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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chair Surfing

Photo Courtesy of Scott Anna
How do I get more in touch with my inner self and spirituality?  An often heard and earnest question.  I can think of no easier way to start then with nature.  Nature, in it's purest form functions in harmony.  Nature honors cycles just as animals follow instincts there is a time for rest, activity, blooming, playing, birth and death.  Nature's elements contains symbolism for the energy of living life. 

I moved from Raleigh, NC to the Outer Banks in 2008.  Since childhood I have been told that I learned to swim before I learned to walk.  In my teens I lifeguarded in upstate NY at one of the many natural lakes that are ubiquitous in the Adirondack Mountains.  Water has always felt like an elemental home for me, a place to move weightlessly through the submerged  world of imagination, freedom and creative play. 

My first summer here delivered a startling blow to my experience of elemental "home."  You see, I turned my back on a wave (a no no) and it picked me up and threw me down HARD on the gravely ocean bed.  Rising with a mouth full of salt water I made my way hurriedly to shore.  My first (and only) rasberry was delivered as I looked down in a daze at my bloodied knee in which I still bear the scar. 

Moral?  That which I had taken so for granted all of my life was now demanding both caution and wisdom.  Unlike the ocean shores of Myrtle Beach or the Gulf waters in Texas, the Outer Banks juts out into the Atlantic devoid of barriers or bays.  It literally hangs off the end of the world on the US eastern seaboard.  I was given a missive that has grown more meaningful over time.  My work with clients has continued to deepen in scope and requires that as a coach and astrology practioner the need to keep my energetic and compassionate channels as clear as possible is imperative for both my well-being as well as my clients.  It has required a high level of grounding, committment to my foundational base of compassion, and the dicipline to keep my psychological and communications as open as possible.

Now, I chair surf and incorporate the experience of two additional elements on a regular basis.  I take my chair to the shoreline just far enough to feel the waves spreading out over my feet and legs.  As the wave comes in I lift the front of my chair to allow the water to run both over and under leaving a fresh deposit of sand that tilts my chair towards the ocean in a comfortable inclining fashion.  All the while enjoying the clearing breezes of the ocean winds.

What does this have to do with spirituality and the inner self?  I feel grounded and safe planted on the beach shoreline, enjoy the constant push and pull of the water while feeling the wind clearing my mind and energy field.  It's natural therapy, grounding, invigorating, flowing and cleansing.  For me, spending two hours at the beach is a soothing and invigorating time of tuning into the elemental harmony of nature. 

Wishing all who read this the desire and committment to find your own personal form of "chair surfing."