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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, August 20th

Strength of heart and mind is the theme as Saturn squares Pluto.   

Breaking free of old worn out habits and personal patterns can be emancipating.  Imagine that your hands have been bound with rope and as you struggle to untie yourself from limitations, bad habits, negative thinking, and restrictive circumstances, that your wrists get slightly rope burned.  When prisoners are held in  solitary confinement and are then released their eyes struggle to adjust to the sunlight once again.  

Expect to feel some discomfort even as you are striving to make and implement positive and life enhancing change.

Compassion and emotionalism increases as the Moon grows Full in Pisces on Tuesday the 24th.  This is a well supported full moon as it is sextiled by Pluto the planet of transformational change. Our emotions, compassion, and life force, are being strengthened and supported by circumstances and our important others.

ARIES:  Times they are a changing...allow these changes to organically unfold.  This process need not be cumbersome and is directly related to your home, living situation and your important partnerships.  Allow yourself some down-time around the full moon - you've earned it and deserve it.

TAURUS:   How do you seek meaning in your job?  What experiences do you require to feel like a valued and appreciated employee? Your moral convictions and belief systems are being closely examined and you're not feeling sure of your path and next step.  This is a worthwhile process (if not always comfortable) and new seeds are being planted, allow them the appropriate germination time.  Friendships provide support and inspiration. 

GEMINI:   Secrecy surrounds you in the area of love affairs and creative endeavors.  What are the deeper patterns within your own personality that limit your joy?  You feel that "something" or "someone" cannot be brought out into the light of day.  Shame, distrust and guilt are all limiting emotions insofar as they continue to hold you hostage.  Faith and trust are your friends when allowing some aspect of self to emerge from the darkness.  The full moon shines on your emotional feelings surrounding career.

CANCER:  Self-esteem is about how secure and comfortable you feel within self.  There is an influence within your partnerships that has been shaking your confidence!  The trick is to nurture and self-parent yourself in such a strong way that no one can ever rock that strong inner support system called "you."  Moon cycles are important periods for the Cancer native.  Questioning your philosophy of life is a worthy exercise during the Full Moon cycle.

LEO:  Pressures surround your mental output.  You may feel that producing ideas and making them work is currently a burden.  This feeling of mental confinement is directly related to the day to day processes of your job.  There is tension here and you are feeling uncomfortable and frustrated.  Take heart as there is and will be forward movement - things will get better.  Worry and secrecy engulfs you during the Full Moon but you ARE gaining strength and mastery over self.

VIRGO:  Tension with making money and the creative process?  Or, is there a problem brewing with a child or children that is throwing a wrench in the works?  The beauty of this process is similar to a balloon that is under the auspice of extreme heat and needs to pop!  Something DOES need to give and what a relief it will be once it does.  Positive partnership dynamics dominate the energy of the Full Moon.

LIBRA:  A restrictive feeling is seeping in and stirring up tension between your personal identity versus your self-esteem and early upbringing.  Something needs to be cleaned up, acknowledged and resolved.  You are not your mistakes.  Welcome to the human race, which it by its very nature, is imperfect.  Love the shadowy bits and move on.  You have kingdoms to build and conquer.  Money earned through work can be a very positive development on the Full Moon.

SCORPIO:  Lugging around boulders is an old pastime dating back to Greek and Roman times.  Your particular flavor of big rocks is shaped by your creative inner world, echos from the past and what we fondly call existential angst.  The third house of communication asks us to communicate in an analytical and linear time oriented manner and herein lies the tension.  Your current mode of thinking may be outside the bounds of what mere mortals can currently grasp.  Play time is on the agenda when the Full Moon visits your 5th house of fun and pleasure.

SAGITTARIUS:  Living in a capitalistic economy requires that you earn a living unless you are a small percentage of the inheritance baby gang.  A goal or a group is causing you to hesitate or doubt your inherent money making abilities.  There is an idea, fear or goal that requires to either be dropped by the wayside or reformed in some fashion - you'll get there.  The Full Moon may urge you to take some time quiet time for self.  Family situations can be positively transformed as well.

CAPRICORN:  Goats do not take kindly to obstacles placed squarely on their path to success.  Yet, something does require a rethink before you can implement your personal plans.  The obstacle will dissolve but this is an experience that will provide you with some much needed personal drive and inspiration.  Powerful communications are yours to both receive and deliver on the Full Moon.

AQUARIUS:  Beliefs can have a way of slowly morphing into a straight jacket, especially those that we simply accept as a matter of course.  50% of our belief systems are inherited from our family of origin.  You are undergoing a long term process that asks you to examine those inherited beliefs and to shed those "old" mental tapes that do not support you as an empowered and happy human being.  The Full Moon energizes your earning power.

PISCES:  Goals and friendships will continue to provide (a 10 year influence) powerful and reconstructive learning experiences.  Currently, Saturn is stirring up issues surrounding how you handle power, obsessions, addictions and attachments.  These subterranean influences are being uncomfortably "rubbed" by the others in your world.  By attempting to control others you give away your own power and control over yourself.  Deep isn't it?  It's intended to be.  The Full Moon is in your sign and provides ample support for your personal needs.