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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chair Surfing

Photo Courtesy of Scott Anna
How do I get more in touch with my inner self and spirituality?  An often heard and earnest question.  I can think of no easier way to start then with nature.  Nature, in it's purest form functions in harmony.  Nature honors cycles just as animals follow instincts there is a time for rest, activity, blooming, playing, birth and death.  Nature's elements contains symbolism for the energy of living life. 

I moved from Raleigh, NC to the Outer Banks in 2008.  Since childhood I have been told that I learned to swim before I learned to walk.  In my teens I lifeguarded in upstate NY at one of the many natural lakes that are ubiquitous in the Adirondack Mountains.  Water has always felt like an elemental home for me, a place to move weightlessly through the submerged  world of imagination, freedom and creative play. 

My first summer here delivered a startling blow to my experience of elemental "home."  You see, I turned my back on a wave (a no no) and it picked me up and threw me down HARD on the gravely ocean bed.  Rising with a mouth full of salt water I made my way hurriedly to shore.  My first (and only) rasberry was delivered as I looked down in a daze at my bloodied knee in which I still bear the scar. 

Moral?  That which I had taken so for granted all of my life was now demanding both caution and wisdom.  Unlike the ocean shores of Myrtle Beach or the Gulf waters in Texas, the Outer Banks juts out into the Atlantic devoid of barriers or bays.  It literally hangs off the end of the world on the US eastern seaboard.  I was given a missive that has grown more meaningful over time.  My work with clients has continued to deepen in scope and requires that as a coach and astrology practioner the need to keep my energetic and compassionate channels as clear as possible is imperative for both my well-being as well as my clients.  It has required a high level of grounding, committment to my foundational base of compassion, and the dicipline to keep my psychological and communications as open as possible.

Now, I chair surf and incorporate the experience of two additional elements on a regular basis.  I take my chair to the shoreline just far enough to feel the waves spreading out over my feet and legs.  As the wave comes in I lift the front of my chair to allow the water to run both over and under leaving a fresh deposit of sand that tilts my chair towards the ocean in a comfortable inclining fashion.  All the while enjoying the clearing breezes of the ocean winds.

What does this have to do with spirituality and the inner self?  I feel grounded and safe planted on the beach shoreline, enjoy the constant push and pull of the water while feeling the wind clearing my mind and energy field.  It's natural therapy, grounding, invigorating, flowing and cleansing.  For me, spending two hours at the beach is a soothing and invigorating time of tuning into the elemental harmony of nature. 

Wishing all who read this the desire and committment to find your own personal form of "chair surfing."



Monday, June 13, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, June 17th

Photo Courtesy of Berta Cambell
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Once again, we are sandwiched between two Eclipses indicating a period of change, excitement and surprises.  Time seems to speed up on and around eclipses.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius occurred on June 15th and we are now in a Moon waning period.  This was an exceptionally long Eclipse over 100 minutes symbolizing a long term effect of a year or more.  The two weeks following a full moon is a time for adjustment and handling what is already on our plate until the next New Moon. 

Lunar Eclipses are typically about our emotions and often involve important females in our lives and they are always full moons indicating a chapter end or a culmination.  Eclipses often mark major life events.

The NEXT Eclipse is a Partial Solar Eclipse in the emotional and initiating sign of Cancer on July 1st (there will be more in my monthly videos).  Solar Eclipses are exciting because they herald "new starts" and are more often outward events that unfold in surprising ways.  We are finishing up a 24 month cycle that has been occuring every six months or so in the signs Cancer and Capricorn.  These are both cardinal signs that like to make things happen  There will be some challenge with this lunation as it is forming a T-Square with the outer planets creating the feeling of being pulled to and fro.  We may be forced to act and respond quickly which can create a sense of tension as time seems to speed up.

This week, the Sun transitions out of mutuable and "let's communicate" Gemini, into the feeling and emotionally protective sign of Cancer.  Mars picks up where the Sun left off and moves into Gemini for the next 6 weeks.  Mars is the henchman of the Sun, he helps the Sun "get what he wants."  So, whatever we began, thought of and pondered while the Sun was transiting Gemini now has the assertive energy of Mars to make it happen! 

