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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week Starting Friday, November 5th

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The big news this week is Neptune moving forward as he has been slumbering since the end of May.  Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and is associated with idealism and compassion, but also with illusion, confusion, and deception.   Ideally when working in it's clearest form Neptune represents creativity, universal love (unconditional), spirituality and a deep and abiding compassion for others.

Chiron, the energy ruling teaching and healing moves forward on Friday.  Watch for fresh advances in medicine and the healing arts.  This planet also represents teaching what you have learned, sometimes through painful experiences....in order to help others who are experiencing similar difficulties.  

The New Moon is on Saturday, the 6th exact at 12:52 a.m. EST in the sign of Scorpio.  New Moons are a time to set "new" intentions and provides a two week window of fresh energy in which to initiate.  The energy ruling communications moves in the sign of Sagittarius on Monday indicating a three week period of more assertive, fiery, inspired and direct exchanges via telephone, email and through personal conversations.

ARIES:  Confusion surrounding friendships, next steps in future goal setting and the groups you belong to clears up with Neptune turning direct.   Novel friendships may be formed with especially inspiring individuals over the next few months. Communications with others at a distance grows more important this month.  The New Moon indicates new starts with intimacy, loans, trust and other people's resources.

TAURUS:    Have things been a tad confusing in the career department?  If so, expect your landscape to gradually clear giving you a better foothold on where you stand, who you can depend on and how to get to the next "step" regarding your vocational aspirations. The New Moon provides fresh impetus in both personal and professional partnerships.

GEMINI:  Travel, trips, dealings with people at a distance, marketing and publishing can all take on a novel and inspired approach with Neptune turning direct. Communications with others rises a notch and please do be aware that there is more "ego" energy involved so testiness abounds! The New Moon provides original emotional energy surrounding your working life.

CANCER:   Endings, beginnings, fears, confusion surrounding finances (especially involving other peoples money), intuitiveness and intimacy areas receive novel and increasing lucid energy as Neptune "rights" itself.  Dealing with creditors should become more straightforward too!  Communications increase with co-workers and there are more details to be handled this month.  The New Moon is great for love, creativity and activities with children.

LEO:  Neptune brings clarity to both personal and business partnerships.  If things have been murky and confusing since last May expect an increasing clarity of vision to show you the way in your interpersonal dealings with others.  People can be extra inspiring to you now.  Affairs of the heart, children and your creative endeavors infuses you with both irritation and initiative.  The New Moon brings novel emotional energy regarding your home and family.

VIRGO:  Work, co-workers, health, family pets and day to day habits may have fallen prey and been affected by Neptune's backtracking....well, expect the wheels to re-engage with it's forward movement.  If you've been experiencing health troubles that have been difficult to diagnose answers may now become easier to find over the next several months.  Home is usually your castle but you may find it feels a bit more like a battleground over the next several weeks.  Heightening the level of communication between family members will help to smooth things out.  The New Moon infuses your mental prowess with vim and vigor.

LIBRA:  On Sunday Venus retrogrades back into your sign (again).  Take this as a positive omen to get really clear on how you value self, what you value in others, and what is most important for your long term happiness!  Neptune helps with this process as he moves forward in your area ruling creativity, love and creative projects...vavoom!  You are also a communication magnet this month, so go forth and network, network, network.  The New Moon adds to the self-esteem vibe showing you the best avenues in which to generate income by doing that which you love.

SCORPIO:  Venus slips out of your sign on Sunday for a brief visit back into Libra.  She will revisit your sign at the end of the month and stay there through January.  Lucky you.  When she moves forward on the 18th you start to get really clear on where your passion and joy lies.  Your earning potential should increase as well.  Neptune's forward movement heightens the comfort principle in your home and with family.  The New Moon is all about you, what you want and how to get it.

SAGITTARIUS:  Neptune is helping you to think more inspired thoughts, communicate more creatively and to align with spirit.  The mental confusion you've experienced the past few months starts to dissipate and your path becomes clearer.  Mars and Mercury are speeding through your sign helping to provide the energy, articulation and self-confidence to act on Neptune's directives.  The New Moon gives renewed faith and belief in self and in your soul's journey.

CAPRICORN:  Inspired creative money making projects and intentions should start to be revived once again!  Go for your highest ideals and let things "unfold," k?  You are happier working on your own and behind the scenes this month as you need the freedom to do your own thing unencumbered by others opinions and suggestions.  The New Moon falls in your future aspirations sector and you may find a friend lending a hand and helping you to make a new and valuable contact.

AQUARIUS:  You have been on quite a journey water bearer, no doubt about it.  Just when you feel you have a "handle" on living an inspired and spirit driven life you hit a little bump in the road and away you float into negativity land.  Expect Neptune to come to your aid to help you really integrate the art of living a happy and contented life.  Friends are energetically taking up your time this month and you are happy to oblige.  The New Moon suggests novel approaches in your career.

PISCES:  Your very own ruling planet Neptune awakes from his 5 month nap and re-awakens your awareness of spirituality, soul growth and inner compassion.  This is a subtle shift that floats to you in waves asking you to heighten your attention to your inner world of well being, relaxation, dreaming and meditation.  Your career area is ablaze requiring even more communication and energy.  The New Moon helps you with original ideas in the areas of travel, teaching, long-distance communications, marketing and publishing.

Personal Horoscopes make wonderful Birthday and Christmas Gifts.
45 minute taped report (cassette or MP3) covering the natal birthchart and the outlook for the next 12 months.  Mention GIFT to me via jean@jeanwiley.com and you'll receive a $10 discount = $80.00. 

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