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Friday, September 24, 2010

Dreaming of CARS

Dreaming of Cars relates to the practical maneuvering through the physical world; your journey through life; power, energy and direction.

Car that's tailgating:  feeling pressured; a competitor that is "gaining on you;" a situation or person from the past that is hard to forget.

Light Blue Car:  blue is the color of the divine, your higher self may be asking the dreamer to be aware of the spiritual side of life; intuition; feeling down

Borrowing someone else's car:   admiring the qualities of another; help given my another

Brakes going out:  going too fast for comfort; a need to slow down

Broken engine/car repair:  reevalutation needed - may be on the right track in life but need to make some adjustments; physical problems or illness

Car in garage:  not utilizing your talents and abilities; saving your energy; resting

Car in water:  emotional situation

Car tipping over:  approach to life or project is not well balanced or on track; altercation; mishap; stumbling block; ill health

Desire for another to drive or pick you up:  needing support; resources and strength from another; not wanting to make decisions; lack of accountability

Driving between road and water:  utilizing both practical and spiritual energies - left brain/right brain; head and heart

Dreamer driving:  in control of your destination

Everyone taking their own car when they should be in one car:  lack of teamwork; "too many Chiefs and not enough Indians"

Having more than one car:  options; choices in life; internal resources; many talents and abilities

Learning to drive:  learning to take responsibility; taking control although still learning; responsibility to self

Low on gas:  feeling run down; low on energy; need for rest and relaxation; refueling:  re-energizing, taking a break

New car:  opportunity; new attitude; fresh energy

Old car:  wisdom; the aging process; outdated attitudes and habits

White car:  spiritual journey