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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, August 20th

Strength of heart and mind is the theme as Saturn squares Pluto.   

Breaking free of old worn out habits and personal patterns can be emancipating.  Imagine that your hands have been bound with rope and as you struggle to untie yourself from limitations, bad habits, negative thinking, and restrictive circumstances, that your wrists get slightly rope burned.  When prisoners are held in  solitary confinement and are then released their eyes struggle to adjust to the sunlight once again.  

Expect to feel some discomfort even as you are striving to make and implement positive and life enhancing change.

Compassion and emotionalism increases as the Moon grows Full in Pisces on Tuesday the 24th.  This is a well supported full moon as it is sextiled by Pluto the planet of transformational change. Our emotions, compassion, and life force, are being strengthened and supported by circumstances and our important others.

ARIES:  Times they are a changing...allow these changes to organically unfold.  This process need not be cumbersome and is directly related to your home, living situation and your important partnerships.  Allow yourself some down-time around the full moon - you've earned it and deserve it.

TAURUS:   How do you seek meaning in your job?  What experiences do you require to feel like a valued and appreciated employee? Your moral convictions and belief systems are being closely examined and you're not feeling sure of your path and next step.  This is a worthwhile process (if not always comfortable) and new seeds are being planted, allow them the appropriate germination time.  Friendships provide support and inspiration. 

GEMINI:   Secrecy surrounds you in the area of love affairs and creative endeavors.  What are the deeper patterns within your own personality that limit your joy?  You feel that "something" or "someone" cannot be brought out into the light of day.  Shame, distrust and guilt are all limiting emotions insofar as they continue to hold you hostage.  Faith and trust are your friends when allowing some aspect of self to emerge from the darkness.  The full moon shines on your emotional feelings surrounding career.

CANCER:  Self-esteem is about how secure and comfortable you feel within self.  There is an influence within your partnerships that has been shaking your confidence!  The trick is to nurture and self-parent yourself in such a strong way that no one can ever rock that strong inner support system called "you."  Moon cycles are important periods for the Cancer native.  Questioning your philosophy of life is a worthy exercise during the Full Moon cycle.

LEO:  Pressures surround your mental output.  You may feel that producing ideas and making them work is currently a burden.  This feeling of mental confinement is directly related to the day to day processes of your job.  There is tension here and you are feeling uncomfortable and frustrated.  Take heart as there is and will be forward movement - things will get better.  Worry and secrecy engulfs you during the Full Moon but you ARE gaining strength and mastery over self.

VIRGO:  Tension with making money and the creative process?  Or, is there a problem brewing with a child or children that is throwing a wrench in the works?  The beauty of this process is similar to a balloon that is under the auspice of extreme heat and needs to pop!  Something DOES need to give and what a relief it will be once it does.  Positive partnership dynamics dominate the energy of the Full Moon.

LIBRA:  A restrictive feeling is seeping in and stirring up tension between your personal identity versus your self-esteem and early upbringing.  Something needs to be cleaned up, acknowledged and resolved.  You are not your mistakes.  Welcome to the human race, which it by its very nature, is imperfect.  Love the shadowy bits and move on.  You have kingdoms to build and conquer.  Money earned through work can be a very positive development on the Full Moon.

SCORPIO:  Lugging around boulders is an old pastime dating back to Greek and Roman times.  Your particular flavor of big rocks is shaped by your creative inner world, echos from the past and what we fondly call existential angst.  The third house of communication asks us to communicate in an analytical and linear time oriented manner and herein lies the tension.  Your current mode of thinking may be outside the bounds of what mere mortals can currently grasp.  Play time is on the agenda when the Full Moon visits your 5th house of fun and pleasure.

SAGITTARIUS:  Living in a capitalistic economy requires that you earn a living unless you are a small percentage of the inheritance baby gang.  A goal or a group is causing you to hesitate or doubt your inherent money making abilities.  There is an idea, fear or goal that requires to either be dropped by the wayside or reformed in some fashion - you'll get there.  The Full Moon may urge you to take some time quiet time for self.  Family situations can be positively transformed as well.

CAPRICORN:  Goats do not take kindly to obstacles placed squarely on their path to success.  Yet, something does require a rethink before you can implement your personal plans.  The obstacle will dissolve but this is an experience that will provide you with some much needed personal drive and inspiration.  Powerful communications are yours to both receive and deliver on the Full Moon.

