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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, September 10th

The energies take on a distinctive Scorpio flavor mid-month.  Pluto the planet ruling Scorpio, money, intensity, investigation, obsessiveness and sex turns direct on the 13th as does Mercury just one day prior on the 12th.  These two compadres will now begin to function as they should as talk and intention become aligned.

Mars joins Venus in Scorpio on the 14th.  How people assert themselves and "attract" leave the civility of Libra and become more instinctual and intense when operating in Scorpio.  Natives with these placements make great investigators and psychologists as digging beneath superficiality is as natural as breathing.

Mars trines Neptune over the weekend indicating a wonderful time for artistic endeavors and spiritual expression.  Venus sextiling Pluto on the 12th suggests positive and deep feelings surrounding love and money.

ARIES:    With Pluto retrograde in your career house since April it may have been difficult to make substantial progress in your career but now the tides are turning.  Coupled with Mars and Venus in your 8th house of commissions, taxes, unemployment insurance, court settlements, and loans this week focuses on your career direction and resources.  An excellent time to potentially renegotiate company benefits and commission structures.

TAURUS:  A stable and prosperous time for business partnerships as Pluto turns direct.  With Venus and Mars in your 7th house of partnership expect a strengthening and deepening of current ties. Circle the 12th as a day of fortuitous movement in these very areas.  Mercury turns direct in your house of pleasure and love.  A very nice week indeed!

GEMINI:  Finances should start looking mucho better with Pluto's direct shift in your earned income sector.  Things have been tough through the summer months!  Work is in the forefront with Venus and Mars shifting into Scorpio and you won't mind working for your money.  The workplace is energetic and pleasant.  Communication is no longer a muddied affair as Mercury moves direct and adds a comfortable level of internal security.

CANCER:  Financial aid, venture capital, and government loans may become areas of discussion with partners as Pluto moves direct - the way forward should now prove much easier.  Love and laughter may also be in the cards and Venus and Pluto pair up in your fun house.  Communications finally start to make sense.

LEO:  Mars is now energizing your home and family life.  Projects that involve renovation, decoration and repairs are all given the green light. Venus is in tow so it will be a positive and pleasant use of your time.  Pluto moves direct in your work sector signaling that delays and stalls will soon be history.

VIRGO:  The party is leaving your second house of earned income and moving into your communication area.  Sales, pitches, contract signing, and all messages of importance can now be handled with aplomb.  The added benefit of Mercury moving forward in your sign lifts communications restraints and frees you up to implement plans.  

LIBRA:  You gleaned plenty of attention with Mars and Venus placing the spotlight firmly on you.  Now, however, the energies shift into your earned income sector and you are positioned to be the happy recipient of increased of monetary gain.  Your job and employment scene is enhanced and now is a good time to win new clients and special assignments.

SCORPIO:  The wind is at your back Scorp.  You feel energized and others find you extra appealing now.  Ask for favors as your ruling planet moves forward in your 3rd house of communications - a powerful time for pitches, new writing or teaching assignments, and car purchases.  Friends may have important messages for you.

SAGITTARIUS:   Your ruling planet Jupiter slips back into Pisces indicating a favorable time period (until the end of the year) for finding workable solutions regarding your home, where you live and your parents.  Partners have been unusually quiet with the Mercury retrograde but the lines of communications are opening once again.  Spiritual practice and solitude serve you well while Venus and Mars inhabit your 12th house.

CAPRICORN:   For months Pluto has stymied your biggest plans and you work better and more decisively when this power house is moving forward, well, this power house is now moving forward!  Your engines are revving and all systems are go.  Friends and group affiliations are energized and you can expect to attract favorable circumstances and contacts.  

AQUARIUS:  Mercury's retrograde in your 8th house of other people's money may have seen you waiting anxiously for checks to come in....well, here comes your just due.  Mars and Venus are career contributors so start planning new projects and pitches as all should go well now. 

PISCES:  Travel can be a marvelous experience as Mars and Venus visit your 9th house of travel, in-laws, publishing, marketing and sales.  All of these areas are well starred for the next few weeks.  Partnership talks can now resume as Mercury moves out of it's stupored state and reinvigorates communication.