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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Week Starting Friday, January 14th

Photo Courtesy of Berta Campbell

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Thoughts and feelings are illuminated on the FULL MOON Wednesday the 19th and falls in the final degree of Cancer.  There is a sense of completion at the Full Moon with fresh starts showing up at the NEW MOON Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 1st.  While NEW Moons are fairly introspective, FULL Moons are public in nature and expression.  Feelings can come spilling out in surprising ways but the truth is that these emotional stirrings have been percolating for some time.

Assertion styles shifts from the corporate regulated energy of Capricorn and transitions into the intellectual and humanity minded sign of Aquarius on the 15th.  The Sun follows suit on the 20th.

ARIES:  The hard working serious style that has focused on career aims now shifts into a more detached and intellectual orientation around your future goals, friendships and the group "mind."  Technology may play a role in these activities.    The FULL MOON illuminates situations around your family, home life and emotional foundations.  A balance is needed between your working life and your inner world.  

TAURUS:  Have you been restless the past couple of weeks Bull, seeking more than the mundane from life and it's seemingly daily demands?   Paperwork, running errands and coping with Chatty Cathys may feel larger than life around the FULL MOON.  Handle what's on your plate in the spirit of freeing up your time for more joyful and heart filled activities.

GEMINI:   What makes you comfortable?  What's yours and what's mine?  Intimacy, your own well being and the division of money are highlighted on the FULL MOON.  This lunar event is about what gives you pleasure and fills you with comfort.  Power issues may have been an on going issue over the past few weeks and it's now time to balance the division of power.  Mars and the Sun shift into an easier spot in your chart bringing opportunities for long distance travel, a widening of your world view and higher learning.

CANCER:   Putting your needs first but with respect to others is on your FULL MOON plate.  Things have been feeling too "other" oriented lately and there is a feeling of "hey, what about me?"  You've been in a long term learning cycle regarding the art of relationship...all kinds of relationship.  What is fair and mutually beneficial for both parties?  Your lessons "start" to conclude by the end of this year.  

LEO:  If you are feeling an overwhelming need to be alone around the FULL MOON honor that need.  Sensitive inner mechanisms are at work and having some introspective time can help you to acknowledge and assimilate these tender emotions.  It's time to balance your life with some "down time."  Your partnership area heats up with the move of both fiery Mars and your ruling planet the Sun into your 7th house of others.  Fighting them all the way won't help and some deferment on your part is required.   

VIRGO:  Validation from friends, co-workers and the groups you align with is your need right now.  You "feel" the need for some recognition around the FULL MOON.  One of the highest gifts we can give to another is validation and you the are front and center receiver of that truism.  The role you play in others lives is an important element of your happiness.  Work and daily tasks become more demanding for the next month or so.

LIBRA:  You've been working hard and feel the need for some recognition from your efforts.  With Saturn in your sign for the long haul, the need to tow the line resulting in a stronger resolve and belief in self is emerging.  The FULL MOON thrusts you into the spotlight and the need to perform with both competence and grace is best.  Creative projects and your passion for life comes to the fore with the movement of Mars and the Sun.  A time for romance and fun.

SCORPIO:  Your adventurous side is pushing out and seeking attention.  Travel, publishing projects and even your personal beliefs are highlighted under the FULL MOON.  Attention has been given to daily tasks and follow up but you now feel the need for some life affirming adventure and fulfillment.  Home and family is a growing area of energy and focus over the next few weeks.

SAGITTARIUS:  What makes "you" feel secure needs to be balanced with other people's needs.  The FULL MOON illuminates the balance between give and take.  Some of your debts may need to be handled...financial and otherwise.   Marching up in a demanding fashion, the need to pay out a large outlay of cash can unfold now.  Day to day communications and trips around your community increase.

CAPRICORN:  Like Cancer, you too have been in partnership training for the past year and the FULL MOON once again highlights the areas of you vs. others.  Give important people in your life their due and allow them to shine.  The New Moon last month was all about you but now it's time to let someone else bask in the spotlight - honor and validation.  Drive, ego and energy surround your earnings and self-esteem.

AQUARIUS:  Energy, initiative, and increased self confidence (sounds yummy eh) is yours for the taking with both Mars and Sun gracing your sign.  The time you've spent on your own and in introspection starts to become externalized now.  You're feeling "ready" to make some things happens and to lead the way.  The FULL MOON may find you implementing new health regimes, dropping bad health habits and making positive changes to your routines.  Don't blame others if there are feelings of discontent as it's all really an INSIDE job.

PISCES:  Work may have been demanding recently and you are ready for some creative and pleasure seeking outlets around the FULL MOON.  A creative project may come to a higher level of awareness as might a love affair or situations concerning your children.  Mars and the Sun are moving into a very introspective and behind the scenes area for a time.  Over the next few weeks you may be dealing with limiting belief systems (largely inherited from your family ancestry), and a lowered energy reserve resulting in the need for some compassionate and reflective down time.