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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Week Starting Friday, January 7th

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Faith, opportunity, technological innovation, fast decisions and a little luck co-mingle with the Conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces which are in orb all month (these two planets combined in Aries during the summer of 2010).  This planetary combination can be about taking risks, showing up in an individualistic way even when it feels scary to stand in one's authentic compassionate.  At it's highest vibration Pisces seeks to transcend ego and engage with the larger whole.

Where the conjunction falls in your horoscope indicates areas of life where you may be ready to take a chance and a leap of faith.  Venus FINALLY shifts into the sign of Sagittarius on the 7th and out of the sign of Scorpio where she has been visiting since September of 2010!

ARIES:  Seeking to explore your true inner nature is the flavor of the Conjunction in your 12th house. Getting in touch with your inner "truth" will enable you to manifest "out there" in the world.  Venus graces your experiences, enhances and softens your world views, and philosophies.  Marketing, travel and teaching are well favored now.

TAURUS:  Expanding your social circle and group associations may be areas that the Conjunction favors.  Unusual alliances (unusual to your usual that is..) may spring up in an effort to expand your beliefs and goals.  Your ruling planet Venus dances out of your partnership zone and sashays into the areas affecting commissions, debt and how much others are willing to share with you. 

GEMINI:  Feeling ready to take a faith based risk with your career?  You are seeking invigoration and passion through your work - what's the next step?  Your ruler Mercury is activated and functioning much more clearly after it's sleepy retrograde last month.  You'll feel like making real progress when Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 13th.

CANCER:  Are your belief and thought patterns outmoded, obsolete and worn?  The Conjunction is asking you to open up to a space of broader and more optimistic thought.  Travel can be an expanding experience now as can study and signing up for classes.  Anything that grows your mental world is highly encouraged!  Communications deepen and expand with partners when Mercury travels into Capricorn on the 13th.

LEO:  The Conjunction flavors those things that are beyond your control.  Growing through awareness and a deep and abiding belief that "all is as it should be" can deepen your faith and understanding....growth is the result of awareness when undergoing transformation.   Venus puts the fun in fun on the 7th when she glides into your 5th house of play, risk, self-expression, creativity and kids.

VIRGO:  Exploring the unknown in your relationships and with the public are risk favored areas that the Conjunction is affecting.  Breaking out of your habitual relating patterns can bring a transformative effect to your experience of others and self.  New "others" may be the bearers of out of the ordinary experiences.  Your mind is ticking along quite nicely this week - cogent communications.

LIBRA:  Seeking change in your work and day to day habits benefits you now.  Trimming the fat, health, well-being and work patterns are seeking to be revitalized.  Some familiar comforts may need to fall by the wayside in order to free up your time and efficiency levels.  Your ruling planet Venus FINALLY slips out of your self-esteem and earned income sector.  Your pleasant focus will now move to you neighbors, community and communication.

SCORPIO:  It's time to explore your creativity, kick your heels up with childlike glee, and unleash the creator within.  The Conjunction wants to liberate you from some self-imposed habits of propriety.  Who cares?  Embrace more joy and faith in your creations, love life, self-expression and children.  Alas, you are no longer the fairest in the land now that Venus moves on from her 5 month visit BUT, you are well positioned to be earning more moolah - not a bad trade off eh?

SAGITTARIUS:  Time to deal with old behavior patterns Archer.  The Conjunction seeks to liberate you from habitual family imprints and beliefs, and to transport you into a far more satisfying emotional landscape.  Take the risk.  Venus slides into your sign on the 7th blessing you with stronger attraction levels...think Law of Attraction too.  

CAPRICORN:  Embracing new technologies, communication techniques/styles, and "how and what" you think about are due for revitalization - embrace them, lord knows you need some fresh air flowing between those ears.  The Conjunction seeks to light a mental fire and to expand your ideas of what can be.  Some introspective time is well favored with the Venus transit to your 12th house.  Solitude is a welcome friend now.

AQUARIUS:  You are seeking inspiration and fresh value in what you deem to be important to you.  Some long held values and material ideals are seeking transformation.  You are not "what you own."  You feel the need for fresh avenues of activity and engagement to feel fulfilled.  Love and friendship is spotlighted with Venus skipping into your 11th house.

PISCES:  The time is here to take a risk in your self-expression.  The Conjunction is offering you an outlet to externalize the changes that have been occurring at the internal levels.  A time to stand up "with" your beliefs and express who are you as an authentic individual.  Venus showers you with support from those who count and you're extra appealing in your work arena - a good time to ask for favors.