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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Goddess Turns Retrograde October 8th


BUT in the interim I thought I would write up a little diddy on Venus Retrograde.

The planet ruling love, money and "what" we value is planning to move in reverse from October 8th until November 18th in the zodiac sign of Scorpio and briefly backs into Libra in November. Venus will enter Scorpio September 8th and leave January 7, 2011. Venus retrogrades in the same sign every 8 years as she did October 10 – November 21, 2002.

Venus will be traveling through Scorpio and to make this cycle even more passionate is that Mars will also be transiting Scorpio making for a powerful and intensely desirous nature from September 14 through October 27. 

When planets turn direct or retrograde is when their effects are strongest for a few days before and after and during the retrograde phase when the planet aligns with the Sun. The dates to watch will be around October 8th when Venus turns retrograde, October 28th when Venus conjuncts the Sun, and November 18th as Venus turns direct. The US will have our mid-term elections during this cycle, which could indicate a contentious election with both parties (or is it 3 now?) displeased with the outcomes.

Read your sign to get a hint as to the areas you will be reviewing and revising.  Love relationships tend to cool down while partners become more introspective.  Allow for this space and evaluation period.

ARIES:  The goddess of love and beauty does the backward mambo in the area of shared resources.  A re-think is in order with loans, taxes, company money, and "how" you share. How do you express intimacy both emotionally and sexually?  This can be a time to reach deeper into your emotional life and to work through any barriers. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

TAURUS:  Your ruling planet Venus is retrograding in your house of others.  How perfect is that?  Scorpio rules your 7th house of partnership and you desire deep and intense emotional connections - Mars and Venus provide just that.  A wonderful time to hone your partnering skills and love the one you're with. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

GEMINI:  You're airy mercurial nature is not always comfortable with the deep emotional waters of desire but consider this as your classroom through the month of October.  Working with your own desire nature in the areas of your work, your body, your pets and your health can be a wonderful exercise in self-exploration.  There may be a love interest in connection with the work that you do. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

CANCER:  Love and sex can be a strong aphrodisiac for you Crab.  The pull of desire is knocking but is there reticence in the air?  Ex-lovers may pop up just to remind and educate.  What DO you need and want from a lover?  You'll be managing your own internal red light / green light concerns - embrace this process. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

LEO:  Home and hearth is where your heart and libido reside in October.  The first auspice of Autumn may see you firmly ensconced in your abode alternatively writing love poems and panting for more.  Home renovation and beautification projects can be very satisfying too.  Stronger self-confidence and comfort within self is the goal. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

VIRGO:  Venus is blessing your gift of gab.  Your thoughts and words are more friendly and loving.  A good time to revisit former writing efforts and contracts, give your car the present of some detailing, tell your siblings you love them, schmooze with the neighbors, give a presentation, teach and write a little poetry.  Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

LIBRA:  Your planet Venus is motivating the entrepreneur within.  Now is the time to fatten your savings account and hold on to your money.  Not a wise period for spending on luxury items and non-essentials.  With Mars in your money sector you are motivated to bring it on in, just please hold onto it for the time being and wait for your over-indulgent yearnings to pass.  Also, a poignant time to meditate on self-esteem and what you "value." Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

SCORPIO:  How do you go about attracting what you want?  Do you wait timidly and hope?  Do you energetically align with the feelings and attitudes of those things and people that you want in your spatial reality?  Venus rules love and money but she also is the energy that "attracts."  Spend some time with this process as she's giving you the gift of self-awareness and self-empowerment. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

SAGITTARIUS:  The goddess is luring you into her web of the past and she wants this to be a beautiful journey.  What gifts have you received from your family of origin?  There is beauty and peace to be found in solitude and spiritual practice.  Wisdom lies waiting there too.  On the mundane level there may be private or secretive attractions and desires . Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

CAPRICORN:  Friends want the best for you now and the possibility of former "interests" popping up is highly probable.  Love can be found within your circle of friends or associates but the timing isn't quite right with Venus in the backward slide.  The timing may be better in late November and December. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

AQUARIUS:  Energy is being directed out into your career, authority types and community affairs.  There may be an attraction for someone in any one of these areas.  You may also be pondering your work and the value it provides to others.  A good time for good impressions but don't ask for more until November. Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

PISCES:  Venus may be asking you to travel back to places and times of pleasure - both literally and metaphorically.  Long distance travel is favored to beautiful places you've visited before.  Your view of your world is up review and you are being asked to find the beauty in all that is.  Schedule a full  and personalized consult with Jean

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dreaming of CARS

Dreaming of Cars relates to the practical maneuvering through the physical world; your journey through life; power, energy and direction.

