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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week Starting October 8th

HAPPY NEW MOON IN LIBRA on Oct. 7!  We enter the fall with a heavy emphasis on all things Venus related.  Venus was the goddess of love and beauty in Greek and Roman Mythology.  She was wily, captivating, beautiful, manipulative and an artisan.

The new moon asks us to initiate new starts in relationships.  Relationships encompass:  business partners, colleagues, anyone who works with us one-on-one (lawyers, doctors, counselors, accountants and spa professionals), lovers, marriage partners, best friends and most importantly our relationship with SELF. 

We "create" our reality through our thoughts, the things we value and attitudes we hold to be true.   You are what you think and Libra encapsulates this energy perfectly.  Libra is an intellectual energy that is ideally concerned with fairness and harmony.  Your internal landscape, what you think and value determines your external conditions.  Ponder that for a bit.  

On Friday the 8th the moon is void from 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  When the moon is void it is not making ANY connections to other planets in the ecliptic.  This lack of connection lends itself to a feeling of apathy and people tend not to engage in important decision making - so, plan the day's activities accordingly.  Additionally, today we have a Saturn conjunct Mercury which denotes a time of serious thinking, working alone or behind the scenes, and a distinct flavor of pessimism may color the day.  Friday is not the ideal time to approach others for firm and positive exchanges ...things may "feel" stuck or in backward motion  but allow the energy to be "what it is" as forward motion will resume in the future.

Venus also turns retrograde on Friday (please read my article for more information) indicating the start of a four week period of slowed energy regarding love and money.

ARIES:  Look to others this week as the delivery system for both inspiration and food for thought.  Your ruler Mars has been snuggling with Venus in your eighth house of financial backing, intimate significant others and transformation.  You'll bust lose after this time of review next month when more outward action is on your agenda.

TAURUS:    You like deep emotional, mysterious and mystic connections as they help even out your sometimes overly practical nature.  You enjoy a 4 week period of Venus backtracking through your partnership sign of Scorpio - intense indeed!  The NEW MOON brings fresh energy into your working environment and renewing past work relationships will now work in your favor.

GEMINI:  NEW MOON magic arrives in your expressive and creative fifth house.  A two week period of time to really connect with the unique specialness of you!  Things are serious and work oriented on Friday but you are up to the task.  

CANCER:   Home, family, roots and emotional comfort are given energy by the NEW MOON.  Fresh understanding regarding your family and your security needs can be revealed to you over the next few weeks.  Fun IS still on the agenda and your creative energies are deepening.

LEO:  How you communicate, what you think and how you approach self-expression is enhanced by the NEW MOON.  Connections within your immediate environment are pleasantly energized and so is your mental attitude.  Is your home or family relationships in need of an overhaul?

VIRGO:  Some rethinking is in evidence as to how you communicate your messages out into the world.  Come mid-November a new level of understanding and perhaps even compassion will be integrated into your communication style.  The NEW MOON may bring fresh approaches with earned income and personal value.

LIBRA:  Happy Birthday Scales!  Your personal NEW MOON falls in your house of self-expression, how you present yourself to the world and your personal identity.  Expect to emerge in mid-November as a newer version of your previous self.  Your ruling planet Venus turns retrograde on Friday 8 signalling a time for additional review regarding earned income and self-value.

SCORPIO:   What does it mean when people use phrases such as the inner life, spiritual practice and time spent in introspection?  Only you can answer that Scorpio but the questions ARE being posed compliments of the energetic NEW MOON.  What feeds and nourishes you on the inner levels?  Answer those questions and you'll feel the changes that can be positively implemented come mid-November.

SAGITTARIUS:  New goals, new friends and perhaps even new earnings may be heading your way this week.  Some friendships and goals have been swept along the wayside.  Consider the adage that the glass needs to be emptied to make way for the new.  Please allow this to happen without fear or recrimination k?  Reaching out for some familiar spiritual comforts serves you well now.

CAPRICORN:  New starts would typically be indicated by a NEW MOON in your career house, but now this process is a bit more intricate.  Consider yourself in a review period while you ponder and seek to more deeply understand what you bring to the world in terms of "value."  A clearer view of avenues for moving ahead will be brought to you come mid-November.

AQUARIUS:  World views, philosophy's of life, learning and teaching, long-distance travel for the purpose of learning are all areas that fall under the domain of the NEW MOON.  Part of what you are learning is tied in to what you offer through your work and career.  What is important to you in this life?  What are your belief systems and are they uniquely yours or inherited versions from your family of origin?  Worthwhile time can be spent reviewing why you think and believe what you think and believe.

PISCES:  In some ways a very internal time for you fishes.  The NEW MOON falls in a sector of your chart dealing with aspects of the past and the need for release and transformation of some old junk that is still hanging on.  Venus retrograding in the area concerning your beliefs and view of the world is seeking to help you redefine your inner resources and those that you share with others.