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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Precognitive Dreaming

In grade school I started having precognitive dreams.  Precognitive dreaming is dreaming of something that seemingly happens in the future.  I thought everyone had precognitive dreams on a regular basis.  My grandmother was a precognitive dreamer and early in life gave me a book about Edgar Caycee and dreaming.

Grandma Grace had the ability to call us up and tell us what grades we received (before we told her)!  She once had a dream of riding in a red car and it crashing.  The next day she fell ill and was not able to join her friend in a shopping spree.  The very next day her friend had a terrible accident on the way to the mall, her friend had borrowed a car that day and it was red.

This begs the question is time linear?  What do you think?  Einstein spent a great deal of time pondering that question and strongly felt that it wasn't so.  Carl Jung contended that we are all part of a collective unconscious and that every word spoken, every thought pondered and every action taken is out there in the ether for each individual to access.  That we are ALL that connected!!  

In the 80's I dreamed of Princess Diana.  She had fallen into a lake and people were looking for her luggage.  She was preparing to visit my sister (who in reality had died from Cancer) and to speak with the group my sister belonged to.  My sister's "group" was preparing for her.  Three months later Diana perished in the car crash in Paris.

Another time I dreamed of the cartoon character Donal Duck.  Within 6 months I met a "character" by the name of Donald who became an important figure in my life.

-In March of 2001 I dreamed of an atomic bomb that went off in the North (I live in NC) and it was East of me too.  We were not directly affected but this bomb would have far reaching affects.
-August 2001 I dreamed of a plane crashing - it went end over end.  In the dream I was wearing pajamas and talking to my friend Aimiee Darling (a pharmacist by profession).  On 9/11 when the planes hit the towers we all know it occurred in the morning hours (pajamas) and I was in my office on the phone speaking with a manager for a pharmaceutical company.  Hmmm.

I have countless precognitive dreams dating back to childhood and dreaming is a familiar language that provides me with information, education and a pictorial experience that enhances and deepens my daily life experience.