Car that's tailgating:  feeling pressured; a competitor that is "gaining on you;" a situation or person from the past that is hard to forget.

Light Blue Car:  blue is the color of the divine, your higher self may be asking the dreamer to be aware of the spiritual side of life; intuition; feeling down

Borrowing someone else's car:   admiring the qualities of another; help given my another

Brakes going out:  going too fast for comfort; a need to slow down

Broken engine/car repair:  reevalutation needed - may be on the right track in life but need to make some adjustments; physical problems or illness

Car in garage:  not utilizing your talents and abilities; saving your energy; resting

Car in water:  emotional situation

Car tipping over:  approach to life or project is not well balanced or on track; altercation; mishap; stumbling block; ill health

Desire for another to drive or pick you up:  needing support; resources and strength from another; not wanting to make decisions; lack of accountability

Driving between road and water:  utilizing both practical and spiritual energies - left brain/right brain; head and heart

Dreamer driving:  in control of your destination

Everyone taking their own car when they should be in one car:  lack of teamwork; "too many Chiefs and not enough Indians"

Having more than one car:  options; choices in life; internal resources; many talents and abilities

Learning to drive:  learning to take responsibility; taking control although still learning; responsibility to self

Low on gas:  feeling run down; low on energy; need for rest and relaxation; refueling:  re-energizing, taking a break

New car:  opportunity; new attitude; fresh energy

Old car:  wisdom; the aging process; outdated attitudes and habits

White car:  spiritual journey


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week Starting Friday, September 24th

In Libra the Sun's energy is focusing on relationships.  Libra weighs both sides of any situation, and sometimes this process seems endless! In Libra, the Sun is concerned about not rocking the boat and not rubbing others the wrong way. Tactfulness, style, tolerance, and sociability are some of the keywords for Libra.

The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction last week provided new "ways" of looking at and doing life, and provided glimpses into fresh awareness and opportunities.  Like the snake shedding it's skin we are moving away from the "sucker-punch" emotional experiences of August.

The Sun squares Pluto on the 25th and you may experience a challenge or two.  Unless you seek a heated exchange it may be best to walk away and just let the air clear.  Surrender and wait it out.

The Sun then conjuncts Saturn on the 30th - a serious day.  Commitments made now will hang around a long time so please choose with care. 

October 1st features Mercury opposition Jupiter.  Refine big ideas until they develop stronger definition, explore the possibilities and then execute.

ARIES:  Life can be mysterious and magical as depths of possibility are awakening in your mind and soul.  The Full Moon brought to the fore the challenges of being you and being in relationship and this week there are responsibilities and commitments to be managed.

TAURUS:   Relating is both sweet and energetic.  Others in your world may be both stirring up confrontations and seeking compatible compromise.  Your work commitments are also front and center and it's a good time to make headway.

GEMINI:  The contrast between what you want and what your friends want dissipates.  The Libra Sun asks you to create your next masterpiece, enjoy your children and express yourself.  Work is still front and center too.

CANCER:   The Sun shifts into your area of home Cancer.  Nesting, cooking, having friends over for dinner and sprucing up your abode will be satisfying activities for you.  Meanwhile, creative projects and your children deposit plenty of energy and satisfaction to your days.

LEO:  Siblings, phone calls, buying and selling are a focus for you.  There are some serious and binding exchanges for you to deal with this week.  Home is both a place of great activity and pleasure.

VIRGO:  Shifts and changes within your relationships require time to process and ponder.  The Sun's shift into Libra brings your attention and focus to money making activities, you may hit a road bump or two this week, take the long view and go with the flow.

LIBRA:  The Libra sun meets up with grounding and practical Saturn on the 30th.  Maturing influences abound.  If you've felt that you've been in a tunnel without much light you'll find yourself feeling better and better as the weeks unfold.  

SCORPIO:  Time for a little reflection and solitude?  You are ending your solar year this month and will begin anew next month.  Make time for a little downtime to restore, replenish and rejuvenate.   

SAGITTARIUS:  Social activities pick up so accept some of those invitations floating your way.  Yes, you are still feeling a need for rest and relaxation but don't let it cross the line into a hermits existence.  This week your friends are your greatest teachers.

CAPRICORN:  Making headway and tending to commitments is on your agenda in the area of career and community.  You may be asked to take on additional responsibility.  If something is put on hold trust the wisdom of the adage "when the time is right."