ARIES:  Your spending should slow as Mars transitions out of your 2nd house of money and into your 3rd house of communications.  Connections, contracts, increased conversations, presentations, writing, and short distance trips (as opposed to hoping on an airplane) will increase.  You are forceful on the verbal front and feel the need to share your insights, opinions and views.  Please do remember that you are not your beliefs Aries and your life does not depend on winning the debate.  The Sun's movement into your 4th house of home and family increases the activity levels in your home and with your parents.  The next few weeks benefit from placing attention on your home, relocation, your inner world and emotional wellbeing.

TAURUS:  I imagine that you have been really fired up the past few weeks Bull.  Much energy has been at your disposal while Mars transited your sign.  The conceptual insights you received while the Sun was transiting your 2nd house of earned income is now given application power as Mars picks up in the 2nd house where the Sun left off.  You may be spending more during this 6 week transit on honing your skills and highlighting your abilities, or you may be assertively going after additional sources of revenue and income.  The Sun shifts into your 3rd house of communications, contracts, writing, connecting with others and traveling from point A to point B.  A good period for proposals, signing on the dotted line, writing and speaking

GEMINI:  Mercury is very active this week operating in your 2nd house of earned income, self-esteem and your talents and abilities.  Exciting and opportunistic information comes your way early in the week if you want to build upon it.  On Sunday your compassion is evoked due to a dawning awareness of your partner's sensitiviy and vulnerability.  As the Sun moves out of your sign and into Cancer, Mars comes barreling along to pick up the pace.  The next six weeks opens up portals of increased self-confidence, daring and assertiveness.  "Do" that which you were merely "thinking" about earlier in the month.  Carpe Diem.

CANCER:  Happy Birthday Crab.  As the Sun sashays into your sign just in time to celebrate your birthday, Mars shifts into a quiet and behind the scenes sector of your 12th house.  As your personality shines bright, your desire nature slows down.  The next 6 weeks suggests you keep a lighter schedule and to allow for a two year cycle to naturally come to closure.  It takes Mars two years to transit the entire zodiac and you're "go out and get it" needs a "stay in and let it be" rest.  Many folks feel a bit fatigued under this influence.  A preference for working alone and in private may be your need now too.  We are in between eclipses and the next one on July 1st has her sights specifically set on you.  Rest up while you can!

LEO:  You are finishing up your solar cycle and your energy levels tend to dip the month before your birthday so allow for more down and floating time.  It's called rejuvination and emptying your cup before it starts filling up again next month.  There is plenty of activity with your friends this month as Mars enters your 11th house of groups, friends and future goals.  You will be acting on some things now that were merely thoughts being bandied about before.  Some of your exchanges with friends may be rather "heated" so stay centered and try to evaluate the situation from a conscious viewpoint. 

VIRGO:  Mercury is very active this week operating in your 11th house of groups, goals and friendships.  Exciting and opportunistic information comes your early in the week so build upon it.  On Sunday understanding and compassion grows regarding a goal, friend and a partnership.  Monday is not a very favorable time for money and assumptions as Mercury squares Saturn.  The Sun also moves into the sector of your horoscope ruling friendships and goals.  Mars enters your career and life direction providing plenty of impetus and juice to go after what you want to have happen in your avocation.

LIBRA:  Your partnership planet Mars glides out of your 8th house and into your 9th house.  Mars rules your opposite sign (7th house) Aries and gives you a 'hint" as to how that energy is expressing itself.  When moving through the 8th house of psychology, endings/beginnings and shared resources, it's a private and sensitive experience we often have with the "others" in our world.  He shifts into a much more outward, adventures and expansive area in your chart when tranisiting the 9th house.  Your partner may be traveling more over the next 6 weeks, involved in a media project or just feeling more adventurous.  You can expect more interaction with the world at large through media, marketing and publishing avenues.  If single, you furture mate may be met on a plane, train or at an educational event. Career matters heat up as the Sun shifts into your 10th house, laying the groundwork for the Eclipse on July 1st.

