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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, March 18th

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    When energy builds around fault lines and then seeks release due to immense pressure, earthquakes are the result.  The horrendous quake and resulting tsunami in Japan is a devastating example of what happens when energy builds to a level that can no longer be contained and a metaphor in the extreme (the quake happened just hours before Uranus entry into Aries) when situations are no longer sustainable.   

    The cool composure and civility of the Japanese during a time of unimaginable disaster certainly sets an exemplary model of how a society can react under extreme stress.  No looting, nor gunfire has been reported to date. 

    On the 19th we will see the largest Full Moon (in Virgo exact at 2:10 p.m. EST) since 1992 when the moon approaches Earth at a distance of 221,567 miles in its elliptical orbit.  The full moon could appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter in the sky.  Virgo calls for healing, health and responsibility surrounding the welfare of self and others.  To be of "service" to others on this planet is an important orientation as we are all ultimately responsible for one another.  The need is to make decisions based on the good of the whole.

    The Spring Equinox occurs on the 20th with the Sun's movement into the already action packed sign of Aries.  We have a very high concentration of energy jam packed into the early Aries part of the chart - this energy buildup is being experienced by everyone in a very specific area of your life. Mercury begins to slow down prior to its retrograde on the 30th.  Wrap up contracts, deals and important purchases this week.  

    ARIES:   It's all about you Ram, life is as it should be eh?  Some situations may be falling by the wayside but only in order to let the new and more authentically aligned enter.  You have two weeks to motor ahead before Mercury retrogrades in your sign on the 30th.  Faces from the past may start reappearing and this gives you precious time to re-think the changes are you implementing and to get them onto sturdier ground.  The Full Moon highlights work and health.

    TAURUS:  Chiron's move into your 11th house asks for healing within groups.  Your goals may shift during this transit beckoning you towards areas of spiritual healing.  Much action is taking place behind the scenes but you aware of discernible awakenings within your psyche and internal landscapes.  The Full Moon brings some sort of closure surrounding friendships.

    GEMINI:  Your house of friendships are supercharged now with the arrival of the Sun on the 20th.  Perhaps you are also pondering an alignment with a professional group or at the very least of like minded individuals.  Forward thinking and progressive folks are showing up to awaken new aspects within yourself.  Get important business done this week before your ruling planet starts the sideways tango on the 30th.  Career and community are highlighted at the Full Moon.

    CANCER:  Just when you thought you career couldn't "possibly" get more busy along comes the Sun to heighten the activity level...whew!  We have a "super" Full Moon on the 19th in the area of your life ruling communication and "busy" work correspondence.  Mercury retro's at the end of the month so expect "some" slow downs. 

    LEO:  The Sun is shifting into a fellow air sign relieving you of the need for secrecy and emotional tugs of the heart.  You are feeling so ready for new experiences and possibilities.  The Sun conjuncts Uranus on the 21st where some breakthroughs and surprising opportunities can materialize regarding travel opportunities and people at a distance.  The Full Moon highlights financial earnings.

    VIRGO:  You are the recipient of the super Full Moon on the 19th in your very own sign.  Indications are that something of importance should transpire for you on the days on and around the 19th.  Mercury's move into Aries propels you to speak your mind as honestly and straightforwardly as possible.  Business deals and financial situations are important now too.  Get your important tasks handled before the retro on the 30th.

    LIBRA:  It's all about the others in your life now Libra.  Partnerships and the opinion of others is important now for you to move forward, you need the support and two heads are mucho better than one.  Work and responsibilities continue to hold your shoulder to the wheel but DO make time for some lighthearted playful fun as your ruler Venus frolics through your 5th house.  The Full Moon brings health issues, spirituality and behind the scenes dealing to the fore.

    SCORPIO:  Work activity ramps up with the Sun's arrival into Aries.  Your focus is now thorough and complete.  Please be sure to take in adequate food, rest and exercise breaks as your work quality is dependent upon your physical health.  It's easy to "forget" that gee, I haven't eaten all day or gosh, I guess I DO need a little more sleep. You do need to push for some project completions before the Mercury retro period at the end of the month. The Full Moon highlights groups and friendships.  

    SAGITTARIUS:  A veritable traffic jam is occurring in your fellow fire sign Aries which is your 5th house of creative expression, playfulness and children with the Sun's arrival this week.  It's a good time for a good time, inspirational guidance surrounding projects of love and being "more" of who you are.  The supercharged Full Moon falls in the areas affecting your career, reputation and community, expect some visibility around this day.

    CAPRICORN:  Home, family, where you live, your parents and emotional well-being is a HUGE focus right now!  A  time to implement changes and to provide much needed attention to your internal life.  It's time to really shore things up in these areas - you have the energy, ingenuity and support from others to create a comfortable base.  If a move is in your imminent future get the details tied up before the end of the month when Mercury retro's.  Travel, marketing, teaching and your "world" view is highlighted at the Full Moon.

    AQUARIUS:  The Sun's shift into Aries is highlighting further the busy work on your plate.  Writing, teaching, email, phone calls, contracts, communication equipment and the day to day workings of your mind are all amped up!  Please get important documents, contracts and purchases handled before the end of the month when buying/selling big ticket items is definitely NOT advised.  Loans, debts, financial arrangements and personal resources held with another are all spotlighted under the Full Moon.

    PISCES:  The planetary pile-up is slowly departing your sign and the Sun joins the party in Aries highlighting earned income, "what" and "who" you value as well as the health levels of your self-esteem.  Expect you value quotient to be turned up quite a notch.  The action is focusing on your awareness of the value that you hold for others and if your internal environment matches the outward appreciation.  Does it?  The focus is on your partners at the Full Moon as they need your attention now.