AQUARIUS:  Openings on the work front should have presented itself last week.  This week you roll your sleeves up and get to work.  Commitment and a possible power struggle or two may turn up regarding career direction.  Breath through it and let it pass.

PISCES:  Startling and surprising personal breakthroughs were the soup de jour last week and opened a new portal into self-understanding.  The new dawning of understanding continues and asks you to passionately embrace your journey.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall's Seasonal Horoscope for 2010

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The entrepreneurial spirit was ignited while Jupiter spent the summer in fiery Aries.  September harness’s that energy bringing Jupiter, the planet ruling expansion and growth, back into Pisces for the remainder of 2010.  Collectively, we are all moving through massive changes at both the micro and macro levels.  Finances, business, family and relationships are all areas of shifts and transformation. Old and obsolete paradigms are ending and we will begin to see and get a foothold on the new in the Spring of 2011.

Surprise and innovation abounds near September 19th when Jupiter embraces jolts from out of the blue Uranus. The planet ruling communication starts gradually moving forward on the 21st and business as usual can start to be well “usual” once again.  The markets should start to regain their footing with the big money planet Pluto moving direct on the 13th.  Give him time as he slowly gains traction and look to November as a stronger period for investments and earnings.

Love and money are in focus when Venus decides to think things over during October and November.  Venus retrograding is akin to going back to balance your checkbook, but this checkbook not only includes your financial resources but also your emotional resources.  She asks us to evaluate what and whom we value.  What we value defines a large portion of who we “are” as individuals.  People tend to not be as demonstrative in their affections when Venus is retrograding and the energy turns inward for a time.

Picking up momentum in November is the planet Neptune who rules over creativity, spirituality, addictions, medicine, oil and the ocean; he turns direct on the 7th.  Jupiter (faith, expansion, opportunity) and Venus both turn direct on November 18th.   All of the planets with the exception of Uranus are now beginning to move at their natural and normal speed.  During the winter months we’ll begin to experience a time of fast and lasting change.

ARIES:  Jupiter blessed you over the summer and currently you are resting up for one of your biggest years ever in 2011.  The Sun and Mars are moving through houses that are opposite your sign indicating a stronger need to collaborate with others throughout the season.  Venus retrograde affects your partnerships, a compassionate reminder that patience is a virtue.  The Full Moon falls in your sign on October 22nd

TAURUS:  When your ruling planet Venus retrogrades your energy goes a little sideways too.  September and October are not your strongest months to push forward your agenda and October is the perfect month for some much needed downtime.  November is all about partnerships and potential renegotiations regarding love and money.  New starts in partnerships are given the green light November 6th with the New Moon in Scorpio.

GEMINI:  Friendships brought good luck your way over the summer, now the planet of largess, Jupiter, has slipped back into your career and authority house.  He has his sights on enhancing both your reputation in your community and providing you with a boost of confidence in your career.  By October life will return to a semblance of normalcy when wheeling and dealing is once again favored. 

CANCER:  Uplifting and exciting experiences await if you plan to travel around the 19th of September.  Publishing, teaching or media projects may also provide the means for stimulating advances.  Communication “finally” straightens out in October.  The New Moon on October 7th is an advantageous time for creative endeavors and time spent with children.  Next year the focus will shift away from partnership towards work, spiritual endeavors and psychological health.

LEO:    Along with Venus retrograding through your house of home and family, Jupiter returns to your area of shared resources for the remainder of the year to lend a helping hand with loans, debt and intimacy.  House renovations and refinancing is a valuable use of your time especially around the New Moon on November 6th.    Neptune moves forward in your relationship sector providing inspiration and clarity from November 7th onward.

VIRGO:  Mercury, your ruling planet, retrogrades in your sign through most of September. Please prepare to double up on all communication efforts.  Your personal New Moon arrives on September 8th providing you the ability to make a lasting impression. Jupiter returns back to your partnership area for the rest of the year where you are pleasantly basking in the rays of your significant others benevolence.

LIBRA:  Taskmaster Saturn has taken up residence in your sign for the next two years.  Starting a new business, slimming down and donning, at times, a rather serious demeanor can be part and parcel of your modus operandi.  You are cutting away the chafe and getting down to business.  Your personal New Moon on October 7th adds rocket fuel to your personal energy and drive.

SCORPIO:  Heavyweight Pluto, your sign ruler, moves back into gear commencing on September 13th empowering your gumption and drive - “may the force be with you.”  Venus retrogrades in your sign in October serving up plenty of food for thought regarding love and finance.  On November 6th the Moon grows new in your sign and favors you for the next 4 weeks.