AQUARIUS:  Beliefs can have a way of slowly morphing into a straight jacket, especially those that we simply accept as a matter of course.  50% of our belief systems are inherited from our family of origin.  You are undergoing a long term process that asks you to examine those inherited beliefs and to shed those "old" mental tapes that do not support you as an empowered and happy human being.  The Full Moon energizes your earning power.

PISCES:  Goals and friendships will continue to provide (a 10 year influence) powerful and reconstructive learning experiences.  Currently, Saturn is stirring up issues surrounding how you handle power, obsessions, addictions and attachments.  These subterranean influences are being uncomfortably "rubbed" by the others in your world.  By attempting to control others you give away your own power and control over yourself.  Deep isn't it?  It's intended to be.  The Full Moon is in your sign and provides ample support for your personal needs.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, August 13th

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Week Commencing Friday, August 13th

It's the month of the Lion with the sun moving through Leo.   Leo is almost childlike in its zest for life, innocence and strong need for amusements.  Self-centeredness is often apparent along with a strong need to feel special and to display oneself in dramatic ways. 

Mars (male energy) and Venus (female energy) meet up in Libra on the 20th in a conjunction aspect.  Men and women will be on the "same page" and relating between the sexes should come easily.  Jupiter opposition Saturn (part of the Cardinal Cross) is exact on the 16th.  This energy combination is not typically known for it's savvy business judgment.  Adding to the mix, the planet of contracts and communications (Mercury) is getting ready for a late summer nap.  Prudence and restraint in all business dealings is strongly advised through late September.

ARIES:  You may be feeling the desire to expand while your partner is suggesting a more conservative approach.  Best to side with your partner for the time being as they really do have a firmer grasp on the situation.  A great time to plan but not to initiate.  Overall, luck is with you for the next 8 months.

TAURUS:  Work and health continue to be the focus.  Now is a great time start a new exercise regime and to "get er done" on the job.  Spiritually you are protected and a growing sense of faith and well-being is emerging.  Your work responsibilities may be at odds with your psychological and spiritual needs.  Yet, work is yielding a great deal of forward movement and positive developments.  

GEMINI:  The Saturn/Jupiter opposition is taking place across your friendship and personal enjoyment axis.  Responsibilities within love relationships and the caring of children can feel at odds with the expansion and growth oriented area of friendships and groups.  This IS a fun loving time period that also seeks to be tempered with groundedness and wisdom.

CANCER:   Please be careful, upfront and scrupulous on the 20th when the Sun in your 2nd house opposes Neptune in your 8th house.  Expect some misleading information financially.  You become increasingly aware of the opportunities that are available for you in your career while finding workable solutions for the demands of your home and family.  Home is where the heart is.

LEO:  Siblings and neighbors can become a source of irritation for you.   Yet balancing these very demands can be a source of pleasure and expansion if travel is in the picture.  You are feeling more communicative and can expect some pleasant exchanges with others this week.  Love may be right outside your front door.  Rest, relax, and enjoy some good music and wine when the Sun opposes Neptune on the 20th.

VIRGO:  Money is more important now.  There is opportunity and expansion through other people's resources and skills but the time isn't "quite" right just yet.  This week through the month of September is the time to be extra diligent in all of your communications.  Some well deserved extra cash may be finding it's way to you soon.

LIBRA:  There is opportunity in your relationship sector for both a deeper pairing as well as meeting a new and special "someone."  Yet, you are feeling fairly reserved and perhaps a bit withdrawn.  2011 is the year for long-lasting opportunity in the relationship area but you get a glimpse of the possibilities this week.  With Mercury in your 12th house of behind the scenes situations and solitude you are very comfortable working alone and in private.

SCORPIO:  Your ruling planet Pluto is playing big daddy in the opposition between Saturn and Jupiter.  Writing, speaking and teaching are all areas of development and mastery over the next decade.  This week the opposition is affecting the need for strong communication (Pluto), rest and solitude (Saturn) and an over expanding yet supportive work schedule (Jupiter).  The Leo Sun shines on your career.

SAGITTARIUS:  Jupiter likes to play, frolic and enjoy ease of movement - think wide open plains.  But, that may be hard to come by this week with Saturn asking you to tow the line.  Could that new cutie be seeking a firmer commitment?  Is it time to take your creativity a bit more seriously and convert your passions into a business?  Put your thinking cap on but don't act on things quite yet.  

CAPRICORN:  If you are an early born Capricorn you are likely feeling some tension between home and family, doing what "you" want to do, and your determination to be at the very top of your chosen field.  Remember to take breaks and take pleasure in the contentment and joy that is available for you at home and with family.

