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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, March 11th

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A palpable shift is reverberating with the entrance of Uranus into Aries on Friday.  Mercury, the messenger scout preceded Uranus to bring to us messages and insights of what the future holds.  A strong life force is at work here as well as divine inspirations, and swift breaks from the old to prepare for fresh developments that are beginning to unfold. Think back to June of 2010 and what was awakened at that time - it's back, but more powerfully.

Mercury moved into Aries this week and will spend an exceptionally long time (mid-May) in the fire sign due to it's retrograde motion on March 30th.  Aries born have the power of intellect and heightened communication activity at their fingertips through much of the spring.  Again, it is best to sign contracts, purchase high ticket items and begin new initiatives PRIOR to Mercury's retrograde.  When this planet moves backwards it sends buying, selling and communications into a sidewards spin.

We still have NEW Moon energy at our back while building to a FULL Moon exact on the 19th in Virgo.

ARIES:  New developments are unfolding at the very personal levels of your being.  Your life direction is due for a change as is your need for more freedom, innovation and opportunities. A new business venture may be on tap. The planet of thinking and planning is working with you throughout the spring giving you time to get your plans and objectives on firm intellectual ground.  The need to verbalize and communicate is strong now.  Your mind and body still need rest and rejuvenating sleep, looks for ways to solve any sleep problems you may be experiencing....the central nervous system can become more active during Uranus transits.

TAURUS:  Sleeping patterns may become disrupted for you too (read Aries) during the Uranus transit.  Jupiter is also in your 12th house expanding your dream life and faith.  Uranus is bringing a heightened intuition as well as eureka moments in understanding regarding your soul's journey and life path.  Your friends continue to be front and center energetically.  Venus is now positioned in the area affecting career and community reputation - a pleasant useful time to network and raise your profile as others receive you warmly.

GEMINI:  Friends may be abruptly departing the scene while new alliances seemingly appear out of nowhere.  But, to go further, Uranus is expanding your sense of "possibilities" of what you want to create in your NOW and hence, your future.  Earnings may take on a more erratic and feast or famine feel.  Venus graces all travel, marketing and publishing activities this month.  Your ruling planet Mercury will be slowing down the third week so please wrap up contracts, expensive purchases and important communications before the last week in March.

CANCER:  Your visibility has expanded in a very positive way with Jupiter's presence in your area of career, authority figures and the public.  Uranus is now ensconced in the very same areas setting out to revolutionize your career!  Abrupt departures or quickly changing circumstances (old bosses leaving and new bosses coming in) may be part and parcel in your work life over the next 7 years.  This is the area that you seek increased freedom in which to express yourself in your very own unique and authentic way.  Venus is ensuring that others are sharing some of their wealth with you this month - emotionally, financially and perhaps even sexually.

LEO:  The call to and for adventure is no longer whispering in your ear but, rather, is shouting and nudging you.  If you are thinking of taking an exotic trip to never before visited places please know that NOW is the time!  You feel the need for adventure and new experiences that broaden your outlook and joy quotient.  The others in your life pepper your days this month in pleasant ways.  Get your travel plans taken care of before Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the month.

VIRGO:  Shared finances, loans, debts, commissions, inheritances and intimacy are all areas for revolutionary change and awakening Virgo.  Don't expect things to carry on as before.  Your partner's income may change, your commission structure may abruptly be revised or money comes to you or is no longer available in quick succession.  I'm just suggesting that being conservative about your assets and your partner's (or company's assets) may be wise during this 7 year transit of Uranus.  From now to June you DO have the green light for advances in all of the above.  Your partnership house is still ablaze this month.  Your ruling planet goes into retrograde the last week of March.  Get commerce, contracts and important purchases wrapped up by the 3rd week.

LIBRA:  If you are feeling that your partnerships are feeling staid and hum drum, don't worry, Uranus is riding in to the rescue.  Jupiter has already been lending a hand in increasing your well-being as well as "opportunity" for partnership but Uranus wants to go even further and revolutionize the "way" you do partnership.  Expect innovative eccentrics and geniuses to populate your world but with the caution to be extra flexible now.  People may pop out as quickly as they pop in initially....test of time.  You are being asked to give the important others plenty of room for the next 7 years.  A productive time to work with agents, consultants, the public and to become well known.  Venus presents flirtations and opportunities this month.  Work is still high on your priority list throughout the month.

SCORPIO:  Divine inspiration, unusual working hours, independent initiatives and the mastery over technological tools are your needs during the Uranus transit to your 6th house.  How you work and your day to day schedule will tend towards the erratic rather than the conventional.  Take care of yourself too, any health issues that arise may be connected to lack of sleep, central nervous system issues and stress.  A time to heighten your physical self-care and institute an exercise regime.  Childrens activities, creative projects and affairs of the heart continue to dominate your schedule this month.

SAGITTARIUS:  Getting more confident is what Jupiter and Uranus in your 5th house of self-expression is about.  Confident about your creativity, confident about who and what you love, confident about your childrens life path and confident about the unique quality inside all of us that silences the very essence of our creative core when we are not living our inner truths.  Home, emotional security and healing childhood wounding is still a strong focus throughout the month    Venus graces your communications sector during March so do promote yourself and your ideas.

CAPRICORN:  Home has been your haven since January and hopefully some old emotional wounding has been healing.  Uranus is now intent upon shaking up the very foundations of your life in order to liberate you from the old and outworn.  Along with the figurative movement that is now needed to keep your life alive and exciting, you can safely expect a literal move within the next 7 years too.  Changing dynamics within family life can be upsetting and surprising but you will sense the silver lining within the perceived cloud.  You have a lot to write, communicate, and to get done this month, so please practice stress relief before illness takes over to give you that much needed "time-out."  Earnings are favored all month too.

AQUARIUS:  Whatever your favored mode of communication the time is ripe to broaden your horizons.  Writing, teaching, classes, reading and publishing are all very much supported activities (especially through June) throughout the 7 year Uranus transit.  Your thinking becomes more and more innovative and liberating.  Share it with like-minded others who both need and will feed your inspired wisdom.  Get contracts signed before the last week of the month as you are heading into a highly entrepreneurial time.

PISCES:  Chiron the planet of wounding and healing is now in your sign for the long haul.  The care of your physical body, psyche, mind and emotions, need and require your nurturing attention, be gentle with yourself during this process.  Mars is in your sign through April signaling a time of heightened activity as well as assertiveness.  Uranus is now electrifying you concept of yourself and your value, and is intent upon liberating both the areas of your life governing self-esteem and earned income.  Expect how you think of yourself, what you do and how you do it to change and grow over the next 7 years.