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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, May 6th

Photo Courtesy of Berta Campbell
Friday, May 13th, Kitty Hawk, NC

Thursday May 12th at 7 a.m.  Streams Live 

Riding freshly on the heels of the New Moon in Taurus (May 3rd) we have the wind at our backs for new starts in finances and resource planning.  How people go about getting "what they want" becomes more practical and contained then the past 6 weeks when Mars transited Aries.  Aries wants what it wants when it wants it and diplomacy is not his strong suite.  Mars leaves the ego centered Arian energy and moves into Taurus on the 12th.  Desires become more security oriented and a patient determination is in evidence. 

Circle Wednesday the 11th when expansive, heart-felt offerings unfold as Mercury conjuncts both Jupiter and Venus.   A good time for commercial endeavors, financial opportunities and partnership alliances.  Venus will join Mars in Taurus on the 15th.

ARIES:  Your ruler shifts into the area of life ruling income, material assets and self-worth.  Your energy gets more grounded and financial planning is strongly encouraged.  Good things come your way on the 11th.

TAURUS:  Happy Birthday Bull.  You are beginning to feel ready to greet the world once again.  You will feel more energetic from the 12th onward and Venus joins Mars in your sign on the 15th paving the way for attracting what you need to feel secure and appreciated. 

GEMINI:  Activity with friendships and groups dissipates a notch with Mars moving into your behind the scenes sector.  You are more apt to seek solitude in your work and some much needed downtime is on the agenda.  Your ruler hugs two very positive planets on the 11th suggesting a propitious time for commerce and new alliances.  

CANCER:  Career demands abate when Mars marches into the area of your world ruling over friendships and goals you hold for yourself.  You are more "interested and engaged" with your associations in your world over the next 6 week period.  Some positive career or community "strokes" may come your way on the 11th.

LEO:  Focus continues to build in your work and public reputation sector over the coming month.  Your ambition is stimulated and you may be pondering a shift into self-employment.  There may be some heated exchanges with authority figures now as ego energies are stirred up.  A good month for self-promotion.

VIRGO:  A time when you may feel exceedingly aligned with your point of view but see this as an energetic injection fueling your ideals and ideas.  An opportune time to involve yourself with study, teaching, travel and mind expanding activities.  A financial opportunity or partnership may come your way around the 11th.

LIBRA:  You are very aware of your need for support.  Shared income, resources and property may be conflict prone with Mars move into your 8th house of "all things shared."  There may be some swift endings in your life in order to make way for a new lifestyle that is important and deeply connected with your inner desires.  Venus can bring new financial and intimate opportunities your way when she enters this area on the 15th.

SCORPIO:  Your relationships can be very dynamic with Mars movement into your 7th house of partnerships.  Fresh starts are indicated with the New Moon and you will be quick to handle any conflicts that arise.  Positive situations surrounding money and work can grace your day on the 11th.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your day to day work and routines will speed up with Mars occupying your work sector.  Your ego and determination are united in your efforts.  A great time to start a sustainable exercise routine.  An offering from a friend may be in the cards on the 11th.

CAPRICORN:  Play and pleasure become more of your focus over the next 6 weeks.  You feel "free" to be you and to express yourself unabashedly.  This month is the start of a year long process intended to help you engage with your labors of love through increased self-confidence and expansion.  Love matters heat up.

AQUARIUS:  Domestic projects receive an energy injection.  Physical work around the house increases and you have the energy to tackle home improvement repairs and moves.  You may feel more protective of your emotions during this time as any feelings of insecurity or vulnerability are especially sensitive now.  This very area is set for expansion and comfort over the next year.

PISCES:  Your beliefs and ideas are important to you now.  And because of this you are more prone to heated exchanges.  This is the beginning of a 13 month period when you are expressing yourself more openly and enthusiastically engaging in intellectual tasks and projects.  Please be careful driving during this Mars transit as you can tend to move about your world too quickly.