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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week Starting Friday, November 12th

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An uncanny timing is evident with both Venus and Jupiter moving in forward motion on the 18th.  Planets don't "actually" turn backwards in the skies but from our heliocentric viewpoint they appear to move retrograde.  Imagine riding a train that passes a slower moving train...the train you are passing appears to be moving backwards.  In interpretive astrology when a planet slows down it suggests that the energies in which the planet rules slow down too.

Venus won't be out of her "shadow period," back to the point in which she started to retrograde, until December 20th.  Again, Venus rules the arts, commerce, affection, love, and the law of attraction.  Areas put on hold the 1st week of October start to make headway from the 18th onward.  BUT, new opportunities don't really start presenting themselves until Dec. 20th and after.

Venus Retro is not typically considered a fortuitous time to meet a new love or business partner UNLESS you had met previous to the retrograde.  If you find new information popping up about your current paramour give credit to Venus as the information flow starts to circulate once again.

ARIES:  On the 15th Mars makes contacts with pragmatic Saturn.  Expect an effective day for work and planning. Venus starts to gain traction in your area of partnerships - new information is coming your way.  Jupiter's shift proves that there are protective personal forces at work on your behalf.

TAURUS:  Your period of introspective pondering was a useful endeavor right?  Thinking about the quality of relationships, the style in which you relate to other human beings, and the value of said relating  will soon ask you to put your actions where your pondering have lain.  The essence of this is "How do you treat others?"  Are you consistent?  How do your personal agendas come into play?  Congruency is about having your words match your actions.

GEMINI:  Your ruling planet Mercury has now reached the area in your life of "others."  Perhaps now, words can be articulated in order to explain your recent actions.  In addition, perhaps people populating your landscape can explain to you WHY they have done what they done.  Expect some sort of explanatory dawning that helps you to better understand the wild and woolly "goings on" that have been your experience as of late. 

CANCER:  New Moon power is still with you and your creative projects.  You have until the 21st to get these new labors of love formulated into a working plan.  Passion IS a motivating force for you, especially now...milk it for all that's it's worth!  Work continues to be busy with more than your average level of details and communiques to handle. 

LEO:  Circle the 15th as a day for inspired confidence coupled with disciplined and well executed action.  A home related project involving a creative flair may be your modus operandi...expect to feel very pleased with yourself too!   The 18th sees you tackling problems in an innovative manner.

VIRGO:  You have had your share of hurdles, challenges and adjustments to make in regard to your partnerships - no doubt about it.  Your "way" of being in relationship has been expanded and stretched, sometimes to the near breaking point. An obvious personal pay-off is coming your way leaving you with a feeling of both entitlement and joyous relief.

LIBRA:  Ghost and goblins have been clamoring along your hallways of self-doubt, self-worth and confidence. For all of our sake, I sincerely hope you have finally put them to rest and are now ready to move forward unencumbered by the old and outdated past.  Venus moves forward in your sign encouraging you to be the physically updated and confident you that we've all been waiting for.  

SCORPIO:  Family history and imprints are an interesting thing.  Psychologists know that early imprints are DEEP imprints especially when they are operating at the unconscious levels of the individual.  Your assignment has been to decipher and release any family baggage that keeps you bound up and effectively hindered from experiencing personal joy and abundance.  Time to talk turkey where money is concerned.

SAGITTARIUS:  OMG!  There is SO much to think about, talk about and write about.  You are "on" Archer and woe to the people who can't, won't or don't defer to your plans and ideas.  Mars is traveling through your sign indicating the possibility of your ego quotient being raised just a notch, "perhaps" a time to be mindful of righteousness?  A great time for physical exercise and sprucing up the abode.

CAPRICORN:  Saturn reaches out to Mars in a very helpful way combining initiative and planning surrounding the areas of career and behind the scenes activity.  Communications that were tabled last spring pop back to life in the ensuing months.  Sharing your thoughts with others both inspires and provides you with support and backing.  

AQUARIUS:  Money and earning power are well supported in the next few months.  Talks, deals and projects have been on hold but have faith that the green light will soon turn on again.  Word from afar may arrive around the 15th delivering good money news.  You are talking more with friends this month.

PISCES:  New opportunities may start presenting themselves towards the end of the month.  If things have felt stuck in the areas of travel, publishing, teaching or marketing, it is safe to expect some forward movement as Venus rights herself as well.  The 15th brings messages of things to come. 

Personal Horoscopes make wonderful Birthday and Christmas Gifts.  45 minute taped report (cassette or MP3) covering the natal birthchart and the outlook for the next 12 months.  Mention GIFT to me via jean@jeanwiley.com and you'll receive a $10 discount = $80.00.