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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week Starting Friday, September 17th

Surprises and opportunities present themselves as Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Pisces.  Express your genius, ride the river of crazy changes and expand your artistic creativity.  Breakthroughs and manifestations of personal desires can arrive in all shapes and guises. 

The moon grows full on the 23rd in Aries while the Sun shines in the opposite sign of Libra.  Independence versus partnership is highlighted under the Full Moon and asks the question what are you willing to compromise for the good of others and what "must" you do to feel like an actualized independent human being? 

The Sun shifts into relationship oriented Libra on the 23rd starting a four week period when the emphasis is on strengthening current partnerships and forging new ones.  Libras enjoy social graces, intelligent discussions, strategic business initiatives, beauty and the arts.

ARIES:   Personal revelations, unveiled secrets and spiritual epiphanies may come popping at you out of nowhere - interesting.  The focus shifts from work to your primary relationships.  Expect the dawning of new understandings to unfold at the Full Moon.  This weekend is a prime time to tackle undertakings that require hard work and focused attention.

TAURUS:  A friend or associate may be the messenger of some mind blowing news.   A new acquaintance may pop onto the scene helping you to initiate a cherished goal.  Your personal energy flows into your work situation highlighting fresh awareness at the Full Moon.

GEMINI:  Opportunities within your work or community standing come fast and unexpectedly.  Grab them with both hands and ride the river of creative genius.  The sun slides into your fun and creative house for the next 4 weeks directing you to spread love and laughter.  The Full Moon highlights the contrast between doing your own thing and doing what friends expect of you.

CANCER:  Your view of the world around you has been changing.  This week another level of understanding ignites and enhances your belief system.  As the Moon grows Full an awareness of your role in the world becomes clearer as does your understanding of how early conditioning has influenced the person you've become.  Home and domestic roots become the focus as the Sun moves into Libra.

LEO:   The 8th house is secretive and involves functions of the feeling and psychic nature.  Confronting unhealthy emotional patterns receives a helping hand with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.  You may ask yourself what the heck you where thinking and change course on a dime.  The Full Moon highlights women at a distance, in-laws and travel.

VIRGO:  Partnerships invigorate, excite and provide you with new approaches to old problems. Fresh alliances can be formed this week.  The Sun moves into your earned income sector providing the energy and impetus to grow your nest egg.  Contracts, investments, loans, taxes and shared resources grow in importance at the Full Moon.

LIBRA:  Unexpected job offers and work opportunities may be offered this week.  With Venus spending the rest of the year in your money sector the time is ripe to strengthen your financial position.  You've slogged it out long enough. The Sun moves into your sign and your new solar year is officially underway.  The Full Moon brings relationship matters front and center.  Time to decide what stays and what needs to go.

SCORPIO:  Are you feeling the love?  Venus is now firmly ensconced in your sign until the end of the year....a highly unusual and long visitation.  Love, creativity and the affairs of children hold an unexpected surprise intent on uplifting you and your preconceived ideas of what can be.  Quiet time is needed with the Sun's movement into your 12th house.  Work versus private time is the balance to be reached at the Full Moon.

SAGITTARIUS:   Positive movement in the home and with family can be expected this week.  Friends appear to brighten your days and to provide encouragement.  Money should be finding it's way to you with Pluto's forward movement.   The Full Moon brings light hearted fun and flirtatiousness.

CAPRICORN:  You receive the green light for travel, teaching and publishing.  Surprising and innovative conversations give your creative ambition a jump start.  Venus is entrenched in your friendship and associations sector; money can be earned through group involvements.  At the Full Moon home and hearth beckons.

AQUARIUS:   You are an inventive and creative creature.  Opportunities to prove your worth and in turn, bring in more money will find their way to you this week.  If in the next 4 weeks you find yourself traveling it will be an uplifting experience.  Cars and communications require attention at the time of the Full Moon.

PISCES:  Personal revelations, eureka moments and excitement regarding future possibilities are part of your experience now.  You have been in the process of reinventing yourself and this week you are receiving some clear information about your next steps.  The Sun enters your 8th house of emotional well-being.  The Full Moon falls in your 2nd house of earned income and self-worth.