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Friday, July 2, 2010

Flying Dreams

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People typically really enjoy flying dreams. You get to leave the earthbound restrictiveness and rise above your problems. Flying dreams often come into the dream life to allow the dreamer the opportunity to attain a higher and broader perspective of life. The mouse vs. the eagle perspective.

Here is a real example:

"I dreamed of flying all night. Was in a UFO type thing with some friends cruising just above the ocean waters. Dang...I am charged today!"

She obviously experienced a freeing feeling from the dream. She is accompanied by others in this experience - others that are seeking a higher understanding as well. A UFO can indicate an unusual or "alien" experience and perspective - not the norm. And, flying just above the waves can mean gaining an intellectual perspective on one's sometimes turbulent feelings. Detachment can be a wonderful tool when exploring the journey of "self."