SCORPIO:  This has been a hyperfocused time period for relationships and finances.  Mars is scheduled to shift out of your relationship sector, where you have experienced a few trials and tribulations, and into the 8th house of shared resources, sex, money, psychological healing and endings/beginnings.  Relating goes deeper now.  The Sun moves out of this very same 8th house area and into the compatible water sign Cancer which rules over your 9th house of the higher mind.  The Sun is "priming the pump" for the July 1st Eclipse that will take place in this same area of travel, writing, publishing, connections with folks from afar and adventure.  It will feel like a breath of fresh air providing you a wider perspective of your life and purpose within it. 

SAGITTARIUS:  Work and health concerns, activity and general "busyness" subside now as Mars shifts out of your 6th house and into your 7th house of partnerships.  Mars is the planet of ego, assertion and how people go about getting what they want.  In Gemini, the communication quota is raised as people seek to share their ideas and viewpoints.  Expect your partners to be more communicative over the next 6 weeks.  Often, there can be a tendency towards conflict when Mars transits this sector, so forewarned is forearmed.  Others in your world are focused on their needs and wants.  It's a time of the year to comprimise and pay attention.  The Sun slips into the psychic 8th house of shared money, intimacy, sex, loans, investments and endings/beginnings.   This transition sheds light into the areas that need an overhaul which the Eclipse will  help facilitate next month.

CAPRICORN:  The Sun moves into your partnership sign this week (The Summer Soltice) and will help you to consciously identify how your relationships can be strengthened and solidified.  Those that are not making the grade may be ending in order to make way for alliances that are better suited to your growth and learning.  The Eclipse will help to facilitate these changes on July 1st and the weeks and months following.  Your work life and daily tasks multiply with Mars movement into your 6th house.  Please take extra good care of your mental and physical health over the next few weeks as you are particularly sensitive to stress and strains wearing down your immune system.  With Saturn starting to chug forward in your 10th house you are feeling that some long worked for and awaited career advances are beginning to take hold.

AQUARIUS:  Home projects, moves, relocations, tensions surrounding home life or parents abate as Mars moves out of your 4th house and into the area signifiying the pursuit of pleasure, children, creative projects and self-expression.  A time period to let the inner child out to play and to buckle down on those labors of love.  The Sun shifts out of this very house and into your 6th house of work and health.  Take stock of your conscious awareness of what needs to change as far as work and daily routines.  Your health may be an area in which you need to be proactive.  The Eclipse will be moving in next month to help facilitate any changes that need to be made. 

PISCES:  The Sun's glide into the fellow water sign Cancer opens up your conscious need for authentic self-expression, increased activity with your children, creativity and play.  It's a good time for a good time surrounding your leisure activities and joy quotient.  The Eclipse will be bringing additional situations to bear in this area on July 1st and the weeks and months that follow.  Mars slips out of your 3rd house of attitudes and communications, and into your 4th house sector.  Some emotional situations may arise around the home, and with family and parents that can stir our emotional need for security.  Personal time is required to work things through.  Some people may be moving, relocating or redecorating over the next 6 weeks.  A time to engage in high levels of psychological awareness and self-care.



Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, June 10th

Photo Courtesy of Gail Hutchison

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Busy, busy traffic in the skies this week.  A Full Moon Eclipse, Saturn turns direct, and Chiron stations retrograde.

A Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees in Sagittarius unfolds on Wednesday the 15th.  Sagittarius is a philosophical fire sign that embraces growth, expansion and freedom.  Full Moons turn the "light on" and show you situations that were previously unknown or hidden.  This is a time to let something go and to be at peace with the chapter ending.  Some element/condition/situation is no longer needed in your life however much you may cling and to please remember that the Universe is wiser in it's planning than you are.  The emotional temperature is turned up to high and things that have been boiling on the back burner come to the fore, sometimes quickly and quite emotionally.  Embrace the release.

