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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week Starting October 22nd

We enter the realm of Scorpio on the 23rd, a fitting sign for Halloween.  Scorpio likes mysteries and intensity.  Mercury is now in Scorpio, indicating a three week period when discussions have now left the civility of Libra and become more secretive and intense - expect a few hidden agendas here and there.

The Full Moon falls on the 22 in Aries, a time when relationship issues hit critical mass.  Something has changed inside you meaning change will need to happen on the outside.    Energies are a little befuddled on this day with Mars squaring both Neptune and Chiron.  Projecting confusion and hurt onto others may be the soup de jour so try to keep your intentions and agenda clear.

Things ease up nicely next week with a number of positive growth aspects occurring.  On Sunday Mars trines Uranus indicating an exciting and innovative energy.  The 25 is lovely for negotiations and cooing within relationships with Mercury conjunct Venus.  The 26 is powerful for concentration and forward movement.

The Sun snuggles up with Venus on the 28, a day when people are pleasantly receptive.  Halloween Eve sees Venus making nice with Pluto, a great day for dramatic displays of both affection and costume presentation.  Schedule a consult with Jean

ARIES:  Get through the full moon in your sign and you're almost there.... don't expect too much from yourself and try to navigate through your feelings of temporary confusion.  Sunday is a much brighter and clearer day for you.  Money and other people's resources are given 4 stars throughout the following week.

TAURUS:  Vague feelings of uneasiness pervade the day on the Full Moon....let it slide right on by and process any negative feelings internally.  The 25 through the 30 bring a very positive flow to all of your relationships.  Circle the 25, 28 and 30 as especially positive.

GEMINI:  Friendships and groups may feel a little nefarious on the Full Moon.  People's intentions are not clear and misunderstanding can abound.  Keep your head down and don't rock the boat.  The 25 is especially stared for the Twins when work exchanges are extra positive.   A deal can be struck around the 30.  Schedule a consult with Jean

CANCER:  The Full Moon (moon cycles are extra important for you Crab) can bring on feelings of insecurity and distractions.  Tender feelings may leave you feeling somewhat exposed - a time to protect your reputation.  Fun and games are highlighted from the 25 to the 30.  Halloween Eve is extra fun and satisfying.

LEO:  Travel plans and long distance travel or exchanges may not go as planned.  Patience IS a virtue.  Home and money are well starred on the 24.  Tuesday bodes well for gains in the work and health areas.  The 28 is extra nice when your Sun ruler snuggles up to Venus in your home and security sectors.

VIRGO:  Things are happening behind the scenes regarding deals, intimate talks and resources.  Wait for the fog to lift before forging ahead.  The 25 is ideal for talks and agreements.  Get out and about on Halloween Eve as the conversations you have with others will be entertaining and bring you previously hidden information.

LIBRA:  Other people's motives and meaning may not translate well on this Full Moon.  There is some confusion about so let the flog clear as next week brings extra nice energy boosts.  Partners are a delight on 24.  The 25 is THE day for money negotiations with Venus hugging Mercury in your money house.  The 28 looks good too.  Halloween provides the drama and excitement you crave.  Schedule a consult with Jean

SCORPIO:  Work matters come to a head on the Full Moon but things are not as cloudy as they appear.  The following week especially on the 26 you get your mojo back and forge ahead.  The 28 should bring love and affection your way. Halloween is right up your alley with Venus in your sign in a positive aspect with Pluto - neighbors are extra delightful this day.

SAGITTARIUS:  The Full Moon is full of fun and games but not of the upfront variety that you prefer.  Uneasiness in your communications with others melts away by Sunday.  Money prospects may arise on the 26.  Know that there are protective angels covering your back this week.

CAPRICORN:  Home, parents and inner security are all areas of possible frustration and confusion on the Full Moon.  Clarity reigns again on the 24 when Full Moon energies die down.  Friends are front and center throughout the work week and they bring you opportunities, positive encouragement and support - especially on Halloween Eve.

AQUARIUS:  Take your time traveling from point to point on Friday the Full Moon.  Getting lost, and confusion with appointments can easily happen - careful with the spoken and written word too.  Good news regarding career may float your way on the 25 and 28.  Schedule a consult with Jean

PISCES:  Money dealings, income and values of self-worth can be points of confusion on the Full Moon - let things lie and don't try to figure it all out as many things will be redeemed during the work week.  Travel, publishing and marketing receive positive energy on the 25 and 28.