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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dreaming of HOUSES


The beautiful historically preserved Whalehead Club in Corolla, NC

HOUSES represent attitudes, opinions, identities the soul and lifestyle.  Houses represent the foundations in our lives including:  family history and upbringing, long held attitudes and beliefs and how we fundamentally view ourselves as human beings.

DREAMER:  "I am attending an outdoor auction.  They are auctioning off houses that are on lakes.  I end up going into the water and swimming.  I am swimming to the house that is higher than the other houses.  It is on an incline above the others.  Everyone else is sitting in the lower valley looking across the water at the other houses.  I continue to swim on the upper level to that house..it is beautiful, white and sunny." 

This man, a client of mine, is speaking of his desire to work at  a higher, more compassionate and spiritual level in his life (going in the water and swimming...being actively involved emotionally and spiritually).  He feels those around him are more concerned with the day to day mundaness of living and are not interested in engaging with the spiritual side of self (everyone else is sitting in the lower valley).  He is seeking to evolve (in his opinion) into a more spiritually compassionate being (I continue to swim to that beautiful, white and sunny house).  

A beautiful dream reflecting his spiritual awareness and desires.

DREAMER:  "I am at someone's house, a very nice house; it's light and bright.  It is very expensive and nice.  We are all playing and laughing.  The home owner, a woman, is really enjoying the party.   I am seeing this from a higher viewpoint and am floating up near the ceiling and seeing this house."

A precognitive dream I had about a woman who I had yet to meet.  I met her two months later (floating up near the ceiling...a higher viewpoint).  In this case knowing something before it had transpired. My new friend had just finished building a lovely, comfortable and lavish home.  I am specifically found of lots and lots of windows (light and bright house).  My friend did a lot of entertaining and her home was a place full of laughter and conversation (we are playing, laughing and having so much fun).