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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What the Heck Does an Astrologer Do? (bio)

What the Heck Does an Astrologer Do?

by OBX ASTROLOGY on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 4:19pm

Well, it depends on the astrologer as we are as varied and different in our approaches as any profession can be. Each practitioner brings to the table their belief systems and personal "lens" comprised of life experiences.

I picked up my first astrology book as a kid and became quickly engrossed in the symbolism, geometric relationships and interpretive skill (the hardest of all).  But, it wasn't until I took an astrology class at the American School of the Hague in Den Haag, Holland that I really got hooked.  As one of a class of 15 or so, we were given a written test to decipher levels of knowledge and I was awarded the most intuitive and knowledgeable (the prize was the required reading material, a book I still possess).  Maggie Van Krimpton (married to a Dutchman) originally from New Zealand was our instructor.  She became a personal friend and we kept in touch for many years and continents later.

Upon returning to the states in the mid-90's I began tentatively practicing and drawing up charts for friends and family (before the advent of software programs, one had to consult the ephemeris and draw them up by hand).  Now, mind you, I considered myself a strong left brainer...deft with analysis, details and processes, and astrology drew out an aspect of myself that up until that time had been left largely unidentified - intuition.  Yes, that word that is both ubiquitous and oh so hard to define. 

I kept this passion of mine under wraps as I entered the "Corporate World," and landed in the high-tech world working for the Director of Advanced Networking at MCNC in the Research Triangle Park.  How did I end up there?  Quite frankly my professional background is both varied and as one colleague called it ,restless, as one can be.  I then was the 2nd employee hired from that department when it was spun out into a for-profit company that developed and sold  high-speed encryption software and hardware.  I spent two years being the only female in first a department, and then a company of fellas (on a particularly stressful day Dan Winkelstein, the brains behind the hardware took me flying over Raleigh in his single engine airplane...I miss that and him).  This was the late 90's when women were still gender bending with the intent of breaking that so oft mentioned "glass ceiling."  The CEO's changed seasonally and the most remembered was a venture capitalist, former CIA informer (as rumor had it) and while reporting to him found myself in charge of  managing a virtual office of HR, Accounting and Marketing - can you say 80 hour work weeks?

From there, due to sheer exhaustion and other broo ha ha's,  I moved into the world of hi-tech headhunting where I was financially very secure and emotionally quite bereft.  But, I attribute those days as the beginning of my coaching career. I was one of two permanent placement professionals in charge of placing high level techno geeks into hard to fill positions.  Relocations, H1 Visa job candidates and the experience of being pulled in inexplicably into the very private lives of my candidates was a profound experience.  A job isn't simply a job!  It is about worth, value, in some cases the desire to leave a spouse (I won't tell you about the spousal calls I had to make to see if they "knew" about their partners job search in another state).  All the while I am still working on the sly as a "charging" astrologer and writing my first book on Dreams....hmm. 

What does this have to do with astrology?  I'm getting there, I'm getting there.

The dot.com fiasco hit in the late 90's and I was one of the pink slip recipients - a time when I truly learned the meaning of silver lining in clouds.  My book got published and I hit the talk and radio circuit, I loved it.  I then studied with CoachU University and opened up shop as a "professional coach" aka my permanent placement job. 

I would tentatively feel out the coaching client and inquire if they minded my peeking into their birthchart.  Some of my clients included:  A CEO of a Wealth Management Company, Corporate Directors and Business Owners.  I WAS taking some risks here given the lousy wrap astrology has in Western Culture.  But, I could get to the root of the problem in one session versus three sessions because people don't check their humanity at the door at work now do they?  Nada. We take our ego strengths, ego weaknesses, family imprints, viewpoint, prejudices, life philosophies and the whole ball of wax into our respective workplaces where they are simply more cleverly disguised.    I would call that a high return on investment wouldn't you?  :)  Thankfully, my clients did too.

But, inside, deep down, I am still thinking and feeling the fear of of "if they only knew" my real passion and by now, my strong alignment with the practice of astrology.  I have seen it work over, and over, and over, and over for people in their lives helping them to understand where their fears originated, where the "not good enough tapes" were recorded, why they are so frustrated within partnership and why they aren't happy in their life!!!!  It's HARD to be happy when you are not expressing your authentic self and not engaging with your natural talents and abilities.  This should come as no surprise to anyone reading this...there are many people who are not happy out there. 

So, after a life saving surgery my charted path began to figuratively "shout" that it was time for ME to walk that talk and become aligned with, and expressive of, the very thing that has been a mainstay in my life for many years.  I am still in the building phase and have to spend a lot of time "educating" folks on what it is I do and finally, I have to continue to be brave and to be who it is I really am.  Make sense?

I call astrology the pictorial representation of energy.  Each person on this planet has their very own picture all their own with the fantastic exception of twins, but that's another article.  The Moon is commonly accepted as having influence over tides, planting season and even emotions.  Would it, therefore, stand to reason that other planets in our solar system would also have some influence over the energetic patterns in our lives, personality and what I call the "soul's journey?" 

Free will is always at play - astrology isn't a "sentencing" of what will and won't happen to you (although there are folks out there who will tell you differently).  Rather, it's an indication of opportunities and possibilities that include areas of happiness in career, partnership and self-care.  But, it depends on the level of awareness and consciousness within the individual and the level of intuitive interpretation of the astrologer.

As planets traverse the solar system they make aspects to your personal birth chart and hence, indicate an array of specific energetic experiences that if embraced, can add a level of both understanding and fullness to one's life.