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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dreaming of FALLING

Dreams of Falling can be a disturbing experience leaving us breathless and anxious upon awakening.   
Yet if we remember that our dreams are there to help us vent emotions we can realize that dreaming is our own very personal form of therapy.  Dreams help us vent our emotions, unlike our waking hours where we can be held captive by social norms and putting on a "brave face."  Dreams allows us to experience our fears in safety and help to balance out our emotional landscape.
Dreaming of Falling frequently indicates a fear of losing control.  Most likely there is a situation in your life in which you feel a sense of helplessness or a lack of mastery.  It's a misnomer that if you fall and hit that you will die or that a heart attack is sure to follow.

In Western society especially, we are socialized to go after what we want and to attempt to control our environment.  What if the only "real" control is within self?  We DO have the ability to control our responses and how we will choose to interpret the events in our lives.

DREAMING OF FALLING:  out of control, loss of control; fear of losing control.
  • Being hurt after a fall - some damage or poor results that need to be addressed
  • Landing hard - a frightening time but you will survive the situation
  • Landing upright - "landing on your feet;" the situation is not as scary as you anticipated
  • Not surviving the fall - a part of self that is no longer useful in the forward movement/growth in your life experience; death of a "part of self;" death of a situation.
When things are spiraling out of control it may be a time to let go....to surrender to a life situation that you simply cannot control any longer.  There is honor in that and allows you to be open for "new" situations and people to enter your life.  We are in a constant cycle of death and rebirth..nothing is static in this life and this too "shall pass."

Trusting in a higher wisdom, god, spirit .... whatever your belief system adheres to, may be just the orientation needed to propel you forward in a new and more fulfilling direction.