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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Astrology of Revolution

History has a way of repeating itself albeit wearing a different garment and carrying a new banner.  As revolution alighted first in Tunisia, now termed the Jasmine Revolution (a country in the northern most part of Africa) and now in Egypt with the Lotus Revolution in full swing, we are globally bearing witness to tectonic shifts in the global community.

In the language of astrology the planetoid Pluto is a symbol for the breaking down of current structures in order to create and build anew.  Pluto is currently transiting the very conventional and bureaucratic sign of Capricorn - i.e. establishment.  Pluto is not known for his manners and will wantonly plummet the depths of any structure, government, and economic systems which are no longer working in order to transmute and transform. 

Uranus is the energy or planet representing quick change, the collective, anarchy, groups, humanity, creative will, and Revolution.  He is also the inventor and creative genius.  In March 2011, Uranus will be leaving behind his former home of Pisces and venturing into the pioneering spirit of Aries....but, his presence is already being pronouncedly felt.

The mid-1960's brought the sexual revolution and these two energies were potent players - Uranus was conjuncting Pluto in the Virginal sign of Virgo and being opposed by Saturn in Pisces.  As nothing exists in a vacuum we have a similar set-up moving fatefully and determinedly into place called  Uranus square Pluto.

The uprising in Tunisia began with a fruit seller being slapped by a police officer.  This particular fruit seller was an educated computer science graduate with no opportunities for employment and to keep bread on his family's table (7 siblings) took to the marketplace.  Mohammed Bouaziz, 26, was ordered to pack up his street cart and he snapped.  He went to the governors office and demanded an appointment threatening to set himself ablaze if the governor did not meet with him.  He was turned away and took out his threat on December 17th.

Millions of angry Tunisians responded having been long sufferers of youth unemployment,a brutal and corrupt police force and soaring inflation.  A revolution was started fueled by a steady stream of text messages, Twitter and Facebook updates.  Did I mention Uranus also rules technology?  Dictator President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali fled the country.  The people had endured, spoken and acted.

Revolution is rare in the Arab world as it's authoritarian leaders have been in power for ages.  Now the rolling waves of human anguish is squarely focused on the Pharaoh Leadership of Hosni Mubarak who has been in power for 30 years.  40% of Egyptians live below the poverty line and when you live on the US equivalent of $51 dollars per month you become a beggar or a thief.  And please note the absence of female activists.  In the much smaller demonstrations held previously in Egypt, the women who did take to the streets were rudely exposed to groping and fondling by the police.   

At this writing Mubarak has fired his cabinet and appointed a new (and first) Vice President, yet the people are not quelled..."we want you gone" is the sentiment of millions of Egyptians, when only months before seething emotions were held back and choked down in fear of retaliation from the brutal police force.

Times are a' changin through the human desire and need to live a better quality of life.  The collective voices of millions are backed not only by action but a solidarity the likes of which have not been seen in the region for many years.  The collective energy of the human spirit is demanding expression, opportunity and a deeper more authentic quality of life.

Uranus is all about "Power to the People," and is squaring his proverbial shoulders and planting his feet to give the "This is the way things are" Plutonic energy a profound wake-up call.

Jean Wiley is an astrologer who works with individuals in Kitty Hawk, NC and by telephone with clients throughout the US.  Visit her site at www.jeanwiley.com or call 252.655.1300.