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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Goddess Turns Retrograde October 8th


BUT in the interim I thought I would write up a little diddy on Venus Retrograde.

The planet ruling love, money and "what" we value is planning to move in reverse from October 8th until November 18th in the zodiac sign of Scorpio and briefly backs into Libra in November. Venus will enter Scorpio September 8th and leave January 7, 2011. Venus retrogrades in the same sign every 8 years as she did October 10 – November 21, 2002.

Venus will be traveling through Scorpio and to make this cycle even more passionate is that Mars will also be transiting Scorpio making for a powerful and intensely desirous nature from September 14 through October 27. 

When planets turn direct or retrograde is when their effects are strongest for a few days before and after and during the retrograde phase when the planet aligns with the Sun. The dates to watch will be around October 8th when Venus turns retrograde, October 28th when Venus conjuncts the Sun, and November 18th as Venus turns direct. The US will have our mid-term elections during this cycle, which could indicate a contentious election with both parties (or is it 3 now?) displeased with the outcomes.

Read your sign to get a hint as to the areas you will be reviewing and revising.  Love relationships tend to cool down while partners become more introspective.  Allow for this space and evaluation period.

ARIES:  The goddess of love and beauty does the backward mambo in the area of shared resources.  A re-think is in order with loans, taxes, company money, and "how" you share. How do you express intimacy both emotionally and sexually?  This can be a time to reach deeper into your emotional life and to work through any barriers. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

TAURUS:  Your ruling planet Venus is retrograding in your house of others.  How perfect is that?  Scorpio rules your 7th house of partnership and you desire deep and intense emotional connections - Mars and Venus provide just that.  A wonderful time to hone your partnering skills and love the one you're with. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

GEMINI:  You're airy mercurial nature is not always comfortable with the deep emotional waters of desire but consider this as your classroom through the month of October.  Working with your own desire nature in the areas of your work, your body, your pets and your health can be a wonderful exercise in self-exploration.  There may be a love interest in connection with the work that you do. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

CANCER:  Love and sex can be a strong aphrodisiac for you Crab.  The pull of desire is knocking but is there reticence in the air?  Ex-lovers may pop up just to remind and educate.  What DO you need and want from a lover?  You'll be managing your own internal red light / green light concerns - embrace this process. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

LEO:  Home and hearth is where your heart and libido reside in October.  The first auspice of Autumn may see you firmly ensconced in your abode alternatively writing love poems and panting for more.  Home renovation and beautification projects can be very satisfying too.  Stronger self-confidence and comfort within self is the goal. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

VIRGO:  Venus is blessing your gift of gab.  Your thoughts and words are more friendly and loving.  A good time to revisit former writing efforts and contracts, give your car the present of some detailing, tell your siblings you love them, schmooze with the neighbors, give a presentation, teach and write a little poetry.  Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

LIBRA:  Your planet Venus is motivating the entrepreneur within.  Now is the time to fatten your savings account and hold on to your money.  Not a wise period for spending on luxury items and non-essentials.  With Mars in your money sector you are motivated to bring it on in, just please hold onto it for the time being and wait for your over-indulgent yearnings to pass.  Also, a poignant time to meditate on self-esteem and what you "value." Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

SCORPIO:  How do you go about attracting what you want?  Do you wait timidly and hope?  Do you energetically align with the feelings and attitudes of those things and people that you want in your spatial reality?  Venus rules love and money but she also is the energy that "attracts."  Spend some time with this process as she's giving you the gift of self-awareness and self-empowerment. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

SAGITTARIUS:  The goddess is luring you into her web of the past and she wants this to be a beautiful journey.  What gifts have you received from your family of origin?  There is beauty and peace to be found in solitude and spiritual practice.  Wisdom lies waiting there too.  On the mundane level there may be private or secretive attractions and desires . Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

CAPRICORN:  Friends want the best for you now and the possibility of former "interests" popping up is highly probable.  Love can be found within your circle of friends or associates but the timing isn't quite right with Venus in the backward slide.  The timing may be better in late November and December. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

AQUARIUS:  Energy is being directed out into your career, authority types and community affairs.  There may be an attraction for someone in any one of these areas.  You may also be pondering your work and the value it provides to others.  A good time for good impressions but don't ask for more until November. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

PISCES:  Venus may be asking you to travel back to places and times of pleasure - both literally and metaphorically.  Long distance travel is favored to beautiful places you've visited before.  Your view of your world is up review and you are being asked to find the beauty in all that is.  Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean