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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Around the Stars with 12 Musicians...

12 Musician Sun Signs

The Music of The Spheres- Around The Zodiac with the Stars of Popular Music
Aries: Marvin Gaye
Taurus: Bono
Gemini: Bob Dylan
Cancer: Jack White
Leo: Robert Plant
Virgo: Michael Jackson
Libra: John Lennon
Scorpio: Bjork
Sagittarius: Jimi Hendrix
Capricorn: Michael Stipe
Aquarius: Bob Marley
Pisces: Kurt Cobain

Dogs in Dreams

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"Listen to your inner voice and promise that you'll take positive action where you need to. If you've been addicted to a harmful substance, to overeating, or even to being a doormat, listen to the voice within that begs you to be big rather than small, and take one corrective step." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

I believe that all addiction is in response to an unmet need. Lack of self-love, self-respect, and self-esteem.

Dreaming of dogs, the need to take care of your dog, the dog trying to catch up with you can reflect your subconscious mind asking the dreamer to invest in self. Loyalty to self, love of self and to be your own best friend.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Partial Lunar Eclipse

The partial lunar eclipse happened at 7:30 est on Saturday at 5 degrees of Capricorn. The next eclipse is a solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer on July 11th.

The polarities we are dealing with regard family, home, relationship, security vs. achievement, success, business and career.

Living life is a constant balance of our goals, desires, attempting to meet others needs and internal harmony.

This past eclipse may have brought to culmination things associated with Capricorn. The next Solar Eclipse is a supercharged new moon that gives a great deal of energy to the areas ruled by Cancer. People may be more ruled by their emotions now rather than logic....this is a 3 month window for "making things happen!"


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