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Friday, September 17, 2010

Dreaming of Those Who Have Passed

"The startling fact is that the death-state is more nearly a normal one for a soul than is earthly existence.  The usual human question of whether earthly consciousness survives death is backwards.  The important question for a soul is how much of its normal awareness and creativity, and contact with the divine, will survive its birth into a body."  Edgar Cayce

Through the years of working with dreams many people have shared that they have dreamed of their loved ones who have crossed over.  I, too have had many such dreams and always find them comforting.  My father who passed over in May 2001 came to me in a dream in August of that same year.  It was a precognitive dream about the impending 9/11 disaster.  In the dream he was simply there almost as an overseer but his glasses where no longer square shaped, they are now round.  I interpreted that to be that his view of the larger picture was more rounded and inclusive.

Later in 2001 he came to me in another dream.  In this dream he was standing in front of a brick house with a garden on the left.  He had his arm around a graying man who had not clearly materialized yet (think Star Trek and the "beam me up Scottie" process).  I was working in hi-tech staffing at the time for a wonderful woman named Susan.  Soon after the dream I learned that her father was very sick and dying.  I shared the dream with her (in an effort to comfort her) and her eyes grew wide.  She shared that she had a picture of her father standing in front of his home and he had a garden near the house.  Shortly thereafter her father passed.  An incredible dream!  We live in an endless sea of knowledge beyond what the human mind can often comprehend.

My sister came to me in a dream during a time period in which I was struggling with a friendship.  In the dream she stated very clearly, "You need to let her go Jean, she does not understand you and is not capable of the kind of friendship that you are seeking."  I did follow her advice and although difficult at the time, did not regret ending the friendship.

Cacye states, "Because certain well-developed souls see more after death than do the living, these souls are in a position to bring to the dreamer guidance on many things:  health, financial affairs, social causes, social service, and relationships with the living."

Have you dreamed of those who have passed?  Did you find it comforting?  Please share your experiences.  Love and Light - Jean