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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, December 10th

ASTROLOGY SERVICES / HOLIDAY Gift Certificates                                                                                                                                We are entering a complex few weeks - Mercury the planet of communications, technology, travel and commerce is heading south for the remainder of the month (think mid-January actually).  The information you receive over the next few weeks may not be entirely accurate, people may believe they have all the facts but it's just not so.   On top of that we are entering Eclipse season beginning on the 21st although we often start feeling these potent energies earlier.

Spend less, travel less and focus on what you TRULY want to do.  Do what you can to de-stress this month.   Focus on what YOU want  - what is comforting and nurturing to you?  Too much accommodation to others will leave you resentful and irritated.  Take it EASY this month.  People tend to get a little more introspective during Mercury retrogrades so take the time to align with your authentic feelings and needs.

The 13th and 14th are sharp, insightful and in some cases ruthless with both Mars and Mercury conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn.  If there are things bubbling below the surface look to this time period for eruptions.  A powerful time for problem solving and connecting with transformative energies as long as it's not projected onto others.

ARIES:   Work, travel, promotions and marketing are the focus of Mercury's retrograde motion.  Please don't launch any new marketing campaigns this month as they will fall lifelessly on non-responsive ears.  A productive time to PLAN your sales and marketing objective for 2011.  Travel could be an exercise in patience so schedule in extra time and back-up plans.

TAURUS:  Mercury influences the areas in your life regarding shared income, financial agreements, travel, your philosophies of life, and personal situations/emotions that are no longer relevant.  It will take some time to come to sure-footed conclusions so take your time.  Traveling can bring a snafu or two so don't expend the energy on anger and frustration....something cool may transpire on that unplanned "lay over."

GEMINI:  You know the routine twins - scale back on your expectations when your ruling planet Mercury settles in for a 3 week nap.  Significant others from your past may re-appear and there appears to be some closure and learning with all of your important interactions.  Loans, commissions and taxes may require you to take a unblinking and extremely pragmatic route into the future.

CANCER:  Money and financial arrangements may come up for review on Monday and Tuesday.  There is some intensity around this so be very clear about your worth and what you need to feel like a valued player in the game of life.  If others appear to be "strong-arming" you in an unnecessary fashion try not to descend to a level of response that you will most definitely regret later.  Keep all dealings above board and respectful.

LEO:  On the job communications and power plays may leave you scratching your head.  On the other hand, YOU may be the person applying the pressure and demands.  Issues of money, power or both?  This Mercury retro period sees you pondering the value of work, love, your children's welfare and creative projects.

VIRGO:  Children fly back to the nest this month, love affairs slow down and you also need some downtime lounging and working at home.  Increase your communications with family members and give them your ear.  Some sort of intense demanding energy on Monday/Tuesday finds you diving below the superficial to better "understand" the implications.  

LIBRA:  Matters with family members, appliances in the home, and various and asundry communication functionality may be troublesome over the next few weeks.  Slow it down Lib and keep your calender on the light side.  There are more details to be gathered for the month of  January so take you time and be as thorough as possible.  

SCORPIO:  Powerful communication is on your agenda Monday and Tuesday, but, you may not know that yet.  You have the intellectual powers this week to get to the bottom of any problems that may be troubling you.  Expect some laser like insights both from yourself and others.  Car mechanics, travel glitches, and writing snafus may visit you during this retrograde period - you are in an information gathering mode.

SAGITTARIUS:  Earned income and issue of self-worth may come up for your review on Monday and Tuesday.  Anger and frustration can be motivating forces when harnessed in a focused and ethical manner.  Sometimes we need a little ire to get us going.  Don't plan on any real headway to be made until mid-January as this is a planning stage.  The Sun is still in your sign providing plenty of energy and impetus.

CAPRICORN:  Expect to be the unwittingly receiver and deliverer of faulty information.  Not your true intentions just the fodder of a retrograding Mercury.  January is really the time to make informed decisions, and with the sun transiting your sign in the New Year you'll have a much better picture of how best to proceed.  Please restrain yourself from power skirmishes on Monday and Tuesday.  Point your laser focused intellect on higher minded endeavors.

AQUARIUS:  Some uncomfortable rumblings are taking place in the area of life that deals with things hidden from view.  Your dreams may also reveal some obscured truths.  Pay attention to them, especially on Monday and Tuesday when the planets of ego and intellect conjunct the "plummet the depths" planet Pluto.  Friendships remain a source of attention and activity - your future goals too.

PISCES:  Friendships, your life goals and group associations may confuse you over the next few weeks.  This is not the time to try to unravel all of the information flowing your way....the way forward will become clear in the New Year.  For now, you've got plenty to keep you busy with the Sun transiting your house of Career and Community Visibility.