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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 4

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New Moons are phenomenons that happen every month and are believed to be propitious times for initiating and setting intentions.  It is a time when the moon is in direct opposition to the sun which symbolically heightens our sense of "awareness."  This is the last in a series of Eclipses (for the past 18 months) that is providing us earth folk with a compelling energy and focus on the Capricorn areas of experience.

Commitment, achievement, ambitions - what do you want to experience in the physical world, and practical steps needed, all fall under Capricorn's domain. 

Solar Eclipses often manifest as external events (unlike Lunar Eclipses which are much more internal and emotional in tone) and really reflect what we've been creating and focusing on internally for some time - your inner world creates your outer mansions.  The Law of Attraction is heightened and experienced with Solar Eclipse events - you reap the rewards of your imaginings but often in a surprising and swift manner.  Something is "eclipsed" to block out, make room for, highlight a fresh set of circumstances and create change.

This is one of the stronger New Moon's in which to seriously commit to your intentions.  On the day of the Eclipse another energy system is moving into place called Jupiter conjunct Uranus - on the same day (a repeat from 2010) and influences the whole month!  The last pairing of these two in Pisces was in the 1300's (just providing some perspective folks). 

Jupiter is about expansiveness, spirit, and opportunity (also exaggeration and over-doing).  Uranus symbolizes the inherent genius in all, innovation, rebelliousness, upsets, out of the blue opportunities and technology.  The combination "can" point to unforeseen advance and insights, as well as startling new circumstances that make way for situations that more aptly reflect who and what you are in the process of becoming.

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Love, Jean