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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week beginning Friday, May 13th

Photo by Jean Wiley

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Earth meets Water with the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 17th opposing the Sun in Taurus.  

Mercury retrograde is now out of it's "shadow" the point in which it retrograded in April.  This was a power house retrograde period for many....both at the global and personal levels.  We received super focused lessons wherever Aries falls in the personal chart and we now have the opportunity to both "process" and "apply" the growth and learning.

Both Venus and Mercury join the Sun in Taurus on the 15th supporting us to access both mental and emotional integration surrounding our Mercury Retro experience.  Taurus is an earth sign that is patient, determined, comfort oriented and at times stubborn.  A very different energy experience than the "smash and grab" changes that April brought.  Now, we glean understanding and a practical sense of what our "next steps" should be.

ARIES:  Changes have arrived swiftly injecting you with a fresh perspective and sense of self.  Some of the energy traffics flows out of your neighborhood and  moves into the adjoining town Taurus.  This town is interested in planning, getting clear on what you value and how to better manage your resources and financial flow.  The Full Moon further highlights your awareness of resources - both, yours and others.

TAURUS:  Your ruling planet Venus is bringing you gifts of outward appreciation after a month of experiencing at times, a painful sort of self-inventory process.  Mercury arrives hand in hand with Venus to hep you gain a conceptual footing of what appeared to be an endless experience of self-doubt and questioning.  But, insights were given and received that will serve you well as you embark on the next leg of your journey. Others in your life are the focus at the Full Moon.

GEMINI:  Friends may not have been as available to you over the past few weeks.  A semblance of order is re-established as talks, exchanges and awareness resumes.  You are entering a quieter month for the inherent purpose of digesting and integrating on a "very" personal level, all that has transpired in the realms of goals and associations.  Tag June as your full-on "green light" for manifesting your desires and making things happen.  

CANCER:  The Moon grows Full in the area of your world representing self-expression, children, and matters of the heart.  Expect to gain some insights into these personal areas of experience.  The monumental shifts and "accommodating" of those who hold sway over your career abates somewhat.  The grounded Taurus energy works well with your sign and represents increased energy and interaction with friends, group activities and "next steps" in your personal desires and goals.

LEO:  Expanding your mind and the possibilities of "what can be" continues but an added focus builds around your career and life direction.  Mars and Venus shift into Taurus (where your ruler the Sun is already ensconced) to help you both attract what you want and to provide the energy to get it. Your desires have the potential to conflict with those who have authority over your situation so diplomacy is suggested. The Full Moon points to closure surrounding your home, parents and living situation.

VIRGO:  Perhaps some surprising information has surfaced over the past month regarding your commitments and loyalties to others, your finances, and even unexpected "endings" in your life.  Now, you have the time and space to begin to process all that you have experienced and to start making plans for the unfoldment of fresh beginnings.  The Full Moon highlights a few days of busy activity regarding correspondence and communications.

LIBRA:  Your ruler Venus and her counterpart Mars roll into Taurus on the 15th.  You've probably experienced the forming of new partnerships as well as the release of a partnership or two that is no longer viable.  In addition to the input/output, this month is a time for finalizing financial/business agreements, departures, and applying practical planning around finances.  The Full Moon highlights your movable goods,  your values and earned income.

SCORPIO:  How the inner you meets up with your outer world has been an ultra intense course surrounding your sense of reality.  The "outer" reality encompasses such areas as your work, fellow employees, your day to day habits and your health.  Given this fresh experiential knowledge how do you plan to implement these needs within your important relationships?  Luna growing Full in your sign will provide you with some strong clues.  Partnerships are increasingly your personal mirror this month.

SAGITTARIUS:  Perhaps you are relieved that the hyper-diligent focus of the past few weeks is shifting from the area of children, labors of love and matters of the heart.  No doubt you experienced some very interesting insights and shifts.  The next few weeks indicate an increasing interest around your work and health space.  The Moon grows Full on Tuesday highlighting the need for balance between service to others and time spent in restful solitude.

CAPRICORN:  Your sense of emotional well-being may not have been a restful space for you over the past few weeks.  Changes, tempers, affectionate nourishment, your domicile and parents may have given cause for concern, anger as well as the deepening of love...whew!  Your fellow earth sign Taurus is providing a reprieve and opportunity for clear planning surrounding the affairs of your children and heart driven projects.  Embrace this grounding and determined energy.  The Full Moon highlights emotional interactions with friends and groups.

AQUARIUS:  With Mercury and Uranus gracing your communications and all things of "the mind" sector is it any wonder that your internet and phone connections have not blown up from sheer activity and usage?  Well, ok..all joking aside, it's been an intensive time for conceptual exchanges and correspondence.  Mars and Venus are joining the Sun in your area of "home."  Home equates to your emotional "home," your physical "home," and those folks who represent "home" for you.  Enjoy this dynamic and grounding energy.  Your career and reputation are highlighted at the Full Moon.

PISCES:  What do you value?  Material comfort, strong emotional ties, money, security, and consistency?  All dynamic and important questions that contribute to your own sense of  personal value and what you share with the world.  The Taurus energy prods you to process these deeply personal inquiries and gain a stronger footing.  Your world gets busier with personal and professional exchanges and communications.  Luna's Fullness asks "what is the meaning of life?"