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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, February 25th

Photo Courtesy of Berta Campbell
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What happens when expansion and opportunity tussles with transformative power? Jupiter squares Pluto, that's what.  This energetic event is exact on Feb. 25th, the final of a series of three (the last two configurations were July 24th and August 2nd in 2010).  This can be a time of breaking through constraints both self-imposed as well as those experienced outwardly. Courage in the face of change is important.

Assertive and action oriented Mars swims into the watery, intuitive, and sometimes confusing realm of Pisces.  Mars/Pisces is practiced at the art of passive aggression.  The arts, music, healing, sacrifice and the oceans are highlighted.

Handle what is on your plate while the moon wanes and builds to new once again on March 4th in Pisces.

ARIES:   Jupiter is in your sign and feeling pressure from Pluto in your 10th house.  What needs to change between your need for personal autonomy and your career obligations?  Perhaps some insights are delivered on Wednesday or Thursday.  Your ruler is "hiding out" for the next 6 weeks in an area of behind the scenes dealings and the need to work independently.

TAURUS:  Your belief systems and faith are being challenged.  Perhaps this pressure emanates from the need for transforming your marketing, education or travel activities.  Venus moves into the area ruling public standing and career, expect some positive accolades to come your way.

GEMINI:  The next few weeks sees you focusing on career and community.  Friends play an important role as does your increased communications with others in your work life.  Areas of self-esteem and earned income are pressing against your future goal aspirations and friendships.  What needs to change to allow you more freedom and satisfaction?

CANCER:  Something needs redefining in your partnerships to allow for more growth and expansion in your career.  Others are more willing to share with you, so reach out.  Your ideals and views are energized with Mars move into your 9th house.  

LEO:  Is work getting in the way of your desires for travel and adventure?  You feel a strong urge to get away from it all and the question is how can you best meet those needs as well as fulfill your obligations?  The Sun and Mars slip into your area of private dealings and financial activities for the next few weeks.  Strong libido urgings.

VIRGO:  You have been experiencing deeper levels of creativity, intense interactions with children and younger people, and perhaps a profound love affair has developed.  How is intimacy, financial sharing and endings affecting all of this?  Something needs to "give" to allow for your intense emotions to have staying power.  Things heat up with the partners in your life.

LIBRA:  Early patterning, emotional security and where you live is in a tense configuration with your need for increased expression and opportunity within partnerships.  A breakthrough is on the way.  Hi ho, hi ho it's off to work you go!  Mars and the Sun are keeping your nose to the grindstone and asking you to be extra diligent with your health needs.  Venus in your 5th wants you to remember to make time for fun and pleasure.

SCORPIO:  Tension is felt around your need for deep and penetrating communication and your daily work environment.  Perhaps this "rub" surrounds a pet and their needs or the need for diagnosis and treatment of a health condition.  You may experience a breakthrough this week.  Childrens activities, creative projects and love receive a boost of energy from the Sun and Mars.

SAGITTARIUS:  Pluto has been moving through your second house of self-esteem and earned income unearthing beliefs about your value and earning power.  Jupiter (your ruling planet) is injecting expansive energy into your creative areas.  Expect some epiphanies around earning money doing what you love.  Home and family life gets busier over the next few weeks.

CAPRICORN:  Pluto is dredging up thoughts, beliefs and ailments from the very core of your being while Jupiter seeks to expand your emotional foundations and comfort levels.  An opportunity for integration within your "being" is available arising from some recent and profound internal epiphanies.  Share your thoughts and talents with others now.

AQUARIUS:  Family inheritance (think emotional patterning and the use of personal power), your subconscious mind (dream work) and how you connect with your inner spirit are receiving a powerful overhaul compliments of Pluto.  How do you choose to express these insights?  Writing, teaching, studying and all forms of personal communications are your outlet.  You are working for your money over the next few weeks - remember to plunk some moolah in your savings account.

PISCES:  The planetary party is in your sign and you are feeling your "oats."  Confidence backed by enlightened action should be your mantra now.  How do future goals, and your alliance with friends and the groups you belong to, affect your increasing faith based values and beliefs?  Breakthroughs may be found within your alliances, shifting and affecting how you approach earning money and your self-esteem.