AQUARIUS:  Please don't plan any important relationship talks on the 20th as people (yourself included) may tend to be unavailable and evasive.  Travel for work can be a mind expanding experience this week.  Right now your partner is numero uno - please don't forget it!

PISCES:  Neptune, your ruler, will not move out of it's retrograde until November 7th!  This is the time to deal with what is already on your plate and for planning.  The time for implementation will be late Fall.  The 20th may see work demands impinging upon your need for rest and relaxation.  Steer clear of deceptive actions and words when Neptune oppositions the Sun.

Every individual horoscope is highly unique based on time of birth, place of birth and birth date.  To schedule your very own session with Jean and to learn more about your energetic make-up (soul growth) - talents, gifts and challenges, as well as the energy patterns you will be experiencing for the next 12 months email her at jean@jeanwiley.com or visit her website at www.jeanwiley.com

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, August 6th

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Week Commencing Friday, August 6th

We have a very dynamic energy pattern in the skies of which we haven't seen for many years and will not see again for another 500 or so.  It's called a Cardinal Cross - planets in opposition to one another and squaring one another.  The visual could be compared to each of your limbs being pulled in different directions.  The purpose of this tension could be creatively labeled "Harmony Through Conflict," as human beings tend not to make major changes unless it is absolutely necessary.  If you feel the pressure to make significant change than do try to go with the flow.  In Star Trek speak "Resistance is Futile."  This is a fast, powerful and potent energy that is affecting us at the global levels as well as the personal levels.  Events can run the gambit from extremely favorable to extremely unfavorable.

But, this pressure is very, very useful and can ferret out the weak links.  It can be make it or break time in your relationships, work, family, living situations and financial conditions.   A time for tension and then ultimately resolution.  Remember the truism that whenever one door closes another door does open.

The Moon starts anew in dramatic and fiery Leo this Monday.  New moons are a time to recharge goals or set new ones.  Venus has just left analytical Virgo and moved into charming and relationship oriented Libra.  A time to build upon current alliances and develop new ones.

ARIES:   The Cardinal Cross "pull" is between independence, partnership, work and home.  Career may be demanding but emotionally you feel the need to place your attention with home and family.  The "others" in your life may feel inflexible and rigid at the moment.  You, on the other hand, are ready to initiate and make things happen.  Expect a lot of spice and activity within your partnerships, Venus is on the move and demanding attention. Which way to go?  Partnerships are the area of growth and transformation. The New Moon falls in your 5th house of pleasure, love, children and creative endeavors.

TAURUS:  Your ruler Venus is very active this week.  She has just moved into her co-ruled sign Libra in your area of work and health where she is bumping into Uranus (surprises), Saturn (responsibility) and then Mars (energy and ego).  Expect an eventful week!  The Cardinal Cross affects your psychological well being vs. work, and your day to day correspondence vs. sales, long-distance correspondence and marketing.  Work is the area of lessons and growth - how you work, interact with co-workers and maintain your health.  The New Moon gives fresh energy to home and hearth.

GEMINI:  Get your important correspondence, deals and purchases handled this week.  Next week your ruling planet moves retrograde - a time when you won't be able to make quick advances.  The Cardinal Cross is applying tension and choice to the areas concerning friendships and social activities vs. love, self-expression and creativity.  Saturn has now entered your 5th house of children and love, and is asking you to be more accountable in how you play, love and raise children.  The other areas of "pull" are in the areas of finance and intimacy.  This time period is intended to transform "how" you interact with intimate others and to develop a stronger self-esteem.  You can't give to others what you don't have for yourself.  The Moon is new in the area of communication, neighbors, siblings and automobiles.

CANCER:  You are the moon child Cancer and hence are more sensitive to the monthly moon cycles.  Fresh moon energy is available to you in earning potential and self-esteem.  There is tension surrounding your needs and what other people expect from you.  Others may feel more powerful and important at the moment but this is merely perception.  Home is carrying some extra responsibility - your house, parents, family and sense of security may feel a little fragile now yest this is the very area of worthwhile growth and positive lessons - a maturing time.  Career and life direction are being infused with expansion and a touch of genius.

LEO:  Your own personal New Moon takes place this Monday in your sign.  Set personal goals for yourself and embrace your uniqueness.  Venus, Saturn and Mars are lighting up your house of siblings, how you communicate and transportation.  This is the area to concentrate on over the next two years - enormous growth and maturity reside here.  Yet the urge to get away from it all is strong with Uranus and Jupiter bringing excitement and growth around travel and foreign climates.  Powerful change is occurring on the work front yet all you really want is some peace and quiet.

