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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week Starting April 1st

Photo Courtesy of Carrie Browning
Action is the watchword this week when the Moon grows New in Aries on the 3rd and Mars conjuncts revolutionary Uranus on the same day.  Mars joined the sign of Aries on the 1st adding to the very concentrated energetic pile up in the sign of leadership and initiation.   We also have a Jupiter (Aries) opposition to Saturn (Libra) which translates into measured action, growth and enthusiasm.  We have to be "accountable" for the changes we seek and to move forward in a responsible manner. 

Our planning and communications have now been slowed with the retrograde of Mercury (also in Aries) on March 30th - April 23rd.  So with a FIERY energy engulfing the collective and some very strong gatekeepers advising to slow it down and think things through...we have an interesting landscape to navigate this week.  Patience.

Venus lends her soft and compassionate influence to the mix implying that "love is the ultimate goal" with her move into Pisces.  Pluto turns retrograde on the 8th suggesting higher levels of action on the world stage.

ARIES:  I hardly know what to write Ram as you are playing host to a very rare planetary line-up that requires you to act (Mars), experience inner and outer growth (Jupiter), communicate (Mercury), revolutionize your life (Uranus), express yourself (Sun), to be mindful of partnership considerations (Saturn in your opposite sign) and to be patient (Mercury retrograde) during the process. Venus softens your inner landscape as Pluto lightens in intensity when he retrogrades in your 10th house of career.

TAURUS:  Venus slips into your friendship and goal sector warming up your associations and future planning.  You are very supported in the area of your life symbolizing down time, inner connectedness and spiritual quests!  Your health may need extra loving attention and your due diligence regarding any niggling heath or work troubles that affect your energy levels.  Sleep and rest are your friends.

GEMINI:   Your ambassador planet Mercury is now retrograde in an are of your life symbolizing friendships, goals you hold for yourself and how you are able to define yourself through groups and professional associations.  This area is chock full of activity!  You are meant to grow more and express yourself in a truly authentic fashion with and through your associations.  Children, love commitments and creative ventures are applying a steadying and responsible pressure.  Venus slips into your career house making you the fairest in the land.

CANCER:   Home life, parents, children and inner emotional well being have all been under Saturn's domain of learning, restriction and responsibility.  Your career life, on the other hand is on fire with growth, meetings, opportunity and accolades.  A balancing act between the two is bringing you to deeper levels of understanding and acceptance.  Pluto takes a "breather" for the next 5 months in the area of "others."  Intensity begins to subsides after mid-month.  

LEO:  You need more from life, your involvement with it and hence your need for an expanded reality!  Uranus and Jupiter, rulers of over your love and partnership areas may bring you to your one and only from afar but, take your time as Mercury retrogrades in this very area and you may not be receiving a clear message from others now.  A good time to review marketing and publishing activities.  Venus slips into the area of shared assets and intimate leanings blessing you with good will as well as deeds from others.

VIRGO:  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is on your mind and is an active area.  Mercury, your ruler is asking you to take your time signing on the dotted line especially around the areas of employment, income and financial deals -  you WILL benefit by taking it slow and spending time in due diligence.  Venus slips into your partnership house highlighting a very pleasant month with the others in your world.  Intensity surrounding your children (power struggles?), labors of love and creativity subsides when Pluto turns retrograde this month, you get to handle what is already on your plate without the pressure of additional learning curves.

LIBRA:  Are you feeling like the stodgy stick-in-the-mud while the others in your life are whooping it up and wanting more playful action from you?  This is also a good time for forming both business and personal partnerships that began before the Mercury Retrograde period. Please DO NOT form any brand new alliances this month...save yourself the headache.  Venus takes up where Mars left off making your work schedule and employee dealings much more pleasant.  Home and family affairs become less harsh and intense when Pluto retrogrades on the 8th.

SCORPIO:  Again, work and health, work and health.  The ante is raised yet another notch as the Sun and Mars join in the party currently underway in the area affecting your day to day schedule, work assignments, colleagues and physical health.  You have a lot to do, I know, but Mercury's assignment is to slow things down a tad in order for you to re-think these very areas.  Expect some bumps under this retrograde time period as deadlines and office equipment will not be very supportive to your efforts.  And, unless you secretly possess some of Super Man/Woman's strength you DO need more rest!

SAGITTARIUS: Are you feeling that your friendships and group associations are limiting the brilliant labors of love that you currently feel impassioned to share?   Some may feel like the proverbial wet blanket right now but headway can be made in committing to some of these very groups.  This is not a month to push the river as the Universe has other plans.  Take your time with love interests and creative projects as you do not have all the facts and are in a processing stage (same goes with your children). 

CAPRICORN:  Pluto eases up on the pedal and allows a few months to actually "digest" and process all that has transpired in your recent past.  Your inner world, family life and home activities are absolutely supercharged this month!  Take your time with long-term planning while Mercury retrogrades and do not begin new relocation or home renovation projects this month.  Career responsibilities continue to ask you to toe the line.

AQUARIUS:  With all of the planetary activity taking place in your communication, writing, neighborhood and sibling zone, you are well advised to take your time with any new contracts and commitments that may arise this month.  Your neighbors and siblings may be monopolizing much of your time and some misunderstandings and communication glitches can be expected.  So, although your mind is "super charged" this month please ground yourself accordingly during this Mercury retrograde period.  Travel may be a bit irksome this week too.  Venus brings more money to you through earned income and artistic projects (women clients may dominate).

PISCES:  Life and love is a many splendid thing when Venus graces your sign this month. You are extra attractive to others and people are just "nicer" when this attraction planet is in operation.  The bugga-boo is the area of income and shared finances with others....money that you planned on from partners or in your workplace may not be available this week.  With Mercury's retro in the area of earned income and things which you "value" there may be a slowing down or misunderstanding in these areas.  Pluto slows the pace within some of your friendships and associations when he retrogrades on the 8th.