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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week Starting October 15th

We have one full week of Librian energy left before the Sun shifts into Scorpio on the 23rd.  Communications and how we put energy out into our environments are beautifully aspected this week.
Informational clarity arrives on the 16 when the Sun conjuncts Mercury.  The moon traverses Aquarius that day adding to the mental and communicative energy.   Inventive ideas, insights into problems and situations, and a busy day of phone calls, emails and conversations may pepper the day.  Pay attention to the information you receive as it will bring much needed clarity to your day.

Neptune and Chiron have been embracing all month asking us to accept our human limitations and to heel the hurt within.  During the process of healing we can then also extend that same compassion to our fellow travelers.  This can be a highly creative combination too and this week both Mercury (the 18) and then the Sun (the 19) make a beautiful trine to this soothing energy.  Deeper understanding and then action projected out into your environment can bring a positive flow to your life and your state of mind.

Mars the energy of action trines Jupiter on the 20 bringing a day of buoyancy and action.  The Moon shifts into action oriented Aries. Make a move and take a step towards doing something you've been too fearful or hesitant to do as things should turn out well.  Schedule a consult with Jean

ARIES:  It's a beautiful week in your neighborhood.  Partnerships blend well with your goals and there is a plentitude of  inspiration to go around...share it with the one's you love.  Ideas can easily be transformed into action.  Listen to your partners on the 16 as they may carry some insights you have overlooked.

TAURUS:  Divine guidance embraces your work environment, collegues and your career.  Positive energy flows through your days, tasks, health and schedule.  Expect "easy" breakthroughs in these areas and know that you are supported and respected.  The 16 may be a busy day of phone calls and emails so please pay attention to the information flow that day.  Future plans with partners are blessed on the 20. 

GEMINI:  Your creativity, self-expression and the "impact" you can make communicating are all highlighted and supported this week.  If you find yourself traveling it will be a upbeat and soothing experience.  Classes, publishing and marketing are all inspired activities to engage in as well.  Circle the 16 as a power house day to present and persuade.  Schedule a consult with Jean

CANCER:  Things are flowing nicely in your home and this week your home IS your castle.  An innate sense of well-being may overtake you providing comforting glimpses of peace and harmony.  A perfect week to beautify your surroundings and invite company.  The 20 brings a day full of creative fun and inspiration.

LEO:  Your ruling planet the Sun conjuncts Mercury in your communication house on the 16.  A happy, upbeat and talkative day with neighbors and siblings.  On the 19 the Sun sends missives to Neptune bringing a day of positive interactions with partners and important others.  You then follow up with action on the 20th.

VIRGO:  Clarity regarding finances and your self-worth are heading your way on the 16.  If there are deals to negotiate you are in an excellent position.  The 18 brings a wonderful opportunity to imagine and create new avenues of income.  You may also receive a clear message letting you know that you are indeed appreciated.

LIBRA:  The Sun/Mercury conjunction occurs in your sign on the 16.  It is a prime time to communicate who you really are and why you are doing what you are doing.  If you need to convince someone of something this is your day!  Work and financial partnerships shine on the 20, expect some bonuses to come your way.

SCORPIO:  Someone or something from your past is coming up for review and the 16 is an ample time to wrap your head around a certain friend and situation.  Expect a boost on a very personal level to come your way on the 20 and this lovely day focuses on your children and your creativity.  Schedule a consult with Jean

SAGITTARIUS:  Friends are bringing you news of inspiration and clarity.  They hold information that is important to you in a very personal way.  Look to the 16 as a banner day to spend with friends and discuss goals.  On the 20 Mars the energy of action, hooks up with your ruler Jupiter delivering a day of deep inner "knowing" regarding your emotional security.

CAPRICORN:  Important information regarding your career should arrive on the 16...now, this may be an internal epiphany, but chances are this is delivered through an external source.  While Venus retrogrades through your friendship sector people from the past may start showing up in an effort to help you re-ignite your personal goals and thought process.  Look to the 20 as an inspiring day to put in fresh energy to infuse a project.

AQUARIUS:  Your philosophy of life and your collective understanding is opening up to a higher level of inspiration and peace.  This in turn effects the quality of "how" you live your life and express yourself.  This week you're beliefs and faith are notched up yet again as you see the possibilities of your manifestations taking hold.

PISCES:  Mercury and your ruling planet Neptune are making an easy alignment in the inner most parts of your being.  A state of grace is being offered and the deeper parts of self are receiving healing and blessings - circle the 18 as a day to become ultra aware.  The 20 is a perfect day for travel, presentations and inspired action.  Schedule a consult with Jean