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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, January 21st

Photo Courtesy of Berta Campbell

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Fast starts, jumping in without thinking things through, confidence, brashness, action merging with spiritual intention and fresh initiatives that leave your heart smiling in relief, are all possibilities with Jupiter's movement into the sign of Aries on the 22nd.  Jupiter is a planet that represents opportunity, growth, expansion, blind confidence, exaggeration and over-indulgence, and travels VERY quickly through the sign of Aries from January to June of 2011 (Jupiter usually spends one year transiting a sign but not this year)!  Mindful action coupled with fast moving opportunity is the mantra with this fiery and energetic transit.

Disciplined Saturn, the teacher of life lessons and pragmatism will be retrograding on the 25th to slow things down in order for us to integrate the knowledge we have attained while Saturn was moving direct. We are experiencing a moon that is waning after the Full Moon on the 19th...so, handle what was initiated around that time and deal with what is already on your plate.  

ARIES:  Lucky you!  Jupiter is your house guest for the next 6 months.  Your levels of confidence will increase with the planetary visitor presenting you with more opportunities and self-belief (which, is really half the battle isn't it)?  Meeting beneficial "others" who support you and your projects is a welcome bonus.  Saturn quiets down in the area of "others" in your life leaving you with the feeling that demands and needs on behalf of and for others are now easing.

TAURUS:  Benefic rays flow down to embrace you in your inner world of dreams, spiritual development and retreat.  Broadening your experience and receivership of the higher forces at work on your behalf for your growth and development can be palpable now - think "angels sitting on your shoulder shining sweet rays of protection."  Your work load is slowing down with Saturn's retrograde movement...ahh, that's better now isn't it?

GEMINI:  Look for opportunities coming your way from your friendships, groups you belong to and associations you are aligned with.  Jupiter graces your connections and positive developments can unfold with the social others in your world.  Take it easy on the 26th when your thinking may be clouded with pessimism.  Saturn's lazy slumber sedates responsibilities around children and creative endeavors.  The next round reappears again in June.

CANCER:  Golden boy/girl rays shine down on your career and public standing.  Geez, you're getting so popular!  But with that increased popularity comes responsibility too so please don't grow out of your hat size.  This is your time to shine in your career, receive more support from authority figures and in your community.  You are appreciated and this can be an extremely validating time.  Heaviness surrounding family issues, snafus within your home, parental responsibilities and emotional discomfort now eases with Saturn's backward movement - time to integrate what you have learned.

LEO:  Getting the travel bug Lion?  Or perhaps your yearnings lean more towards the literary or higher learning avenues.  Retreat to Tibet anyone?  The next 6 months are opportune times for travel, getting that book published...finally, Masters Degree Programs, settling pesky lawsuits, vacationing with the in-laws and increasing your view and philosophy of the world around you.  If you've been feeling mentally burdened, harsh in thought and speech, or dealing with problems traveling from point A to point B, expect these areas to lighten up over the next few months.  

VIRGO:  Jupiter exits stage left from the area affecting partnerships and moves into another area affecting relationships....:).  This energy deepens your experience with others and expands your ability to engage in a more intimate level of relating - trust, true emotional partnership, sexual expression and money.  Your partner may be earning more or developing a new line of income.  If you've been seeking a loan the universe is becoming increasingly supportive over the next 6 months.  You may also partner up with others who can lend and share their resources with you be it emotional, financial or experiential.

LIBRA:  The path of self-growth, discipline and focus is widened a bit as Saturn turns retrograde.  You are the special recipient of this planets lessons of self-sufficiency, increasing self clarity and practical and "real" self-renewal.  It's all good as you are laying down and building more solid foundations both emotionally and physically.  Partnerships are set to expand with Jupiter's entrance into your 7th house of relationships.  You've been slogging it out alone, in many ways, for the past few years and now things are set to change.  Acknowledgment and support from others are your bedfellows for the next 6 months, so please be sure to get out of the right side of that bed on a fairly consistent basis.  Interactions with  the public should increase, as should your client base and beneficial opportunities for partnerships as well as positive expansiveness if you are currently in partnership.

SCORPIO:  You are finishing a 30 year cycle with Saturn's transit to your 12th house.  Some things have dropped by the wayside including friendships, associations, goals and situations that no longer serve you.  Some of these areas have been painful and uncomfortable.  Please know you are metaphorically emptying your cup in order to have it renewed by things and people that will more aptly reflect the changing you that you are becoming.  Work expands and you find those in the workspace supportive and helpful.

SAGITTARIUS:  Saturn is "requesting" a tightening up of your goals and plans.  He has also sifted through some friendships and associations that are obsolete in some fashion and form, you may also be experiencing more responsibility within groups.  You are teaming up with wiser and perhaps older people in an effort to gain more wisdom.  Your ruling planet Jupiter pops into the fellow fire sign of Aries for a quick romp over the next 6 months.  Opportunities for romance, creative projects and play are opening wider for you now.  Children may bring you unexpected joy and uplifting experiences.

CAPRICORN:  Your ruling planet needs a breather and hence you are the prime beneficiary of his R&R.  Your career has brought both limitation and perhaps added responsibilities and slog.  A respite is due and the next 6 months allows you some much needed time to handle what is already on your proverbial plate without the dishing out of yet another heaping plateful...translation?  Build in more relaxation and time for reflection.  Home is where the joy and expansion is so eat it up and enjoy.  Moves, family additions, and more frequent house guests are part and parcel of your happy and expansive inner experiences.

AQUARIUS:  You've been coming face to face with some of your more self-defeating attitudes with Saturn transiting an area ruling your life view and philosophy.  Hopefully, some new deeper studying has emerged urging you on to explore less superficial depths.  You feel a lessening of the pressure and the need for reprieve in order to integrate into your "being" what you mind has been absorbing.  More faith based learning is coming your way with Jupiter visiting your day to day thinking and communications.  Writing, reading, and increased communications with your tribe are expansive and uplifting.  Time to start and write your very own blog!

PISCES:  Did you know that Jupiter used to be your sign's ruler and then Neptune was discovered in the mid-1800's and the planet was then assigned solely to Sagittarius?  But, don't worry, us astrologers with some nostalgia still link the massive planet to your sign.  You old ruler IS leaving your sign where he has expanded your perception of self, brought you exciting opportunities and massive support.  Now he wants to increase the size of your coffers - both emotionally and financially.  Lucky you!