SAGITTARIUS:  Except for the summer months the beneficent planet Jupiter (also your sign’s ruler) resided in your house of home, parents, family and domicile.  Now he revisits this area conspiring to create happy personal experiences.  Neptune clicks into gear in your communication house paving the way for yet another creative revolution.

CAPRICORN:  Move forward with your personal agenda beginning mid-September.  Travel can be riddled with delays.  The New Moon in your charts Midheaven bodes well for career advancement beginning around October 7th and may also bring a few long lost friends back into the picture.  The Full Moon on November 21st finds you happily enjoying love and life.

AQUARIUS:  Look for another infusion of expansion and surprise on September 19th when your ruling planet Uranus hooks up with opportunistic Jupiter.  New money making schemes may land in your lap as quickly as bolts of lightening from the sky.  Venus retrogrades in your career sector providing an extended period of time when people find you extra appealing and appreciation flows to you from authority figures.

PISCES:  Returning home to your sign for the remainder of the year is Jupiter.  He is providing yet another window of opportunity for personal growth and expansion.  Important personal surprises find their way to you during mid-September.  November promises insight and clarity regarding psychological motivations.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dreaming of Those Who Have Passed

"The startling fact is that the death-state is more nearly a normal one for a soul than is earthly existence.  The usual human question of whether earthly consciousness survives death is backwards.  The important question for a soul is how much of its normal awareness and creativity, and contact with the divine, will survive its birth into a body."  Edgar Cayce

Through the years of working with dreams many people have shared that they have dreamed of their loved ones who have crossed over.  I, too have had many such dreams and always find them comforting.  My father who passed over in May 2001 came to me in a dream in August of that same year.  It was a precognitive dream about the impending 9/11 disaster.  In the dream he was simply there almost as an overseer but his glasses where no longer square shaped, they are now round.  I interpreted that to be that his view of the larger picture was more rounded and inclusive.

Later in 2001 he came to me in another dream.  In this dream he was standing in front of a brick house with a garden on the left.  He had his arm around a graying man who had not clearly materialized yet (think Star Trek and the "beam me up Scottie" process).  I was working in hi-tech staffing at the time for a wonderful woman named Susan.  Soon after the dream I learned that her father was very sick and dying.  I shared the dream with her (in an effort to comfort her) and her eyes grew wide.  She shared that she had a picture of her father standing in front of his home and he had a garden near the house.  Shortly thereafter her father passed.  An incredible dream!  We live in an endless sea of knowledge beyond what the human mind can often comprehend.

My sister came to me in a dream during a time period in which I was struggling with a friendship.  In the dream she stated very clearly, "You need to let her go Jean, she does not understand you and is not capable of the kind of friendship that you are seeking."  I did follow her advice and although difficult at the time, did not regret ending the friendship.

Cacye states, "Because certain well-developed souls see more after death than do the living, these souls are in a position to bring to the dreamer guidance on many things:  health, financial affairs, social causes, social service, and relationships with the living."

Have you dreamed of those who have passed?  Did you find it comforting?  Please share your experiences.  Love and Light - Jean

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week Starting Friday, September 17th

Surprises and opportunities present themselves as Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Pisces.  Express your genius, ride the river of crazy changes and expand your artistic creativity.  Breakthroughs and manifestations of personal desires can arrive in all shapes and guises. 

The moon grows full on the 23rd in Aries while the Sun shines in the opposite sign of Libra.  Independence versus partnership is highlighted under the Full Moon and asks the question what are you willing to compromise for the good of others and what "must" you do to feel like an actualized independent human being? 

The Sun shifts into relationship oriented Libra on the 23rd starting a four week period when the emphasis is on strengthening current partnerships and forging new ones.  Libras enjoy social graces, intelligent discussions, strategic business initiatives, beauty and the arts.

ARIES:   Personal revelations, unveiled secrets and spiritual epiphanies may come popping at you out of nowhere - interesting.  The focus shifts from work to your primary relationships.  Expect the dawning of new understandings to unfold at the Full Moon.  This weekend is a prime time to tackle undertakings that require hard work and focused attention.

TAURUS:  A friend or associate may be the messenger of some mind blowing news.   A new acquaintance may pop onto the scene helping you to initiate a cherished goal.  Your personal energy flows into your work situation highlighting fresh awareness at the Full Moon.

