.  Relating goes deeper now.  The Sun moves out of this very same 8th house area and into the compatible water sign Cancer which rules over your 9th house of the higher mind.  The Sun is "priming the pump" for the July 1st Eclipse that will take place in this same area of travel, writing, publishing, connections with folks from afar and adventure.  It will feel like a breath of fresh air providing you a wider perspective of your life and purpose within it. 

SAGITTARIUS:  Work and health concerns, activity and general "busyness" subside now as Mars shifts out of your 6th house and into your 7th house of partnerships.  Mars is the planet of ego, assertion and how people go about getting what they want.  In Gemini, the communication quota is raised as people seek to share their ideas and viewpoints.  Expect your partners to be more communicative over the next 6 weeks.  Often, there can be a tendency towards conflict when Mars transits this sector, so forewarned is forearmed.  Others in your world are focused on their needs and wants.  It's a time of the year to comprimise and pay attention.  The Sun slips into the psychic 8th house of shared money, intimacy, sex, loans, investments and endings/beginnings.   This transition sheds light into the areas that need an overhaul which the Eclipse will  help facilitate next month.

CAPRICORN:  The Sun moves into your partnership sign this week (The Summer Soltice) and will help you to consciously identify how your relationships can be strengthened and solidified.  Those that are not making the grade may be ending in order to make way for alliances that are better suited to your growth and learning.  The Eclipse will help to facilitate these changes on July 1st and the weeks and months following.  Your work life and daily tasks multiply with Mars movement into your 6th house.  Please take extra good care of your mental and physical health over the next few weeks as you are particularly sensitive to stress and strains wearing down your immune system.  With Saturn starting to chug forward in your 10th house you are feeling that some long worked for and awaited career advances are beginning to take hold.

AQUARIUS:  Home projects, moves, relocations, tensions surrounding home life or parents abate as Mars moves out of your 4th house and into the area signifiying the pursuit of pleasure, children, creative projects and self-expression.  A time period to let the inner child out to play and to buckle down on those labors of love.  The Sun shifts out of this very house and into your 6th house of work and health.  Take stock of your conscious awareness of what needs to change as far as work and daily routines.  Your health may be an area in which you need to be proactive.  The Eclipse will be moving in next month to help facilitate any changes that need to be made. 

PISCES:  The Sun's glide into the fellow water sign Cancer opens up your conscious need for authentic self-expression, increased activity with your children, creativity and play.  It's a good time for a good time surrounding your leisure activities and joy quotient.  The Eclipse will be bringing additional situations to bear in this area on July 1st and the weeks and months that follow.  Mars slips out of your 3rd house of attitudes and communications, and into your 4th house sector.  Some emotional situations may arise around the home, and with family and parents that can stir our emotional need for security.  Personal time is required to work things through.  Some people may be moving, relocating or redecorating over the next 6 weeks.  A time to engage in high levels of psychological awareness and self-care.