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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, February 11th

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Teaching what you learn, healing, and the deepening of compassion, fall under the  energetic umbrella of Chiron.  Chiron is a comet with a very erratic orbit.  He just spent 5 years in Aquarius where he was seeking to heal the group consciousness.  Now he has shifted into the watery domain of Pisces for an 8 year visit.  

People will be drawn to the healing arts, spirituality and the transpersonal.  Many are seeking to wake up and explore more meaningful ways in which to interact with their world.  Multitudes are aware of mindful spirituality in concept, but do you actually live your beliefs on a conscious day to day basis? 

Valentines Day hosts a solid planning energy and people are deliberately thinking about  long-term stability.  Venus is in serious and commitment minded Capricorn.  The moon is in security conscious Cancer further backing up the vibe of the day.

ARIES:  You have the "opportunity" to tap into the intuitive side of your nature with Chiron's transit.  It's an area of your experience that deals with old, often inherited wounds usually from the family of origin.  Often, we have negative tapes running through our minds that we are not even conscious of.  This transits offers you the insight to clear them up and reprogram.

TAURUS:  If you find yourself feeling increasingly uncomfortable in large groups or around people that you once enjoyed, see Chiron's transit as a push for you to consciously connect with like minded folks.  Your tolerance levels and sensitivity are being heightened.  Any rejections or discomfort from peers is suggesting that it's time to find a new tribe.

GEMINI:  A strong desire to prove your self-worth IS directly tied to your childhood.  Rejection, shaming and over control could be the possible culprits.  Please be aware that if you feel an increasing need for control and controlling actions regarding your career or community, that these are unresolved memories that are yours to be healed.

CANCER:  A crisis surrounding your spiritual, religious or philosophical beliefs may be tested during this Chiron transit.  Chiron is all about wounds from early childhood.  Education and study can help you to develop a stronger and more secure outlook on the world around you.

LEO:  Behind the scenes dealings, sexual intimacy, money, and the intuitive side of self is being asked to heal a wound from long ago.  It's time and you will feel better.  Developing a broader compassion for self will naturally spill over to the important others in your life.  Some difficult situations will be ending.

VIRGO:  Wounded relationships may have been modeled for you by parents and relatives.  Chiron's transit wants to show you a healthier way of relating that keeps you intact as a definite "me" in relationship to "we."  Differentiation and the ownership of your unique identity within relationship may be needed now.  A fortuitous time for counseling and mediation.

LIBRA:  Preoccupation with health issues, diet and your daily routines need some rearranging.  Developing self-care habits that affirm your well being is being asked of you now.  A time to clean up health issues too...exercise routines, smoking cessation and routine checkups may be in the cards.  The healing arts may be more deeply incorporated into your work.

SCORPIO: Carried within you is woundedness surrounding love and the creative child within.  Somewhere, somehow, you were given the message that you were not "good enough" and hence, not worthy of love.  This is simply a belief but certainly not the truth.  It's time for you to clear those beliefs and get to the truth of your imminently lovable and creative self.

SAGITTARIUS:  For the next 8 years your areas of healing concentrate on your emotional security, early patterning, family and parents.  Many adults walk through their life with the wounds of childhood unaware that they can change them and re-pattern the memories.  Memories are often not accurate or factual but reinforce an emotional belief system.  Your "beliefs" are asking to be acknowledged and cleared, paving the way to an inner home of profound well being and safety.

CAPRICORN:  You may become increasingly aware of the pain people are experiencing.  SOS signals may crop up from your siblings, tribe (close same sex relationships), and neighborhood.  Lending your ear and providing gentle support may be your calling over the next 8 year transit of Chiron.  An opportunity is available to enhance the way you think, process information, and to communicate in a kinder and gentler fashion both with yourself and others.

AQUARIUS:  Do you feel that earning power and self-esteem are closely aligned?  You're assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to build a stronger sense of your inherent worth.  If you are feeling under appreciated perhaps it's time to move into a job, space or activity that really supports and acknowledges your talents.  Teaching and the helping professions may become new sources of income.

PISCES:  Chiron's transit into your sign affects the very underpinning of who you are:  your identity, your appearance, your personality and the impressions you make upon others.  Your health and well being are of upper most concern during this 8 year transit.  Your compassion grows and deepens.  You are required to heal inner wounds and to then share what you learn.