GEMINI:  Opportunities within your work or community standing come fast and unexpectedly.  Grab them with both hands and ride the river of creative genius.  The sun slides into your fun and creative house for the next 4 weeks directing you to spread love and laughter.  The Full Moon highlights the contrast between doing your own thing and doing what friends expect of you.

CANCER:  Your view of the world around you has been changing.  This week another level of understanding ignites and enhances your belief system.  As the Moon grows Full an awareness of your role in the world becomes clearer as does your understanding of how early conditioning has influenced the person you've become.  Home and domestic roots become the focus as the Sun moves into Libra.

LEO:   The 8th house is secretive and involves functions of the feeling and psychic nature.  Confronting unhealthy emotional patterns receives a helping hand with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.  You may ask yourself what the heck you where thinking and change course on a dime.  The Full Moon highlights women at a distance, in-laws and travel.

VIRGO:  Partnerships invigorate, excite and provide you with new approaches to old problems. Fresh alliances can be formed this week.  The Sun moves into your earned income sector providing the energy and impetus to grow your nest egg.  Contracts, investments, loans, taxes and shared resources grow in importance at the Full Moon.

LIBRA:  Unexpected job offers and work opportunities may be offered this week.  With Venus spending the rest of the year in your money sector the time is ripe to strengthen your financial position.  You've slogged it out long enough. The Sun moves into your sign and your new solar year is officially underway.  The Full Moon brings relationship matters front and center.  Time to decide what stays and what needs to go.

SCORPIO:  Are you feeling the love?  Venus is now firmly ensconced in your sign until the end of the year....a highly unusual and long visitation.  Love, creativity and the affairs of children hold an unexpected surprise intent on uplifting you and your preconceived ideas of what can be.  Quiet time is needed with the Sun's movement into your 12th house.  Work versus private time is the balance to be reached at the Full Moon.

SAGITTARIUS:   Positive movement in the home and with family can be expected this week.  Friends appear to brighten your days and to provide encouragement.  Money should be finding it's way to you with Pluto's forward movement.   The Full Moon brings light hearted fun and flirtatiousness.

CAPRICORN:  You receive the green light for travel, teaching and publishing.  Surprising and innovative conversations give your creative ambition a jump start.  Venus is entrenched in your friendship and associations sector; money can be earned through group involvements.  At the Full Moon home and hearth beckons.

AQUARIUS:   You are an inventive and creative creature.  Opportunities to prove your worth and in turn, bring in more money will find their way to you this week.  If in the next 4 weeks you find yourself traveling it will be an uplifting experience.  Cars and communications require attention at the time of the Full Moon.

PISCES:  Personal revelations, eureka moments and excitement regarding future possibilities are part of your experience now.  You have been in the process of reinventing yourself and this week you are receiving some clear information about your next steps.  The Sun enters your 8th house of emotional well-being.  The Full Moon falls in your 2nd house of earned income and self-worth.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Precognitive Dreaming

In grade school I started having precognitive dreams.  Precognitive dreaming is dreaming of something that seemingly happens in the future.  I thought everyone had precognitive dreams on a regular basis.  My grandmother was a precognitive dreamer and early in life gave me a book about Edgar Caycee and dreaming.

Grandma Grace had the ability to call us up and tell us what grades we received (before we told her)!  She once had a dream of riding in a red car and it crashing.  The next day she fell ill and was not able to join her friend in a shopping spree.  The very next day her friend had a terrible accident on the way to the mall, her friend had borrowed a car that day and it was red.

This begs the question is time linear?  What do you think?  Einstein spent a great deal of time pondering that question and strongly felt that it wasn't so.  Carl Jung contended that we are all part of a collective unconscious and that every word spoken, every thought pondered and every action taken is out there in the ether for each individual to access.  That we are ALL that connected!!  

In the 80's I dreamed of Princess Diana.  She had fallen into a lake and people were looking for her luggage.  She was preparing to visit my sister (who in reality had died from Cancer) and to speak with the group my sister belonged to.  My sister's "group" was preparing for her.  Three months later Diana perished in the car crash in Paris.

Another time I dreamed of the cartoon character Donal Duck.  Within 6 months I met a "character" by the name of Donald who became an important figure in my life.

-In March of 2001 I dreamed of an atomic bomb that went off in the North (I live in NC) and it was East of me too.  We were not directly affected but this bomb would have far reaching affects.
-August 2001 I dreamed of a plane crashing - it went end over end.  In the dream I was wearing pajamas and talking to my friend Aimiee Darling (a pharmacist by profession).  On 9/11 when the planes hit the towers we all know it occurred in the morning hours (pajamas) and I was in my office on the phone speaking with a manager for a pharmaceutical company.  Hmmm.

