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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, February 4th & Poll Results

Photo Courtesy of Tisch Perry

Change is unfolding at the global levels; what about your personal life?  Feeling itchy, empowered, ready to make those changes you've only been thinking about...or perhaps life is making them "for" you? Transitions sometimes work that way, if we don't take the next step the universe intervenes to help get things moving.  Ruts are oh so comfortable, but another level of learning is collectively upon us.

The Jasmine Revolution, Lotus Revolution, and Julian Assange of Wikileaks, are powerful events and symbols for the "people" who aren't willing to take it any more.  Uranus rules Aquarius the sign of human rights, and it's imminent move into the self-empowered and initiating sign of Aries happens next month.  What areas of your life could use a little revolution, individualistic expression, and straight talk?

The housing markets should pick up steam over the next few months as people are tired of playing it safe and are feeling ready to invest in home and hearth.  Venus moves into the buttoned up and conventional sign of Capricorn on Friday the 4th.  Mars is the Sun's sidekick through the week suggesting conscious action, anger, violence, bravery, relying on the strength of your convictions and breaking through hesitation and doubt.

ARIES:   Life as you know it is due some supercharged energy that moves you surprisingly and curiously "forward."  You are fully engaged and energized this week.  Acting on goals as well as personal vision are especially satisfying especially when you know others are in fact there for you!  You can create sustainable goals that have staying power.

TAURUS:  Venus moves into fellow earth sign Capricorn highlighting your interaction with the broader world around you.  Teaching, classes, marketing, travel for pleasure and all things transcendent are on the Bull's agenda.

GEMINI:  Energy and enthusiasm surround marketing campaigns, publishing, travel, lecturing - in essence, anything that can draw you into a bigger picture of life.  Seeing the Eagle's viewpoint; not the mouse's.  Insights into discomforts surrounding your career and reputation are yours to work with and through.

CANCER:  It appears that a lot is going on behind the scenes. Some of these "doings" may be influences and imprints from the past and gaining clarity allows you to release a portrait of self that no longer fits.  Debts and taxes require more of your attention but also expect to be the recipient of others good will and resources too.

LEO:  The NEW Moon on the 2nd signaled a fortuitous time for you too meet and greet Leo.  New faces may be entering the scene and opening doors to fresh experiences.  Partnerships are positively energized and the others in your life are happily commanding your attention and bravado.

VIRGO: Your creative projects receive some sweet and inspiring energy.  Children are a pleasure this month as is the courtship of love.  Work and money are strongly supported this week and you may find that changes you implement now really do have staying power.

LIBRA:  Self-doubts are eased with Venus's move into the area ruling your emotional security and well-being. Home and family are nurturing and supportive.  Your creativity is kicked up a few notches as now is an opportune time for labors of love, creative projects, the affairs of children, and anything that is plain ole good fun!

SCORPIO:  Spending time at home and with family is highlighted.  Introspection, floating time and rest helps to refill your energetic cup.  The gift of gab is sweetly accented all month so spread your words and writings far and wide.

SAGITTARIUS:  Reaching out to your environment is a gratifying experience as neighbors, siblings and internet pals are responsive to your communications.  Your earnings can increase this month as well as your self-esteem.  

CAPRICORN:  While you are working for your money a sense of well being and expanding compassion graces your days as Venus's visit to your sign.  Clarity around areas of both feeling valued and defining what you value increases this month.

AQUARIUS:  The celestial gathering is in your sign, if there were ever a time this year to initiate new starts, projects and goals NOW is the time.  Your courage and self-confidence is at an all time high and making shifts that are empowering and life sustaining are encouraged.

PISCES:  If you're feeling your energy levels are dropping don't despair.  You are finishing up a yearly cycle and this month is the time for rest, introspection and review, as well as spiritual nourishment - feeding the divine within you.  Friends are pleasantly supportive and nurturing.


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  55 (30%)
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  5 (2%)

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Total Votes: 181