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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, November 26th

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Energetic shifts occur this week as the energy ruling communications and contracts moves into disciplined and organized Capricorn.  People will be talking and conducting "business" in the time leading up to the holidays.  This energy, Mercury, begins to retrograde the 2nd week of December.  A word to the wise?  Get your shopping done prior to mid-December if at all possible as gifts purchased under a Mercury Retro see the highest returns post holiday.

The FALL of 2010 has been all about reviewing relating patterns concerning things you value, love relationships and earning power.  The Goddess, Venus, leaves Libra and moves back into Scorpio on Monday the 29.  The wind is at her back and resolutions are experienced as Venus takes action on her remedial reviews.  A much better time ahead for relating and finances. 

ARIES:  Mars makes both inspired and edgy contacts on Thursday, Dec. 2.  Friends, future planning, travel and marketing can feel both compassionate and irritating.  You feel the need to take action but please remember the adage regarding "mistakes born out of haste," in other words, sleep on it.  Significant business communication and contracts engages you through the holidays.  A good time for money deals but after the first week in December please wait to sign on the dotted line until January 2011.

TAURUS:   You're feeling clearer and more "with it" about your relationships and your personal value.  You have the opportunity to straighten out any relationship glitches that may have occurred this fall, and this in turn helps to grounds you.  Dec. 1 offers up a day of compassionate and healing communications.  Money squabbles may appear on the 2 but tapping into your personal reserves of patience and understanding helps to soothe all involved.

GEMINI:  Resources, your stuff, and their stuff will be a focus for you throughout the next several weeks.  Mercury retrogrades in the area of you life that deals with shared "things," intimacy, commissions, loans and debts.  Dec. 2 is an interesting day for partnership as both compassion and irritation, are emotions that bubble up to the surface, choose to focus on the former rather than the latter.  Do not engage in negative actions but rather wait for a "new day" in which to respond. 

CANCER:  Partners, expressing yourself with important others, and business dealings are energized for the next several weeks. Things will need to be revisited come mid-Dec.  Children, matters of the heart and labors of love are a pleasant and comforting influence - enjoy.  

LEO:  With the Sun in faith based and "ready to take risks" Sagittarius, you are feeling energized and frisky.   Risks that you dared not take just a short time earlier fade into small blips on your radar screen.  A time for play Leo and we all know you LOVE that.  Children, creative projects and matters of the heart are the recipients of your enthusiasm.  Home matters flow along smoothly.

VIRGO:  Your thoughts turn to children, pet projects, extra-curricular activities, and amore for the next several weeks.   Plan for extra time in these areas when your ruler Mercury turns retro in mid-December (although you will begin to feel it earlier).  Your communications are extra pleasing to others now and you may receive a few heart felt bits of correspondence yourself!

LIBRA:  Venus leaves your sign on Monday and moves into the area of of earned income.  Expect a profitable month through December.  You are loving what you do and feel the joy of earning what you're worth.  When you love what you do abundance follows and your work doesn't "feel" like work.  Yum!  A great month for networking and making connections.

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SCORPIO:   You are going to have to face the fact that you are simply more attractive to others now - sorry to break the news.  People are just a bit more friendlier and willing to lend you a hand.  You are spending more this month but a higher income bracket should arrive early next year.  A good time for writing, teaching and signing contract - until the 2nd week of December only!  Wait for new contractual arrangements to unfold in January.

SAGITTARIUS:  Energy and an added dose of confidence are your bedfellows for the next few weeks.  You've enjoyed pleasant and supportive friendship and group alliances over the past few weeks, and now it's time for a little "floating".  Solo projects and private time are extra appealing and comforting now.  Thoughts and planning around money and income vie for your attention throughout the end of the year. 

CAPRICORN:  You are feeling more communicative Goat.  Much of your planning and thoughts have been of a personal and private nature but you are now ready to bring some of them to light.  Allow yourself plenty of time to dot the i's and cross the t's as Mercury moves into retro in YOUR sign mid-December.  January will be the time period to sign on the dotted line.  Friends are a pleasure for you now and it is a good time meet new people.

AQUARIUS:  Things are straightening out in the areas of work, reputation and good will.  Expect some admiration and acknowledgment to come your way from important others in your work circles and community.  You are extra appealing and the spotlight that now shines on you confirms it.  Your thoughts and communications take on a more personal and perhaps secretive flavor....out of necessity?

PISCES:  More communications with your circle of friends, as well as people from your past, are making re-appearances in mid-December.  Life philosophies, broadness of vision, travel, and people at a distance are granting you favors and blessing you with an extra dose of "well-being."  In-laws and legal projects are positively favored.

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