The energy ruling earth lessons, ambition and outward success moves forward after a 5 month slumber.  Saturn turns stationary direct on the 12th  in Libra and wherever Libra is located in your chart is where you can start to expect forward and practical movement.  Saturn is not always an easy energy as he asks that you "earn" your keep, grow, mature and embrace wisdom.

Chiron is called the "wounded healer" and is known for both it's wisdom, teaching and healing abilities, as well as pain.  So often, wise healing practioners have themselves sustained deep wounding in order to grow their foundation of compassion and hence, bring their teachings and wisdom to others in need.  Chiron has been transiting Pisces and will now move into retrograde motion until the winter.   Collectively, we can go deeper and integrate the discomforts we've sustained over the spring period.  Another round of lessons will commence at the end of the year.

ARIES:  The Eclipse lights the sky in the area ruling promotions, long-distance travel, publishing, the higher mind and expansion.  Something comes to a peak on the 15th, pehaps you finally set upon a trip or vaction, enroll in an advanced or professional training degree, your book is published or your marketing plan is launched.  Be flexible around the 15th as Eclipses are also wildcards that throw unexpected energy into the mix.  Saturn direct in your partnership sign signals a focus on others both in business partnership development and relationships, think "responsiblity."  Mars continues to travel through your earned income sector and financial dealings.

TAURUS:  Financial dealings with others, shared resources, sex, intimacy, divorce, endings and new beginnings, psychological health, debt, loans, commissions and company money are the areas the Eclipse will be affecting when it shines the light in your 8th house.  Expect an ending and closure surrounding one or more of these areas.  A light is "turned" on making you aware of previously hidden or closed information.  The Jupiter/Neptune trine that was exact on the 8th is still in effect bringing harmony and creativity to your closest friendships and compatriots.  Venus shifts out of your sign and into your 2nd house of earned income.  Expect a financial and emotional boost over the next few weeks.  Careful on Monday the 13th when Venus squares up to Chiron, a time when a friends financial or emotional support may not be forthcoming.

