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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week Starting Friday, September 24th

In Libra the Sun's energy is focusing on relationships.  Libra weighs both sides of any situation, and sometimes this process seems endless! In Libra, the Sun is concerned about not rocking the boat and not rubbing others the wrong way. Tactfulness, style, tolerance, and sociability are some of the keywords for Libra.

The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction last week provided new "ways" of looking at and doing life, and provided glimpses into fresh awareness and opportunities.  Like the snake shedding it's skin we are moving away from the "sucker-punch" emotional experiences of August.

The Sun squares Pluto on the 25th and you may experience a challenge or two.  Unless you seek a heated exchange it may be best to walk away and just let the air clear.  Surrender and wait it out.

The Sun then conjuncts Saturn on the 30th - a serious day.  Commitments made now will hang around a long time so please choose with care. 

October 1st features Mercury opposition Jupiter.  Refine big ideas until they develop stronger definition, explore the possibilities and then execute.

ARIES:  Life can be mysterious and magical as depths of possibility are awakening in your mind and soul.  The Full Moon brought to the fore the challenges of being you and being in relationship and this week there are responsibilities and commitments to be managed.

TAURUS:   Relating is both sweet and energetic.  Others in your world may be both stirring up confrontations and seeking compatible compromise.  Your work commitments are also front and center and it's a good time to make headway.

GEMINI:  The contrast between what you want and what your friends want dissipates.  The Libra Sun asks you to create your next masterpiece, enjoy your children and express yourself.  Work is still front and center too.

CANCER:   The Sun shifts into your area of home Cancer.  Nesting, cooking, having friends over for dinner and sprucing up your abode will be satisfying activities for you.  Meanwhile, creative projects and your children deposit plenty of energy and satisfaction to your days.

LEO:  Siblings, phone calls, buying and selling are a focus for you.  There are some serious and binding exchanges for you to deal with this week.  Home is both a place of great activity and pleasure.

VIRGO:  Shifts and changes within your relationships require time to process and ponder.  The Sun's shift into Libra brings your attention and focus to money making activities, you may hit a road bump or two this week, take the long view and go with the flow.

LIBRA:  The Libra sun meets up with grounding and practical Saturn on the 30th.  Maturing influences abound.  If you've felt that you've been in a tunnel without much light you'll find yourself feeling better and better as the weeks unfold.  

SCORPIO:  Time for a little reflection and solitude?  You are ending your solar year this month and will begin anew next month.  Make time for a little downtime to restore, replenish and rejuvenate.   

SAGITTARIUS:  Social activities pick up so accept some of those invitations floating your way.  Yes, you are still feeling a need for rest and relaxation but don't let it cross the line into a hermits existence.  This week your friends are your greatest teachers.

CAPRICORN:  Making headway and tending to commitments is on your agenda in the area of career and community.  You may be asked to take on additional responsibility.  If something is put on hold trust the wisdom of the adage "when the time is right."

AQUARIUS:  Openings on the work front should have presented itself last week.  This week you roll your sleeves up and get to work.  Commitment and a possible power struggle or two may turn up regarding career direction.  Breath through it and let it pass.

PISCES:  Startling and surprising personal breakthroughs were the soup de jour last week and opened a new portal into self-understanding.  The new dawning of understanding continues and asks you to passionately embrace your journey.

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