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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall's Seasonal Horoscope for 2010

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The entrepreneurial spirit was ignited while Jupiter spent the summer in fiery Aries.  September harness’s that energy bringing Jupiter, the planet ruling expansion and growth, back into Pisces for the remainder of 2010.  Collectively, we are all moving through massive changes at both the micro and macro levels.  Finances, business, family and relationships are all areas of shifts and transformation. Old and obsolete paradigms are ending and we will begin to see and get a foothold on the new in the Spring of 2011.

Surprise and innovation abounds near September 19th when Jupiter embraces jolts from out of the blue Uranus. The planet ruling communication starts gradually moving forward on the 21st and business as usual can start to be well “usual” once again.  The markets should start to regain their footing with the big money planet Pluto moving direct on the 13th.  Give him time as he slowly gains traction and look to November as a stronger period for investments and earnings.

Love and money are in focus when Venus decides to think things over during October and November.  Venus retrograding is akin to going back to balance your checkbook, but this checkbook not only includes your financial resources but also your emotional resources.  She asks us to evaluate what and whom we value.  What we value defines a large portion of who we “are” as individuals.  People tend to not be as demonstrative in their affections when Venus is retrograding and the energy turns inward for a time.

Picking up momentum in November is the planet Neptune who rules over creativity, spirituality, addictions, medicine, oil and the ocean; he turns direct on the 7th.  Jupiter (faith, expansion, opportunity) and Venus both turn direct on November 18th.   All of the planets with the exception of Uranus are now beginning to move at their natural and normal speed.  During the winter months we’ll begin to experience a time of fast and lasting change.

ARIES:  Jupiter blessed you over the summer and currently you are resting up for one of your biggest years ever in 2011.  The Sun and Mars are moving through houses that are opposite your sign indicating a stronger need to collaborate with others throughout the season.  Venus retrograde affects your partnerships, a compassionate reminder that patience is a virtue.  The Full Moon falls in your sign on October 22nd

TAURUS:  When your ruling planet Venus retrogrades your energy goes a little sideways too.  September and October are not your strongest months to push forward your agenda and October is the perfect month for some much needed downtime.  November is all about partnerships and potential renegotiations regarding love and money.  New starts in partnerships are given the green light November 6th with the New Moon in Scorpio.

GEMINI:  Friendships brought good luck your way over the summer, now the planet of largess, Jupiter, has slipped back into your career and authority house.  He has his sights on enhancing both your reputation in your community and providing you with a boost of confidence in your career.  By October life will return to a semblance of normalcy when wheeling and dealing is once again favored. 

CANCER:  Uplifting and exciting experiences await if you plan to travel around the 19th of September.  Publishing, teaching or media projects may also provide the means for stimulating advances.  Communication “finally” straightens out in October.  The New Moon on October 7th is an advantageous time for creative endeavors and time spent with children.  Next year the focus will shift away from partnership towards work, spiritual endeavors and psychological health.

LEO:    Along with Venus retrograding through your house of home and family, Jupiter returns to your area of shared resources for the remainder of the year to lend a helping hand with loans, debt and intimacy.  House renovations and refinancing is a valuable use of your time especially around the New Moon on November 6th.    Neptune moves forward in your relationship sector providing inspiration and clarity from November 7th onward.

VIRGO:  Mercury, your ruling planet, retrogrades in your sign through most of September. Please prepare to double up on all communication efforts.  Your personal New Moon arrives on September 8th providing you the ability to make a lasting impression. Jupiter returns back to your partnership area for the rest of the year where you are pleasantly basking in the rays of your significant others benevolence.

LIBRA:  Taskmaster Saturn has taken up residence in your sign for the next two years.  Starting a new business, slimming down and donning, at times, a rather serious demeanor can be part and parcel of your modus operandi.  You are cutting away the chafe and getting down to business.  Your personal New Moon on October 7th adds rocket fuel to your personal energy and drive.

SCORPIO:  Heavyweight Pluto, your sign ruler, moves back into gear commencing on September 13th empowering your gumption and drive - “may the force be with you.”  Venus retrogrades in your sign in October serving up plenty of food for thought regarding love and finance.  On November 6th the Moon grows new in your sign and favors you for the next 4 weeks.

SAGITTARIUS:  Except for the summer months the beneficent planet Jupiter (also your sign’s ruler) resided in your house of home, parents, family and domicile.  Now he revisits this area conspiring to create happy personal experiences.  Neptune clicks into gear in your communication house paving the way for yet another creative revolution.

CAPRICORN:  Move forward with your personal agenda beginning mid-September.  Travel can be riddled with delays.  The New Moon in your charts Midheaven bodes well for career advancement beginning around October 7th and may also bring a few long lost friends back into the picture.  The Full Moon on November 21st finds you happily enjoying love and life.

AQUARIUS:  Look for another infusion of expansion and surprise on September 19th when your ruling planet Uranus hooks up with opportunistic Jupiter.  New money making schemes may land in your lap as quickly as bolts of lightening from the sky.  Venus retrogrades in your career sector providing an extended period of time when people find you extra appealing and appreciation flows to you from authority figures.

PISCES:  Returning home to your sign for the remainder of the year is Jupiter.  He is providing yet another window of opportunity for personal growth and expansion.  Important personal surprises find their way to you during mid-September.  November promises insight and clarity regarding psychological motivations.