GEMINI:  A partnership dynamic, person, or business alliance's true orientation is revealed to you during the Eclipse, expect an "a-ha" moment that can change the very foundation of your beliefs and assumptions.  An alliance may now end or has the need to drastically change in order to continue moving forward.  Saturn's direct movement brings forward momentum, responsbility and progress with your children, and a creative project or a love affair, expect steady progress over the coming months.  Chiron stations retrograde in your career and pulic affairs house.  Any slights, injustices or discomforts experienced around career is now processed and integrated with the opportunity for healing.  Your ruler Mercury moves out of your sign into Cancer, your 2nd house of earned income and commerce.  A month for selling, deal making and earning money through the power of your communication.
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CANCER:  Your day to day routine and work may build to an intense level by the time of the Eclipse which takes place in your 6th house.  Expect something to come to your attention that you were previously unaware of whether it be a perception, an understanding or an outside event.  Please do take care of your health this week and over the coming months.  You are more apt to suffer from nervous tension and stress now than at other times so please build in stress relievers.  Saturn moves forward this week in the very personal 4th house.  Lessons, responsibility and wisdom is asked for during Saturn's transit to your 4th house of emotional comfort, home, famiy and chilhood memories.  Something needs healing here, reach out to helping professionals if necessary and lighten your load.  Mercury moves into your sign on the 16th kicking off a more extorverted and communicative period.
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LEO:  A chapter ending occurs in the areas of children, love affairs, pet projects and creative self-expression on the Full Moon Eclipse on the 15th.  And, something is revealed to you, information that you were not currently in possession of.  Accept the closure and embrace new found truths.  Saturn turns direct this week in your 3rd house of communication, siblings, nieghbors and attitudes.  Saturn's transit can leave people feeling a little mentally "heavy."  The true nature of this cycle is to solidify and firm up your communication skills, knowledge and relationships with others.  There is some responsibility and growing pains in facing any negative thoughts and belief systems.  Chiron moves into retrograde this week alleviating some sorrows surrounding shared resources, partnerships and intmacy.  You have time to work through your experiences and gain deeper understanding.  Mercury slips into a very private area of your chart on the 16th indicating the need for some much needed introspection and solitude.
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VIRGO:  Your partnerships have been a focus for many years now.  Chiron and Neptune are transiting this area of your world and Chiron moves into retrograde motion (backwards) this week.  If your partner has been experiencing a sensitive time of healing expect them to feel a bit of a reprieve for the remainder of the year.  You too, have been in this cycle of learning from wounding in order to heal and to then help heal others.  The Eclispe alights in your 4th house of home, family, those you live with, early childhood and emotional well-being.  A new cycle is beginning over the next year of getting more comfortable within yourself through the changing dynamics in your homelife.  Knowledge comes to you at the time of this Full Moon Eclipse on the 15th and some sort of chapter is ending.  Endings always bring new beginning so be patient during this process.  Your ruler Mercury shifts from your 10th house of profession and public reputation and into your 11th house of friendships, future goals and groups.  Expect to engage in more communications with your pals and association members. 
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LIBRA:  Saturn moves direct in your sign on the 12th.  IF you feel your labors of love and personal projects have been for naught, please do take heart.  Think of your energy expenditure as having been in the grooming stage and you about to reap some of your hard earned rewards with the planet ruling accomplishment, hard work and success moving forward once again.  The Eclipse shines white hot in your 3rd house of communications, local environment, siblings, writing, speaking and attitudes.  Expect some information to come your way (probably from someone locally) who turns on the "light" of understanding in some fashion.  A writing or teaching project may come to a crescendo at this time too.  Venus shifts from the depths of your 8th house, where much change has taken place both in your lifestyle and with finances, and moves into the more outgoing sign of Gemini.  Expect more discussions and contacts with people afar over the next few weeks and if travel is on your agenda you will have a grand time.
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SCORPIO:  Chiron shifts backwards in your house of love affairs, children and creative projects.  IF you have experienced some discomforts around any of these areas take heart as the energy dissipates and you now have some time to incorporate understanding into your experiences.  Challenges often provide the templates of the greatest learning.  The Eclipse falls in your 2nd house of earned income on the 15th.  Your financial axis is being worked on over the next year or so (think back to Dec. 2010) in order to bring to you higher levels of self-esteem, a clearer understanding of your value and worth, and to align talent with abundance. The dawn of truth and information comes to you through this eclipse.  Are you getting what you need?  If not, how can you rectify the situation?  A source of income may be ending at the Eclipse only to free you up for other avenues that are better suited to your talent and abilities.  Mercury shifts into your 9th house of publishing, travel, teaching and marketing.  A good time for public promotions and travel.
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SAGITTARIUS:  Ok, Sag, you are the recipient of the Eclipse on the 15th in your very own sign.  Full Lunar Eclipses are outward in nature, that is, something happens to your level of awareness and hence, what your next "move" should be.  Something of a personal nature is coming to resolution now - congratulations.  You are still under the influence of a beautiful Jupiter/Chiron sextile (exact on June 8th) affecting your 4th and 6th houses.  Your home and work environments are nicely intertwined or perhaps a work scenerio is lending to a healthy sense of emotional well being and positive luck.  Health is benefited as is a move and your work environment.  Saturn moves direct in your 11th house of groups, friendships and goals.  Expect to make some sort of "headway" in these areas the next few months and yes, there is more responsibility to shoulder in relation to others.
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CAPRICORN:  Your ruling planet Saturn moves direct on the 12th in your 10th house of profession, career, direction in life, reputation and community involvement.  You've had bigger fish to fry in relation to the home and family unit right?  Now, your focus shifts to your outer world, and advancements (whatever that means for you) can begin to be made.  All of your work was not for naught..double negative I know but hey.  The Eclipse sheds light on your inner workings falling as it does in your behind the scenes 12th house sector.  This eclipses requires some sort of sacrifice potentially due to someone in need of your care, or you yourself may be dealing with a health issue of some sort.  So, please take the required break and process the information that comes to light on a very private and confidential matter.  Mercury's shift into your 7th house of partnership opens the door for deeper understanding and deal making.
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AQUARIUS:  The eclipses brings you messages and information regarding your friends, group associations and goals as it falls in your 11th house on the 15th.  Some surprises may be in store for you so be open, prepared and centered.  Your whole social life is being reknoodled with the eclipse pattern over the next 12 months.  Some friends may exit, others "real" intentions are shown, new associations open up that fuel your creativity and fresh goals are set and acted upon.  Chiron retrogrades in your 2nd house of earned income and self-esteem.  If you have suffered some setbacks in these areas you receive a breather and time to re-think your value and earnings.  Work communications speed up as Mercury enters your 6th house of tasks and co-workers.  Venus slides into a cooperative angle in your chart and moves into your 5th house of fun, leisure, creative pursuits and children. Please enjoy more play time over the next few weeks.
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PISCES:  Much has been happening within your inner being and as Chiron retrogrades expect some time to work on healing.  Chiron asks that you acknowledge, deal with and integrate any wounds you've sustained during your time here in earth school as you will emerge much stronger as a result.  The Eclipse heightens the acitivity in your area of career, community, public standing and direction in life.  Fresh information is set to arrive that changes your perception and your public role.  Some news may be inspiring, other news may give you much pause for thought, either way accept it as useful and relevant to your sense of self and direction.  Jupiter sextiles Neptune (in your sign) on June 8th lighting up your friendships, faith and future goals.  Dream big dreams and trust in the unfolding process.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, June 3rd

