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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, February 18th

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Leo is the recipient of the Full Moon on the 18th.  It falls in the last degree of the sign indicating a completion of some sort for Leo's and for all of us within the areas affected in our charts.  This full moon is opposing Neptune and Chiron suggesting that we become more "aware" of internal confusions and perhaps self-deluding beliefs.  Which in my mind is a good thing as true security is based on healthy mirroring and honest relationships.

Chiron in Pisces is highlighted this week, with both the Sun and Mercury making contact.  Expect awareness and experience to blend into your field of experience regarding soft spots that are in need of healing and acknowledgment.  The Sun slips into Pisces on the 18th and Mars follows suit shortly thereafter on the 22nd.  Sensitivity and artistic vision are amplified or in some cases,  confused, when Mercury and Mars conjunct Neptune on the 20th.

ARIES:  Movement and awareness of some of the more private areas of your mind and emotions are highlighted now. You may be in need of some deep rest and downtime. A good time to work independently on projects.   The Full Moon is about fun, leisure, creativity and having a good time.

TAURUS:  Friendships, issues within associations, and goals are all areas being touched by the Chiron movement this week.  Sensitivity is called for.  An active few weeks with friends and group involvement.  The Full Moon concentrates on your emotional well being and home.

GEMINI:  An authority figure may be struggling now and this awareness is brought to your attention.  You career house is busy and active over the next few weeks.  What you see may not be what you get around the 20th so bide your time.  The Full Moon may influence your need to finalize contracts and documentation.

CANCER:  Full Moons tend to engage you more strongly than the other folks as you are by nature a "moon child."  Money dealings, salary negotiations, and purchases are highlighted at the Full Moon.  All sorts of educational endeavors, self-learning, teaching and travel become more important with a kick-off starting this week.

LEO:  Personal interests and situations are the focus at the Full Moon.  You strongly feel the need for some attention and acknowledgment from others.  Something is coming to closure for you now and this week has you dealing with behind the scenes feelings and shared resources with others.  An active month regarding money and joint resources.

VIRGO:  Your partnership house is strongly activated this week and over the next month.  Hidden sensitives and hurts that your partner has been "holding close" may be shared and revealed to you.  Unconditional love.  The Full Moon spotlights hidden feelings and the revealing of secrets.

LIBRA:  Your work is highlighted and a growing sensitivity for and with others will continue to take root.  Healing work is being incorporated more deeply in your services.   You have a lot on your plate work wise - pace yourself over the next few weeks.  The Full Moon highlights group activities and a dream or two that come true.

SCORPIO:  Awareness of your sensitivities within love relationships may be experienced this week.  Planets are gathering into the areas of life ruling children, creativity and heart love.  Remain open to explore this and expect a lot of inspiration over the next few weeks.  The Full Moon harkens a time when you are in the limelight and most certainly "noticed."

SAGITTARIUS:  Emotional healing, a theme that grows in strength this week alerting you to where self-nurturing is needed and a safe place to heal is required.  You may be moving, renovating or simply "working hard" at home.  Your personal belief systems are heightened during the Full Moon and you want to take a leap of faith.

CAPRICORN:  You could experience a blissful level of intellectual creativity or a time of haze and confusion.  Don't dispare of the latter occurs as it can open the doors of insight and inspiration for your use in the future.  A very busy few weeks of communication, trips, classes or teaching.  The Full Moon brings areas of shared resources and intimacy into clearer focus.

AQUARIUS:  Others in your life need attention at the Full Moon as the focus shifts from you to them.  Self-esteem, what you are value and why, are asking for a deeper exploration from you.  Earnings and spending are strongly emphasized over the next few weeks.

PISCES:  You are ready to feel energized, empowered and appreciated as the planetary energies gather in your sign.  You are a busy bee over the next few weeks.  Expect some healing moments leading to increased awareness surrounding any discomforts you've endured.  The Full Moon nudges you to improve your health and work conditions.

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