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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, November 19th

 The Full Moon on the 21st shines bright in Taurus and asks the question what makes you feel secure and balanced?  What do others in your life need to feel secure and balanced?  The energy is about give and take both emotionally and financially.  Venus is now fully engaged after turning direct on the 18th to lend clarity and wisdom in these very areas (she rules the sign of Taurus).  

Friday is an inventive day so be awake and aware.  Ideas catch fire on Saturday, copious amounts of discussions, email, phone calls, and travel near and far take place providing an outlet for thoughts and ideas.

The Sun shifts into Sagittarius on Monday leaving the watery intensity of a very Scorpionic fall.  We can begin to see, not just feel, the way ahead.  People express themselves more confidently and directly (sometimes bluntly) in the weeks ahead.  Details and information will continue to unfold throughout Dec. 
The Thanksgiving holiday has a family oriented feel with the Moon in Cancer.  It's an upbeat and friendly day with a few exaggerations thrown in here and there for good measure.

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ARIES:  Travel, publishing and marketing fill your thoughts and activities for the next few weeks.  The need to share, teach and market your wares is prevalent now.  The Full Moon is about give and take, the sharing of money and resources and an awareness of what your needs are without eclipsing the needs of others.  Saturday captures your imagination and your need for creative expression with others.

TAURUS:  You need a bit of attention with the Full Moon in your sign, especially if life has felt a bit too "other" oriented.  The lesson of asserting yourself without stepping on others toes has been a theme for the past several weeks.  Venus is "righting" herself in the area that affects your work, co-workers and health.  Positive feelings unfold now as does comprehension through the end of the month.

GEMINI:  If you feel an overwhelming need for downtime and to be alone you are in tune with the Full Moon energies.  You've been busy...running here and there and interacting with others at a higher than normal energy level.  It's time for some rest and reflection.  Work and personal situations may come to light and provide you with deeper understanding.  The pace picks up even further with the Sun's movement into the area ruling "others."  Get some rest this weekend.

CANCER:  As I've communicated many times before, the cycles of the Moon are stronger bellwethers of your emotional climate than any other sign.  The Full Moon this weekend may find you needing and wanting more recognition from others.  The role you play in other people's lives is important for your happiness right now.  The Sun's shift this week increases the focus on work and health.

LEO:  The Sun is leaving its influence over your home and family and is shifting into the area of FUN - woo hoo!  Urges to gamble both financially and emotionally are always strong for you at this time of the year.  Creative characters may start populating your world on a regular basis for the next few weeks.  The need to step-up, shine in the spotlight, and be noticed is reflected during the Full Moon.  Recognition on the job won't be surprising either.

VIRGO:  Circle Saturday as your day to get er done with home projects, moving, renovating, organizing and inspiring.  The Sun's shift into Sagittarius reinforces this trend over the next few weeks.  The Full Moon on Sunday sees you needing a break from the logical world of facts and engaging in some plain ole fun!  Your adventurous side needs some attention.

LIBRA:  Miss and Mr. Scales can now move forward in self-beautifying projects now that your artistic guide Venus is waking out of her 6 week slumber.  Clothes shopping and new coiffures receive the green light.  Your need to communicate as well as your mental prowess is raised a notch with the Sun's movement into Sagittarius.  The Full Moon indicates a time to settle some debts and loan payments, it can also be a time when others need you more.

SCORPIO:  The planetary party is moving out your energetic center and influencing other areas of your life (with the exception of Venus who will be back for another go round at the end of the month).  The Sun's shift heightens your focus and awareness around earning money and self-esteem  as the two are undeniably intertwined.  A theme you've been visiting for a while now; you are undergoing a process no doubt about it.  The solid results will show up early next year.  Full Moon fever asks you to compromise and negotiate with important others.

SAGITTARIUS:  Energy and initiative have led the way but now the Sun joins the party in your sign adding a measure of understanding and integration about who you are and what you want to experience in your journey called life.  Saturday brings strong cognitive and intellectual insight.  Use the surge of emotional insight you receive on the Full Moon to initiate exercise and nutritional regimes.  Discontent within your working environment needs to be addressed.

CAPRICORN:  Every year, around this time, you are finishing up a yearly cycle only to be renewed again with your new solar year next month.  But for now, you need more downtime, privacy, rest and introspection.  See it as a time to replenish, review and rejuvenate.  You need some fun "me" time free of schedules and to cavort with your lover and/or children on the Full Moon - take it!

AQUARIUS:  I've been writing about friendships and groups in your forecast water bearer.  And the same theme continues.  You have a need to align with like-minded individuals in order to feel more whole right now.  Groups, clubs, associations, friends...wherever you find clumps of people meeting to achieve some sort of goal is where it's "at" for you over the next few weeks.  Recognize it, embrace it and act upon it.  A home or family matter grabs your attention on the Full Moon.

PISCES:  Your career, public persona and community activities have required much of your energy.  The Sun's shift into this very domain adds an element of self-direction where as of late you have felt directed by others!  Get it?  You are still busy in your public life but a balance between what you need for your own well being is also nudging it's way into your consciousness.  Trust the insights you receive regarding what you need to function vs. how others want you to function.  The mundane areas of your life require attention on the Full Moon.  Running errands, returning phone calls and handling the trivia or is it trivial?

Personal Horoscopes make wonderful Birthday and Christmas Gifts.  45 minute taped report (cassette or digital) covering the natal birthchart (souls journey) and the energetic outlook for the next 12 months.  Mention GIFT to me via jean@jeanwiley.com and you'll receive a $10 discount = $80.00.