Photo Courtesy of Skeeter Sawyer
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A new pattern commences on June 4th with the planet representing largess, expansion, opportunities and over-indulgence moving into Taurus for the next year.  Jupiter steps out of entreprenurial Aries (it would be interesting to see how many new businesses were born during this Jupiter period) where risk, action and daring were both encouraged and applauded.  Now Jupiter graces the sign symbolizing comfort, slow growth, groundedness, stubbornness, sensuality, money and values. 

We are fresh on the heels of a partial Solar Eclipse that occurred on June 1st in Gemini.  Gemini represents duality and the energy of "two" minds.  Twins are ruled by Gemini as is learning, writing, speaking, education, information gathering and dissemination, wit, curiosity and youth.  A month of quick movement and change.  Venus enters the twins domain on the 9th heightening the value of discussion and communication.  

Mercury makes a series of aspects (as did the Sun last week) as he moves into Gemini on the 2nd.   Our thought process is receiving an influx of stimulation from the awakener Uranus, the wounding/compassionate planet Chiron, plummet to the depths of the soul Pluto and stabilizing Saturn...whew!  Expect some of your beliefs and attitudes to be questioned and perhaps even challenged this week as we are asked to get "clear" on our assumptions and planning.

ARIES:   The questions Jupiter poses over the coming year are what talents and abilities are you to bring to the fore, either in the way of expression with others in your world, as value to your clients and business interactions and are you awake and aware of your own inherent value?  Your assumptions may be questioned or challenged this week but see this process as one that is meant to bring you to an equalized state of your own reality. 
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TAURUS:  As other personal planets begin departing your neck of the woods the big gasey mama Jupiter is entering to fill the space.  Jupiter visits each sign typically, for one year.  So, this is a once every 12 year event for you Bull.  Possibilities?  A renewed faith in self and life, situations and meeting people that bring opportunity your way.  The biggest influence is that you are feeling more confident and hence, the opportunities, make sense?  Sometimes folks gain a little weight during this transit due to Jupiter's "expanding" influence.  You may experience some challenges in what you perceive as your value this week.  Look your income and assumptions straight in the eye as stabilizing influences will prevail.
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GEMINI:  Venus heads into your sign this week brining with her social graces, attraction and goodwill from others.  At some level your mental processes and way of thinking needs some adjustment.  This may take the form of conflict or challenge but the higher perspective suggests that your innate flexibility will serve you well and incorporating others input is actually a benefit.  You are heading into a year of increased wisdom, a deeper connection with self and good luck at a subtle yet powerful level.
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CANCER:  Heading full sail into a six week period of back to back eclipses may feel unnerving for you but rest assurred you'll be better for the wear.  The June 1st eclipse takes place in Gemini in your instinctive and behind the scenes 12th house.  This event suggests a time to listen to your gut instincts as they are very energized over the coming few months.  It's also a time to rid yourself of worn out patterns of guilt and feelings of low self-esteem.  Worry gives you something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere right?  Engaging in spiritual development practices such as gratitude prayers, visualization mediations and yoga can be extremely beneficial for you now.

