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Monday, December 20, 2010

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - December 21st at 3:14 EST

MONDAY - Mercury is squaring Uranus your senses may feel over stimulated today - is it real or is it memorex? Mental over stimulation may be the feel of the day and Mercury in retrograde may not be adding to clarity of perception.  If you're feeling scatter brained ponder the idea that sometimes the soup of ideas and thoughts need to be stirred up (while feeling confused) in order to let new possibilities come to light.

Over the next two days expect information to come to the fore that affects how you are feeling.  This Eclipse is at the last degree of Gemini (ruled by Mercury) so there is a sense of completion surrounding this Eclipse.  There is something in your life that NEEDS to change, no doubt about it and it WILL but don't rush to final decisions or conclusions quite yet.  There is an unfolding taking place and like good wine should not be rushed.

PLENTY of change will be ushered in in the first few months of 2011 and this Eclipse is part of the process...to bring us more information and solutions but the time to act may not present itself until next year.  Coagulate and ponder in the interim.  Emotions may be strong today and tomorrow so please indulge in some high levels of self-care and love, no need to push the river...just BE.  Use this time to focus on the best possible feelings for yourself and others - I call it positive segmenting (I'm sure I read that term somewhere but given the vast amount of information I've studied in the past 25 years I've assumed it as my own). 

Positive Segmenting is about staying in the "feelings" of what you want to experience...not an intellectual exercise but rather a FEELING playfulness of daydreaming.  Daydreaming is a very useful function when you are creating your experiences - children are masters of it and adults tend to be socialized "out" of it. 

Please practice patience with yourself and others....not a time to push, push, push but to engage in human "beingness."