I have countless precognitive dreams dating back to childhood and dreaming is a familiar language that provides me with information, education and a pictorial experience that enhances and deepens my daily life experience. 

Week Beginning Friday, September 10th

The energies take on a distinctive Scorpio flavor mid-month.  Pluto the planet ruling Scorpio, money, intensity, investigation, obsessiveness and sex turns direct on the 13th as does Mercury just one day prior on the 12th.  These two compadres will now begin to function as they should as talk and intention become aligned.

Mars joins Venus in Scorpio on the 14th.  How people assert themselves and "attract" leave the civility of Libra and become more instinctual and intense when operating in Scorpio.  Natives with these placements make great investigators and psychologists as digging beneath superficiality is as natural as breathing.

Mars trines Neptune over the weekend indicating a wonderful time for artistic endeavors and spiritual expression.  Venus sextiling Pluto on the 12th suggests positive and deep feelings surrounding love and money.

ARIES:    With Pluto retrograde in your career house since April it may have been difficult to make substantial progress in your career but now the tides are turning.  Coupled with Mars and Venus in your 8th house of commissions, taxes, unemployment insurance, court settlements, and loans this week focuses on your career direction and resources.  An excellent time to potentially renegotiate company benefits and commission structures.

TAURUS:  A stable and prosperous time for business partnerships as Pluto turns direct.  With Venus and Mars in your 7th house of partnership expect a strengthening and deepening of current ties. Circle the 12th as a day of fortuitous movement in these very areas.  Mercury turns direct in your house of pleasure and love.  A very nice week indeed!

GEMINI:  Finances should start looking mucho better with Pluto's direct shift in your earned income sector.  Things have been tough through the summer months!  Work is in the forefront with Venus and Mars shifting into Scorpio and you won't mind working for your money.  The workplace is energetic and pleasant.  Communication is no longer a muddied affair as Mercury moves direct and adds a comfortable level of internal security.

CANCER:  Financial aid, venture capital, and government loans may become areas of discussion with partners as Pluto moves direct - the way forward should now prove much easier.  Love and laughter may also be in the cards and Venus and Pluto pair up in your fun house.  Communications finally start to make sense.

LEO:  Mars is now energizing your home and family life.  Projects that involve renovation, decoration and repairs are all given the green light. Venus is in tow so it will be a positive and pleasant use of your time.  Pluto moves direct in your work sector signaling that delays and stalls will soon be history.

VIRGO:  The party is leaving your second house of earned income and moving into your communication area.  Sales, pitches, contract signing, and all messages of importance can now be handled with aplomb.  The added benefit of Mercury moving forward in your sign lifts communications restraints and frees you up to implement plans.  

LIBRA:  You gleaned plenty of attention with Mars and Venus placing the spotlight firmly on you.  Now, however, the energies shift into your earned income sector and you are positioned to be the happy recipient of increased of monetary gain.  Your job and employment scene is enhanced and now is a good time to win new clients and special assignments.

SCORPIO:  The wind is at your back Scorp.  You feel energized and others find you extra appealing now.  Ask for favors as your ruling planet moves forward in your 3rd house of communications - a powerful time for pitches, new writing or teaching assignments, and car purchases.  Friends may have important messages for you.

SAGITTARIUS:   Your ruling planet Jupiter slips back into Pisces indicating a favorable time period (until the end of the year) for finding workable solutions regarding your home, where you live and your parents.  Partners have been unusually quiet with the Mercury retrograde but the lines of communications are opening once again.  Spiritual practice and solitude serve you well while Venus and Mars inhabit your 12th house.

CAPRICORN:   For months Pluto has stymied your biggest plans and you work better and more decisively when this power house is moving forward, well, this power house is now moving forward!  Your engines are revving and all systems are go.  Friends and group affiliations are energized and you can expect to attract favorable circumstances and contacts.  

AQUARIUS:  Mercury's retrograde in your 8th house of other people's money may have seen you waiting anxiously for checks to come in....well, here comes your just due.  Mars and Venus are career contributors so start planning new projects and pitches as all should go well now. 

PISCES:  Travel can be a marvelous experience as Mars and Venus visit your 9th house of travel, in-laws, publishing, marketing and sales.  All of these areas are well starred for the next few weeks.  Partnership talks can now resume as Mercury moves out of it's stupored state and reinvigorates communication.