VIRGO:  Get important business handled this week before you start to lose steam when your ruling planet Mercury moves into backward motion.  The New Moon indicates that  rest and relaxation is strongly needed - take some vacation time if at all possible.  The Cardinal Cross is affecting earned income (things may feel tight right now), loans, debt and responsibilities to significant others.  Over the next two years you will learn to work smarter and to grow your nest egg.  Tension is also shown between your future goals, friendships and associations vs. "doing your own thing," children and personal creative projects.  Pluto has his sights on tearing down and rebuilding these very things.

LIBRA:  Prepare for an active week with your ruling planet Venus making full body contact with Uranus, Saturn and Mars.  Sit back and say, "hmm, that was interesting."  The party is in your sign with Mars, Saturn and Venus (who just took up residence on the 6th) providing plenty of action and change.  Tensions can be felt between your personal identity vs. partnerships.  Add to the mix pressures from your home, parents and living situation vs. your career and reputation.  Push me pull you.  You are just entering into a two year period where your personal identity, self-expression and physical looks will be solidified, honed and concentrated.  The new moon indicates positive energy within friendships and social affairs.

SCORPIO:  You are tired - no doubt about it.  You are entering a two year time period in which you need more rest and quiet time.  Honor that need whenever possible.  Yet, work continues to poke it's demanding finger in your direction.  Expanding, positive and surprising events are taking place in the work sphere and they do require your attention.  What to do?  Add to that some pressure and a few transformative energies that are taking place in the "way" you communicate that seemingly appear to be at odds with publishing tasks, marketing and possibly even sales (don't worry this perception will fade).  If there is a person at a distance or someone of foreign birth that is applying additional pressure the answer is to "go within" and heed your own council.  The New Moon suggests that career is your saving grace for the next month.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your ruling planet Jupiter is still cuddling with the awakener Uranus which translates into expanding and surprising events within your love life, creativity and with your children.  Yet, Saturn is glowering from your 11th house of friendships and associations and his whispers are demanding more attention and responsibility surrounding friendships and the groups you belong to.  Blow them off at your own peril.  Additionally, your sense of self  and potential earning potential are just beginning a deep and transforming process that will forever change how you value self.  Emotionally you want to lose yourself in others resources and support.  The New Moon may see you traveling, writing and/or teaching.  Marketing may be in the mix as well.

CAPRICORN:  Are you feeling the heat?  You are a cardinal sign and the Cross is applying pressure to some very important areas in your chart.  You are exerting a powerful influence in your world now - a heavy duty decade lies ahead.  Tension from your partner is taking the form of emotions that ask "where are you," and "what about me?"  The areas of home and family are interesting, exciting and expansive right now...BUT, Saturn (your ruling sign) demands your attention and commitment regarding career and life direction.  The New Moon places energized resources at your doorstep from an important other or organization.

AQUARIUS:  Things are interesting aren't they?  And you, more than most really like "interesting."  You are the Mr. Spock of the zodiac and you've enjoyed some expansive scenarios regarding state of mind, uplifting conversations and perhaps even some new wheels?  Yet responsibilities call from afar and someone needs your assistance.  You need to get serious about marketing yourself and your skills.  Your spiritual life is demanding transformation and due diligence while work has your emotional attention.  The New Moon falls in your partnership sign so expect significant others to provide you with plenty of energy and support.

PISCES:  The wind is at your back for partnership talks but the energy quickly fades come mid-month.  In fact, this will be a time for revisiting important communications with others.  Your self-esteem, ideas and opportunities for making money have been awakened and revitalized.  It may feel like your partner is the "wet blanket" in this mix but not so.  They are applying a wise and steadying hand to the situation.  Over the next two years Saturn may be increasing your fears regarding authentic intimacy and relating but this is where the gold lies and your attention is required to move through the fear.  Meanwhile, Pluto is affecting your friendships and goals (a long-term process) and you are meeting powerful individuals who are exerting a strong influence.  Emotionally you want to keep things light and devil may care.  The New Moon asks that you allow yourself some downtime, reflection and rest.

Every individual horoscope is highly unique based on time of birth, place of birth and birth date.  To schedule your very own session with Jean and to learn more about your basic personality - talents, gifts and challenges, as well as the energy patterns you will be experiencing for the next 12 months email her at jean@jeanwiley.com or visit her website at www.jeanwiley.com


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