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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, August 13th

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Week Commencing Friday, August 13th

It's the month of the Lion with the sun moving through Leo.   Leo is almost childlike in its zest for life, innocence and strong need for amusements.  Self-centeredness is often apparent along with a strong need to feel special and to display oneself in dramatic ways. 

Mars (male energy) and Venus (female energy) meet up in Libra on the 20th in a conjunction aspect.  Men and women will be on the "same page" and relating between the sexes should come easily.  Jupiter opposition Saturn (part of the Cardinal Cross) is exact on the 16th.  This energy combination is not typically known for it's savvy business judgment.  Adding to the mix, the planet of contracts and communications (Mercury) is getting ready for a late summer nap.  Prudence and restraint in all business dealings is strongly advised through late September.

ARIES:  You may be feeling the desire to expand while your partner is suggesting a more conservative approach.  Best to side with your partner for the time being as they really do have a firmer grasp on the situation.  A great time to plan but not to initiate.  Overall, luck is with you for the next 8 months.

TAURUS:  Work and health continue to be the focus.  Now is a great time start a new exercise regime and to "get er done" on the job.  Spiritually you are protected and a growing sense of faith and well-being is emerging.  Your work responsibilities may be at odds with your psychological and spiritual needs.  Yet, work is yielding a great deal of forward movement and positive developments.  

GEMINI:  The Saturn/Jupiter opposition is taking place across your friendship and personal enjoyment axis.  Responsibilities within love relationships and the caring of children can feel at odds with the expansion and growth oriented area of friendships and groups.  This IS a fun loving time period that also seeks to be tempered with groundedness and wisdom.

CANCER:   Please be careful, upfront and scrupulous on the 20th when the Sun in your 2nd house opposes Neptune in your 8th house.  Expect some misleading information financially.  You become increasingly aware of the opportunities that are available for you in your career while finding workable solutions for the demands of your home and family.  Home is where the heart is.

LEO:  Siblings and neighbors can become a source of irritation for you.   Yet balancing these very demands can be a source of pleasure and expansion if travel is in the picture.  You are feeling more communicative and can expect some pleasant exchanges with others this week.  Love may be right outside your front door.  Rest, relax, and enjoy some good music and wine when the Sun opposes Neptune on the 20th.

VIRGO:  Money is more important now.  There is opportunity and expansion through other people's resources and skills but the time isn't "quite" right just yet.  This week through the month of September is the time to be extra diligent in all of your communications.  Some well deserved extra cash may be finding it's way to you soon.

LIBRA:  There is opportunity in your relationship sector for both a deeper pairing as well as meeting a new and special "someone."  Yet, you are feeling fairly reserved and perhaps a bit withdrawn.  2011 is the year for long-lasting opportunity in the relationship area but you get a glimpse of the possibilities this week.  With Mercury in your 12th house of behind the scenes situations and solitude you are very comfortable working alone and in private.

SCORPIO:  Your ruling planet Pluto is playing big daddy in the opposition between Saturn and Jupiter.  Writing, speaking and teaching are all areas of development and mastery over the next decade.  This week the opposition is affecting the need for strong communication (Pluto), rest and solitude (Saturn) and an over expanding yet supportive work schedule (Jupiter).  The Leo Sun shines on your career.

SAGITTARIUS:  Jupiter likes to play, frolic and enjoy ease of movement - think wide open plains.  But, that may be hard to come by this week with Saturn asking you to tow the line.  Could that new cutie be seeking a firmer commitment?  Is it time to take your creativity a bit more seriously and convert your passions into a business?  Put your thinking cap on but don't act on things quite yet.  

CAPRICORN:  If you are an early born Capricorn you are likely feeling some tension between home and family, doing what "you" want to do, and your determination to be at the very top of your chosen field.  Remember to take breaks and take pleasure in the contentment and joy that is available for you at home and with family.

AQUARIUS:  Please don't plan any important relationship talks on the 20th as people (yourself included) may tend to be unavailable and evasive.  Travel for work can be a mind expanding experience this week.  Right now your partner is numero uno - please don't forget it!

PISCES:  Neptune, your ruler, will not move out of it's retrograde until November 7th!  This is the time to deal with what is already on your plate and for planning.  The time for implementation will be late Fall.  The 20th may see work demands impinging upon your need for rest and relaxation.  Steer clear of deceptive actions and words when Neptune oppositions the Sun.

Every individual horoscope is highly unique based on time of birth, place of birth and birth date.  To schedule your very own session with Jean and to learn more about your energetic make-up (soul growth) - talents, gifts and challenges, as well as the energy patterns you will be experiencing for the next 12 months email her at jean@jeanwiley.com or visit her website at www.jeanwiley.com

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