LEO:  Letting go of drama surrounding love affairs and children can be of great benefit to you Lion.  Opening your heart space to friendship and supportive group endeavors is highlighted over the coming months.  You are either part of the problem or part of the solution...your choice.  Expect some challenges from friendships regarding your way of thinking and relating, consider that this is a good thing that can get you out of your attitudinal ruts. 

VIRGO:  The June 1st eclipse is challenging you to pay more attention to your public and career life during this 3-6 month influence.  And how to balance career with home life?  Some decisions will more than likely need to be made in the near future.  You may also have some new (and perhaps unexpected) career opportunites coming your way.  Jupiter's arrival in your 9th house suggests that your avenues of expansion may be related to higher learning, people at a distance, foreign affairs, travel or the legal profession.
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LIBRA:  The eclipse is shining the light on your higher belief systems, people at a distance, and learning.  New avenues for marketing your goods and services may appear over the next few months too.  Walking your talk is important now.  Shared resources, intimacy, investments, psychological awareness, and letting go of defeating lifestyle habits are your personal slice of growth and luck over the next year.  If you are questioning your communication style over the next week perhaps it is really time to stand up for what you believe in.
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SCORPIO:  The eclipse in Gemini is bringing you lessons and awareness around other people's comfort levels and psychological orientation over the next few months.  Maintaining your sense of self is important too.  Taurus opens wide the door to partnership and lends a helpful and benevolent hand to all one to one partnerships.  Misunderstandings around loans, debt or commissions will straighten out as the week progresses.
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SAGITTARIUS:  Jupiter expands your world of work, health and personal daily rituals.  Developing and maintaining consistent and supportive habits is strongly encouraged over the next 12 months.  The eclipses brings lessons surrounding you versus partnership and how much does one lose one's self to the idea of partnership?  For some, endings of some sort are in your personal forecast.  Essentially, what you long so desperately for in another is an unintegrated aspect within yourself.  Bringing a fully evolved person into partnership is your directed mandate over the next few months. 
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CAPRICORN:   Your ruling planet Saturn will be turning direct next week and in preperation the Eclipse is suggesting that you set into your daily schedule firm and supportive habits that support your larger plan in a grounded and enhancing manner.  If health is an issue for you please take a look at your emotional health and how you can implement some stress reduction.  Jupiter promises some lightening of your load over the coming year and encourages that your inner child be emancipated for some much needed play time.

AQUARIUS:  The Eclipse will be encouraging you to take risks over the next few months.  Broadening your emotional sense of possibilities is a real plus.  This can be the start of a highly social time when engaging with others takes you out of your detached thinking self and into the realm of emotional uplifting exchange.  Make your home your haven, safe place and castle.

PISCES:  Your ruling planet turns retrograde this week signaling a time when any confusing exchanges or occurances can begin to be sorted out.  Neptune is a highly creative influence but can also instill a feeling of uncertainty and baseless fear.  Jupiter moves into the area of your chart seeking to enhance and uplift your thought patterns and attitudes.  Taking classes, increased writing activity and exchanging information with siblings and neighbors can lend to additional insights and positive thinking. 
~Order your in-depth PISCES Summer Forecast Report