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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Jean delivered a presentation to my sales and traffic team on "Empower the Mind, Empower Your Sales."  She did an outstanding job!  It was truly excellent!  Evelyn Booker, Sales Manager, Fox 50 Television

She has a special way of helping you understand the qualities that make us all unique.  She offers tools that help you address and deal with the challenges of life. Astrology of Attraction & Relationship workshop 

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Empowering Your Mind/ Business/Sales 
  • What you create in your outer world begins with the creation in your inner world. 
  • Develop new internal habits that mirror and support your outward goals and desires.
Employee Assessment Workshop
  •  What motivates your employees?
  • Learn about your teams natural talents and abilities, and how to effectively manage & motivate
The Doorway of Self Understanding through Astrology
  •  The Astrology of Attraction & Relationship
  1. How we attract what we need
  • Unveiling the Mysteries of the Moon
  1. Career& Self Nourishment Needs

 Understanding Your Dreams
  • The Subconscious use of Pictorial Language and the Process of Self-Discovery
  • Highly interactive
 Keynotes, Two and Three Hour Workshops available.
Customized to your specific Needs